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Winternet said:
I'm thinking this guy killed Marooka but not the others. The real culprit tossed him to the tv world [more]
They've ignored her once dude.

But yeah, I really don't see what they have against Yukiko or Rise.
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Best episode in a long time, guys. Good job getting it on with Chie.

(now go for the other girls, you know you wanna)

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You guys should never go back the hospital again.

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Achievement Unlocked: Scored with Chie!  Awesome episode guys, and Vinny: you can totally go out with all the girls in the game so far without any real consequences.  

Just thought you should know.
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A wanted criminal is you!

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Huh, wonder how Jeff and Vinny will handle Christmas eve, assuming they get there.

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Persona 3 had some of the downranking.  I don't know if wrong choices could rank you down, but they would definetly make getting to the next rank take longer.  You could also rank down in an S. Link if you had too long a period of inactivity.

I think the thing with S. Links is they probably have to be as mechanical as possible.  It's simple to call up the SL menu and see all the numbers.  Rank 9 in Chariot, Rank 1 in Empress.  The idea of helping other people forge relationships is an interesting one, but I think it would still need some kind of "math" behind it, if you get what I'm saying.

Say, for example, you can convince Yosuke to start hitting on Yukiko, and they form a relationship outside yours.  I have no idea how such a relationship would "rank up," but maybe such a system could facilitate an interesting "couple's combo" system or something.  The important thing is that it affects gameplay in some way.  For the most part, everything you do in P4 has a positive effect.  Heck, in P3, going to the bathroom had positive effects.

Speaking of which, could someone explain how dating works?  No FAQ explains how "Lovers Relationships" work.  All I know is that there's a different cutscene when you're about to hit Max Rank.

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That crazy fish-eyed kid WAS in one of the early episodes.

He asks Yukiko out.

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lol good for charlie......yukiko sucks

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In Persona 4 there isn't really any consequence for multiple girlfriends other than when they ask you out on a date on Sunday (I think it may happen during holidays as well) on occasion a non full S-Link girlfriend will show up and well you get an entertaining scene where they bitch at each other and in the end one will walk away upset and the other will get some points to the S-Link. What you are talking about is closer to Persona 3 where you had to be careful of having multiple non full S-Link girlfriends since they would get jelaous if you hung out with a girl that is not them since you could not hang out with someone for 3 months or so without the S-Link reversing or breaking (which takes some time to patch up) but every time you hung out with a girl that wasn't her the time would be split in half until you got to 15 days (half a month or 3 times) at which point doing so again would reverse the link.

Other than maybe your date going a bit not as planned and some verbal catfighting (which could make for funny video/commentary) there is no consequence to having multiple girlfriends since like most of the S-Link stuff they made it easier and more forgiving in Persona 4. So Vinny and Jeff should definatly get a harem of girls and see who wins on dates. (assuming they get a scene like that it seems random) Oh and the only damage they can really do is screwing up certain responses to S-Links where it will break the S-Link I don't remember which ones but I think it's maybe two people and one can be solved by making her your girlfriend even if she is a bitch.

Also I hope they do as Jeff said and drop hanging out with Chie once she's level 10 spending more time with her is a waste they could use on other social links like Kanji, Ai, Rise, and some of the other characters that are pretty low on the S-Link chain. Would be better to focus on their party members since they get special abilties in battle and at level 10 their persona becomes better. Although with Vinny behind the controller I'm worried they may try to and waste time that could be used for some more interesting scenes. I mean once they max everyone at the end (assuming they can do it in time) and have some time left over than sure that would be great but until then they should not waste time like that.

Also Vinny and Jeff should max Courage and Knowledge sometime in the near future since they will need that to start a specific social link. By the near future I mean in 2 and a half months but with these guys it would be best they had that in their head earlier than later.
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I once went to the bathroom and went from sick to good it was awesome.
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I wish Chie was MY girlfriend...

