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I have the same dreams, Jeff! it's annoying.

Thank you Jeff for that Knife Show moment!

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You won't be meeting Tanaka in this game. He was a Social Link on Persona 3. The Devil Arcana.

Also, don't ignore Rise. Her learnt abilities are different from the rest of the team since she is the helper. She will allow you to see where the treasure chests are on the map, the shadows and even heal a fraction of your HP after every battle.

Also... if you had told Kou you were allergic to math, you would have gotten a Knowledge / Diligence raising book. All the books you get from friends of through quests raise two qualities, whereas those bought only raise one.

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LOL, this was a really funny  ep.  I love the dream anecdote and "MELONS!"

Rise's pretty cool.  Her S-link bonuses are worth investing time into.

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Rise's picking up what Charlie's laying down, know what I'm saying?

Charlie Tuna + Rise + Chie + Big Vat of Tofu = You spent some time.

Make it so.

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Man I have back-to-school dreams occasionally too. Ahhh, the good ol' days.

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zxcvbnm said:
I think it's about time I picked this game up. Even though i've already been watching this entire endurance run. ... [more]
yup yup, I got the game, just need to get a ps2 ( ;
heh terrific guys. keep it up.
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Oh that dream will haunt you forever. 25 and I still sometimes dream it's final's in college or highschool and  I haven't been going/studying English/Math/French

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Actually, if you increase Rise's Social Link you'll get some pretty awesome stuff, like being able to see all the chests and enemies on the floor at any time.

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This is the best thing on the internet.

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If you want to know who Kou is really into, and is fuck jealous of you because of it, do Ai's S.Link.  His confession was pretty hilarious.

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Yeah guys, don't ignore Rise.  Her dungeon bonuses can be very handy for conserving HP and SP. 

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@mrbasehart: Actually, her HP and SP regen are both level based.  Her S.Link bonuses are displaying enemies and chests on the mini-map, as well as telling you the weakness or immunity of one random enemy at the beginning of a fight (which is far less useful that you'd think since it doesn't actually get recorded into the enemy info data.)  That said, the persona that you get access to for maxing her out, Ishtar, is an incredibly good healing person imo.

Oh and guys, don't let up on knowledge.  You need it maxed out for an S.Link with another girl, and shouldn't your goal for P4 be to be dating every possible girl in town at the same time?
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OH my god, I have those same school dreams.  Exactly like Jeff described.  Going back to school after 15 years...  what classes am I going to?  Where can I get my schedule?  Where are my clothes?

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Geez, they don't like Yukiko OR Rise.  Losing respect here.

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IVe been out of High School for 9 years and I have dreams about being back in HS and playing football as a 27 year old ALL THE TIME!

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On the final day, if you suck at knowledge, it says something along the lines of "You just closed your eyes and chose random answers" and when you look at your results, it effects your ranking.

Also, if you have a high ranking, you get a lot more stuff, boosted S. Link ranks, money from Dojima, etc.

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Endurance Run has been so quotable lately. "Ow! I hit myself with a katana!" Love you guys!

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Final's....ugh, why must I be reminded constantly about them?

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damn, there almost done with Chie S.Link, 9 is the one that let you have her as a girlfriend.

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My S-link goes to 11!

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Hope they go back to Drama girl soon.  They really need her Expression boosts.

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Next rank-up with Chie you can ask her to be your girlfriend.  Get some!

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@Duckbutter: They explained why they chose to do this in the Episode 50 Behind the Scenes Special.
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Whatsup with all the Rise hate? :|

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I'm calling it; Adachi is the killer.

BTW, melons are boobs. Just in case you didn't know.

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mrbasehart said:
Yeah guys, don't ignore Rise.  Her dungeon bonuses can be very handy for conserving HP and SP. 
But she's a complete whore. Chie has some self-respect, an admirable trait. Even if she isn't as useful in battle I'd still rather hang with Chie than Rise.
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Watch Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure.  That is all.
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DragonofFate said:
Whatsup with all the Rise hate? :|
Rise is Ma-Ti. Weren't you paying attention?
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mrbasehart said: Yeah guys, don't ignore Rise.  Her dungeon bonuses can be very handy for conserving HP and SP.  But ... [more]
Rise isn't a whore, she is just way more friendlier than Chie.
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I feel better knowing that I'm not the only one that has nightmares about being back in high school and not knowing where the hell to go.

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How do you guys not like Rise?  :(

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Guys, Chie isn't the only girl in the game.

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Don't really get the Yukiko and Rise hate but different strokes for different folks. I guess Vinny's just into getting stomped by girls pretending to be tomboys. Personally I like their personalities and Naoto's better than Chie's.

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I love Rise. She's my type of chick. Sunny and friendly. Get wit her, guys! Or I'm going to have to buy the game to see all the options she has! :P

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I'm still in school and I have dreams about being in elementary school. Those are one of my nicer dreams :|

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I know I've read it in the comments before, but Tanaka is the Devil S-Link in Persona 3. I really need to pick up Persona 3 again...

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I have the same "I'm back in high school" dreams. Terrifying.

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All the girls are so one dimensional, I don't know why everyone is getting their panties in such a twist over them.

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I've been playing along with you for about two weeks now, and wanted to offer some advice! (No spoilers!) First, rescue people ASAP. You get more chances to Social Link up that way.
Second, when you max out Investigation Team social link people, there's real benefits to doing so. Besides banging the female ones I mean. So get on Chie and Yukiko and the stripper girl! By getting on you'll be getting on!

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Work the Chie S.Link, curious to see what you guys think with the next rank up. I'm curious how much the game changes because I actually finished her S.Link right after I had saved Kanji and comparing my game to yours, nothing noticeable has happened.  Oh well...

Great episode, can't wait for Thursdays.

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I wonder if they're going to keep doing the Endurance Run during E3, because nothing stops the Endurance Run, right?

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@Renegade: What what? I'm struggling to think of a game that has better characters than these. The whole concept of them facing their hidden thoughts and then working through them is all the depth I need from this gang. The situations are occasionally and purposely over the top, but the characters behave realistically. There's a great amount of subtlety to how these characters evolve over the course of the game, just as there would be in real life.