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so early

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wow this was quick much appreciated tho!

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DUDER, It's Mitama fusing time!

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weak! stop teasing!

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gah, i was excited. weak sauce.

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Im almost glad the video isnt up, dont want to be late for college ;)

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duder, its over.

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whoa, early! too bad it's not working.. :(

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Hooray for Vincent Caravella!

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...it's 16:13 right now and episodes aren't up until 22:00 at least.  I knew it was too good to be true.

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Ah, I got all excited about perhaps having something else to distract me from sleep. ><

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I got all excited and shit.

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Dang, this is early.

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sweet... now i dont have to sleep

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This proves Giant Bomb has me on a leash. CURSES!

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I guarantee my F5 button will lose this battle.

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Duder, it's over? Say it ain't so.

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They make Neko Shogun? I remember him being an awesome Persona.

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what the crap...... oh yeah, still too early.

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Stop emotion with my playing!.....................Ham...................

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Busy week? Is that why you're uploading these earlier that usual?

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Aww, I got all excited and thought it was uploaded. Looking forward to seeing this soon!

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Man I was looking for something to pass the time while downloading stuff, so naturally I was like "Woah!!! 77 is up already perfect...... bah." My hopes dashed

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Wow, good day to have insomnia.  edit:oh...duder :(

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Teh Nintendo Way, leaves us hoping for more, but it never comes! :P

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i wana see what lurks in this friggin epic dungeon... C'MON!!!

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Duder of death

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It came up a bit earlier than normal, so I'm not surprised there was a problem.  Take a breather, enjoy the springtime air  (assuming you're in the northern hemisphere).

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Staff said:
Has been deleted..
Pshhh. watching the videos is overrated, it's all about ignorant commenting!  :P
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Awesome cant wait.

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it's funny how you guys always get mad when it doesn't play when it's up early... i mean c'mon this happens every day.

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I love how in the sidebar, part 77 is before part 76.

Some serious early uploading going on here.

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Tune in for tomorrow episode of Duder, it's over.

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FLStyle said:
Tune in for tomorrow episode of Duder, it's over.

I await Neko Shogun. I thought he was awesome until I was able to fuse the awesomer ones.
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If they take a deep breath that means the episode is 27/29 minutes long..

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Duder of Death!

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Etherwinter said:
FLStyle said: Tune in for tomorrow episode of Duder, it's over. Haha!I await Neko Shogun. I thought he was awesome ... [more]
Black Frost is where it's at, once he gets Mind Charge + Agidyne, the void quest boss' 3 turn charge doesn't stand a chance.
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cant see it sniff wtf ?

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@Winternet: What, you mean at the start of the episode?
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Why is it on the front page if it's not fully processed?

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Fawks! Shortest.Episode.EVER!

Can't wait for it to get processed!

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Neko Shogun is awesome.

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@lukeyk: Luke you suck.

HEY!! Its the most annoying poster pre-Persona 4 dude! Say HI!
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FLStyle said:
Etherwinter said: FLStyle said: Tune in for tomorrow episode of Duder, it&#39;s over. Haha!I await Neko Shogun. I thought he ... [more]
Hmmm. My first time facing that guy, I had Neko Shogun... I know what to do now, thanks! Second playthrough I'm doing. Didn't finish the first because I didn't have a good grasp on the mechanics, like fusion and S. Links and stuff.. Started over and everything's going smoothly.
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These usually come up working around 9 am eastern

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Arrrh this isn't help me study