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Posted by Mootalstrike


Posted by Magnus_Bulla

Searchy search!

Posted by Trilleong


Posted by FlappyHands

I'm lookin' for mah contact lens! *rakes grass*

Posted by Godlovesugly

Part 75, where be you?

Posted by gryphon_gold

First to see video, again.

Posted by Lumley

Woah, this is shorter than it has been lately.. never the less.. it's up now. Time to enjoy it :)

Posted by SnowyPliskin

Bombcast and ER have made me a legit GiantBomb Fan now. 

Posted by KaosAngel

lame ep

Posted by RagingLion

Not much going on but you did all you could.  Looking forward to Monday.

Posted by Yagami

Dang, was a short episode. Oh well, I think 30-80 mins is a good endurance run time, though I must say I REALLY enjoy the long ones more. And yesh, show us some Quadruple Fusing next week!

Posted by Aeterna

19minutes? Aww. I love going into the weekend with a long ER.

Posted by SilenceUK

quad fusing isnt that great its preset ones and tells you the persona's you need for the 4 5 and 6 fuses..... but BLACK FROST is the shit gys have to get him soon as you can hes awesome

Posted by Yagami
Aeterna said:
19minutes? Aww. I love going into the weekend with a long ER.
That's actually a good idea, they should make Fridays to the long episode day because of the weekend.
Posted by Reverseface

Aww they should of gone to hospital this episode , abit PISS POOR! :O :O

Posted by endaround

Really guys you should skip the hospital and read to up expressiona nd knowledge

I thought they'd allow you to go back to Rise's during this time but I guess not, you're baically supposed to do those 2nd runs right after the new person joins.  But on Friday you can run through the next dungeon in one day
Posted by gamefreak9


Edited by skrutop

We gonna get a Memorial Day ER?

I like the change of pace every now and again, but this ER was pretty short.  What, did y'all need to roll out for beef bowls or something?

Posted by Vorbis

Blessed Hands increases all healing done by 50%.

Worth spending a day fishing for it to give to Yukiko or Teddy!

Posted by FuzzYLemoN

Fishin'! YEAH!

Posted by viklanderviking

The next day you should go to Junes, there you will find Adachi, after talking to him you need to go to that stake place, outside theres some dude who will give you a picture of the crazy eyed kid, and voila! You can go into the next dungeon.

Posted by ArcticDonkey

Can't wait for Monday! And they're going to forget to equip the kitchen knife.

Posted by Plasma

Did anything happen today xD

Posted by ahoodedfigure

It's weird knowing that they're fated to fish, yet they avoid fishing until almost the last minute :)

Posted by Phaseshift

Endurance Run GO!

Posted by RyougaZell

Don't ignore fishing. Soon you'll have to fish for 2 Fox Quests.

Posted by Venatio

19 Minute long episode? Man that sucks, I love the long episodes, especially on a friday because the weekend is after that, I hope that the next episode is longer

But keep up the Endurance Run please, I hope you guys arent tired of it yet because I really want you guys to finish it

Posted by Enns

Anyone else feel that Jeff and Vinny probabaly never finished an oldschool adventure game?

Posted by Claudia

This was such a short episode... I think 30 min. at least is better.
Oh well, must prepare for a few days without ER.
Noooo.... (fading away..)

Posted by MagikGimp

All Kanji says is "Mmm... Info on the subject..."

Posted by Subject2Change
Vorbis said:
Blessed Hands increases all healing done by 50%.Worth spending a day fishing for it to give to Yukiko or Teddy! [more]

Was really nice to have until you get the half SP cost ring and then you just use Full heals all the time for barely any cost at all lol.
Posted by MeatSim

Is Charlie gonna be the faithful boyfriend or totally be a playa!?

Posted by xDot

Boooo 19 minutes.

Posted by endaround

Does the ER take Memorial Day off?

Posted by Aaox

Ready, set... FIIISH!

Posted by GnsDemon

giantbombing all day guys. Love the commentary. Jeff, vinny, live strong guys!!

Posted by Intrepid

VINNY! ... You need to be more prepared

Posted by HT101

Good episode but I would also love to see a longer episode on Friday.

Posted by cc23574


Posted by FlappyHands

That was a bit of a boring episode, I gotta say. =(

Posted by Sarumarine

Nurse on Monday? Fish on Friday? ER all week long. It's a beautfiul thing. I never had to fish in my game. I bought all my fish from Tanaka's shopping program. It seemed to work out just fine.

Posted by Turambar

When you're fishing, if X shows up, don't just press X, you have to hold it down.  Just in the rare case you guys actually go fishing again.

Posted by Monty344

I think you can go somewhere else in the Junes if you hit Square while in the Junes.

Posted by Daroki
Monty344 said:
I think you can go somewhere else in the Junes if you hit Square while in the Junes. [more]
The only other option it gives you is the same as taking the elevator.  Adachi will be hanging out there, it's not like he's ever doing his job anyway.  Lazy young detective... no wonder Dojima hits him so often.
Posted by darkspirit138

On Sunday, they should really see the Death arcana dudette in the Flood Plains.

Posted by JackiJinx

Much too short D=

Posted by Colin

First time I found a episode boring, nothing at all happened... :(

Posted by Turambar

I was half afraid you guys would end the day without talking to dojima.  At anyrate, remember to give the cat the fish, and then end the quest by talking to the guy infront of the book store for another multi-stat book.

Posted by sdauz

that stupid fish eyed kid, i knew it was him......his stupid face had to be the killer

Posted by AURON570

short one =(

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