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Great episode, guys!  Aww, Chie love~  Now, just so you know, you can have multiple girlfriends in this game.  In fact, you can be a total manwhore and date all the girls [your age].  None of them will ever find out unless you invite them on a Sunday date.  In short: If you want more than one girlfriend, NEVER take them on Sunday dates.  Though amusing, the scenes negate most of the points you'd get with that person.

Anywaaaays, we are at Mitsuo's arc!  His shadow is one of my personal favorites, and I can't wait until you see his dungeon.  I mean, your reactions to his portrait were hilarious enough, so it'll be something to hear your opinions on what his "true thoughts" manifest as.

Also, @endaround: Add to that, "Anyone who directly interacts with the MC who has a voice over = important, too".  I can hear spoilers calling...

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"Punch her in the Gut" lol good stuff guys.

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Did you you know you can miss 20 something episodes and just come back? That's awesome.

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carrots.. olives.. in a burrito? the hell kinda burritos you guys eat on the west coat?! NAZI BURRITOS!?

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It's about time Charlie got with Chie. Now he needs to GET with Chie.

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fun fact!: The name Chie means "blessed with wisdom."

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Ok, i want to watch these, but dear god this game is fucking shit.  I gave it more than a chance.....i like RPGs, but christ, christ, christ, I cant watch this shit anymore...

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@John1912: Are we looking at the same game here? If you can't find any redeeming qualities in a game that includes a supernatural murder mystery, a mysterious fox, a funky student, Chie, a sultry nurse, a bad bad bathhouse, a stripper dungeon, Mr. Morooka, and much more that I won't spoil, there may be something wrong with you. That tantrum you just threw might also be a red flag.
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...The mood is right.

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damn I wish that "the mood is right" cue would appear IRL. I'm terrible at that knowing when that is and always choose the wrong time...

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Go Vinny, Go!

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"but thats thematically consistent" lol

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"But that's thematically consistent" XD

Man, Ryan is awesome LOL!

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Has anybody else noticed that all the girls are, like, a full two cup sizes larger in the drawings and anime than in the game?

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man FUCK chie. rise FO' LIFE, HOLMES?!

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I love Ryan's random shouting in the background of these videos.
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"Enough of these games Fox, where's my sister!"

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"so deep, so deep..."  Endurance Run forever!!!

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Chie Get!

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Yay, Jeff has the same text-signal as I!

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Yes a steven seagal reference. BAM!

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I really enjoyed this episode because I can easily compare two things from their save file to mine: #1 They jumped into the S. Links menu agaon letting me see where they're at (04:45). And #2, they're Expression ranked up to 4 so now I know they've got everything else at 3 (07:42).
Oh, and I made a small observation: I'm pretty sure Vinny said "Hey, guess what? I'm pregnant!" the last time that girl came in to mention the test scores (see 07:55). It was still funny though. And I was cracking up near the end of Chie's Rank 9 S. Link event (which they spoiled for me but whatever, I'll live), when Vinny & Jeff mentioned Fox in the corner with Funky Student riding him (see 16:27). Pure gold! LOL
Hopefully, they have an easier time getting info the current person in the TV than they did with Rise. I suspect that they'll fumble through it but it's funnier that way. :)

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 I am re watching all of these over the summer!    

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They're at the point where I stopped hanging out with Fox. xD I couldn't figure out how to get the kid to have friends.. Except those of the imaginary variety.

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Something that really bothers me about this game kinda gets brought up in the episode: your S. links have 0 impact on the plot. Like Chie (or whoever) never acknowledges the romance during the course of the game, so it seems like this weird thing that's happening off to the side. 
I get the why (limited disc space), but it's still bothersome. Hope they fix it in Persona 5.

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Megami Tensei.


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spoilers for crackdown and Res 4 but... CHIE YEAH!

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One of my favorite episodes.

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I tell you what, these link people have come in pretty handy. Wish I knew about you guys sooner.

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