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One day the search will let me watch this early!

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yoshimitz707 said:
One day the search will let me watch this early!
Sadly, no it won't.
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I really need to stop myself from doing this. It's never gonna show up early lol.

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Got my coffee brewin', patiently waiting for today's "most probably f'd up" ER.  Time for some F5 action.

I guess since Chie is willing to give up first hit, she can step up to any fools that wanna cap her now.  If she's your girlfriend at Rank 9, I guess that means you seal the deal at Rank 10. 

Rank 11: "Oh hey, Charlie.  I adopted this kid from Africa, so you know, maybe you could help me take care of him after school.  I'm thinking of moving out of my parents' place and getting an apartment in the shopping district.  Maybe you can swing by after workin the hospital and make me and Dikembe some dinner."

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Help, I've fallen into the meat dimension.

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Time to watch while DOW installs

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watch time nows! I will be posting again!

I have watched!
Yeah and Unlike in P3 were you get in trouble for dating many girls at once here you don't so feel free to see as many ladies as you want guys to get those social links up!

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Yahooo! LIVE from studio B!

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Love me an early endurance run

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Vinny Jeff, you can date multiple girls at once with no consequences REMEMBER THIS.

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DarkFury said:
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Charlie fianlly got his girl ahahahah!

That was amazing

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Chie's Ultimate Persona Time!  w00t!

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Worst tag line ever for this one.

But whatever! Nice going with Chie! at last.

Such weird awesome timing there Jeff.

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lol at jeffs phone ringing right after the midnight channel! XD

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Shit, Chie's your girlfriend!?!? Endurance Run OVER!! :P

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Funky riding on fox!? Oh man... what an image.

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Aeterna said:
Funky riding on fox!? Oh man... what an image.
Someone SERIOUSLY needs to draw that!  Hahahaha
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Oh guys BTW you do not get any penalties for having multiple girlfriends. I currently have Chie, Yukkio, and the girl from the Music club as my girlfriend. No penalties.

Make Charlie a P-I-M-P!!!!!!!!!

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This is sort of a weird dead part where after you talk to the people you need to for the day ther aren't any SLs.  You can go in the TV and do the 2nd run through of Rise's dungeon for moeny, exp and courage while getting use to swapping party members I believe which wouldn't be too bad.

If you do everything right you can get the new dungeon on Friday and with two additional party members and paying Fox like once (plus buying TaPs which never stop being useful) you can clear the dungeon in one day on Friday.
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Lol, Jeff's cell rang at the most perfect time.

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I never ever did my summer reading I just looked at spark notes the day before it was due.

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@Figcoinc: More specifically, you don't get any penalties for having multiple girlfriends as long as you're not in the INTIMATE phase with more than one of them at any given time.  Since you don't reach that phase until you're already pretty far into the S.Link (most are usually lv 8 or 9, some comes at lv 10 actually), it's not too much of an issue.

Also, guys, remember that quest that asked you to feed the cat?  You get another book that gives multiple stats like the gentle way for doing it.  The guy standing infront of the book store gives you a total of 4 such books, and you get similar ones from certain Sunday events with S.Link friends.
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What episode was that weird guy in.

He was in an animated cutscene right?
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Dudes at Giantbomb,

get some ads on your site. would like to see you all stick around, you have a great site.

even Screwattack has ads on their site and thats about as unprofessional an operation as you can get.

here's hoping you have a billionaire backer behind the scenes,
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Great episode today!

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anyone else gets the duder at 32:26? dayum!

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i had completely forgot about drama girl. between missing episode 60-69 and choosing music gal.

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I had a teacher at my high school called Mr Yamada. COINCIDENCE? I think not

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@stinky: I dont know if you have noticed, but go and watch one of the many trailers on this site. Im not 100% sure, but Im pretty sure that is advertising, but at a more subtle level. I think its a great way of doing ads, its not anoying and they give us trailers to watch that they think we might acctually be interested in.
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You guys should do some 4 way fusing. I wanna see what crazy things you'll get.

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Funky riding in on Fox....

...I really can't stop laughing at that image..
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Haha, funny you'd mention a fashion show, Vinny. :P

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Persona 5: The Adventures of Funky and Fox, I can see it now. Heh.

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Man, chie didn't follow you back home? come ooooon. :) 

Hmm, haven't hit rank 9 or 10 on anyone personally. But this episode had me thinking, when Jeff said something like "and then never hang out with her again" --- Is there any reason at all why you would be spending time with someone already at rank 10? Any bonuses? Any new story/background stuff? 
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@Xymox: No, none whatsoever.  You can't even hang out with most people after you hit rank 10 actually.  Girls that you end up being intimate with are the only exception (you can't hang out with them either if you're in the "friends" category.
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Hey, I'm actually posting early today! I beat the game and got the bad ending last night. It's really bad. Like Castlevania 2 bad. And sad too.

Get those Social Links going! And invite the other dude in the office to see you guys go kill the King's buddy in a later dungeon, I feel kind of bad for him.

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@Turambar:  Aw, dude, that's such a bummer. :/ But I guess it kind of makes sense - because how would you get those other s-links up if you just kept hanging out with someone you're maxed out in. 
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stinky said:
Dudes at Giantbomb,get some ads on your site. would like to see you all stick around, you have a great ... [more]
dude are you crazy thats the best thing noADS :)
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@evilpaul: There are actually multiple bad endings.  They ultimately don't change that much but the other ones aren't as sad (if the reasons for you finding the one sad is what I think it is.)
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Mr Morooka was right! They did well on the test, became popular, and then became intimate!

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Had to rewatch the third episode to refresh my mind about that kid who was in the TV....so its the Strange Student....weird...so many unanswered questions.

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Awesome, ringtone jeff.

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You have 4 dungeons left, 5 if you go for the true ending. You're only about half way through the game.

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You really need to stop ignoring Rise. Her abilities will make your dungeon crawling easier. Way more than anyone else.

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I'm thinking this guy killed Marooka but not the others. The real culprit tossed him to the tv world

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Dunno if anyone's said this or not but you need to finish Nanako and Dojima's social links as fast as possible. You need to finish them before November or you're screwed.