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Can't wait 'til they get to this level's boss.  I have a feeling they won't make it on the first try.  ;)

Hey, anyone else noticed that the universe of Persona 3 would be taking place right now?  Thursday, May 28, 2009: The protagonist establishes the "Justice" social link with student council member Chihiro...

Okay, fanboy overload.
Posted by gannon16

Thanks to you guys I bought this game, and I'm really liking it. I just got to Rise's dungeon last night.

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@lustreplush. That is some in-depth knowledge you've got there :P

here's hoping for another early upload!!

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@lustreplush so someone could play through the whole of P3 in real time.

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I'm a bit worried about myself.  I keep yelling at the screen "Pyro Jack has invigorate, Pyro Jack has invigorate, Pyro Jack has invigorate, Pyro Jack has invigorate."

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I stopped at the start of the next dungeon waiting for them to caaaatch up :O

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Yay video! thanks Drewbert!

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woooo, time to get a nice warm cup of milk and curl up my my computer chair to watch another episode of the Endurance Run :D

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Why why why why why are you using your B team ? Waste of everything, all that exp you earned could've gone towards characters you actually use.

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B-Team go!!! There are really still First-tards out there?

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so close to finish

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Also Teddie is so much better than Chie. Girlfriend or not!

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remember to fuse black frost soon as you reach the right lvl, and try and hit some mahama/ mamudo skills into your line up  can help save sp if it connects

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lol, I was trying to tell you that you were putting the volt supressor on charlie through the computer screen yesterday although I did not comment on it. funny as hell

Posted by RVonE
xDot said:
Also Teddie is so much better than Chie. Girlfriend or not!

Once Chie learns her high level physical skills she is awesome. Teddie is just a better caster; it is a matter of preference, not a matter of fact. They (Vinny and Jeff) just need to learn the importance and merits of using phsyical skills.
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I love how the community (comments) affects how the ER plays out. Awesome.

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Teddie is a much better choice than Chie, just stick with it....
If you really want Chie swap out Yoskue.

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Is there no items you can use to refill your SP?

Posted by EmperorSeth

My personal final party was Chie, Yukiko, and Teddie, but I didn't really use Teddie until he gains some more levels and became a buffing king. 

I don't know when you guys will see new comments, but when you do, I recommend you get some new equipment for people.  I'm guessing Kanji's lack of defense comes from crappy armor. 

Also, yes, the party members can take a mortal blow for you.  That's S.link 1.  S.Link 9 is surviving a mortal blow meant for that party member, and so far only Chie has that one.

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Go Teddie and Kanji!

Posted by monkie89

If you guys go to the strip club, for the love of god skip all the weaker enemies and head straight for the boss. grinding off them for 80 xp per fight is a waste of time. if you need to level just go down a floor in the void quest.

also, if you guys stick with chie she kinda sucks from now until end-game. i'd just go with teddie.

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Here is a list of all Shadows in Void Quest with their corresponding weaknesses.

Almighty Hand Lvl 40 Weakness : Wind
Amenti Raven Lvl 39 Weakness : Ice, Wind
Anguish Basalt Lvl 41 Weakness: Wind
Ardent Dancer Lvl 44 Weakness : Fire
Avarice Bambino Lvl 42 Weakness : Fire
Beastly Gigas Lvl 45 Weakness : -
Blind Cupid Lvl 38 Weakness : Wind
Blue Sigil Lvl 42 Weakness : Electricity
Corrupt Tower Lvl 36 Weakness : Fire
Defendent Basalt Lvl 36 Weakness : Light , Dark
Fate Seeker Lvl 40 Weakness : Wind Resistance : Physical
Justice Sword Lvl 37 Weakness : Electricity
Leading Idol Lvl 43 Weakness Electricity
Lustful Snake Lvl 37 Weakness ; Ice
Mad Cyclops Lvl 38 Weakness : Fire
Monomaniac Fuzz Lvl 44 Weakness : Electricity
Platinum Dice Lvl 43 Weakness : Ice
Protective Rexy Lvl 46 Weakness : -
Scarlet Turret Lvl 46 : Weakness : - ; Strong : Physical (50%)
Spurious Book Lvl 39 Weakness : -
Steel Machine Lvl 45 Weakness : - ; Strong : Physical, Wind, Fire, Electricity, Fire (10%)
Strength Beetle Lvl 40 Weakness : Dark ; Repel : Fire , Ice , Wind, Electricity, Light
Whimsical Papillon Lvl 40 Weakness : Ice

Posted by cityofdis0

Oh gawd, this dungeon is gonna get bad. I have that 6th sense for danger on Endurance Runs.

Posted by SpunkyHePanda
monkie89 said:
If you guys go to the strip club, for the love of god skip all the weaker enemies and head ... [more]

Listen to this guy!
Posted by Plasma

You mock the B-team, but teddie saved you ass with mediarama and will learn the 'good' buffs...

Posted by Enns

"This one's too turny."
I don't know why but I do the same thing when I navigate this game.

Don't group Ted with the red shirts.
He makes cool sounds when he walks with you in the dungeon.

Posted by darkspirit138
RVonE said:
xDot said: Also Teddie is so much better than Chie. Girlfriend or not! Once Chie learns her high level physical ... [more]
So the actual question is whos better-
A) Yukiko or Teddie
B) Kanji or Chie

For A I think its Yukiko, dunno why, she is just more of a magic purist.
For B I think its Kanji, coz later he gets massive tank attack strikes, although at like level 90+, Chie may be better.
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Dont go back to the Marukyu striptease! Just start from floor 1 of void quest and grind from there.
Oh, and by the way, "the corpse discoverer" is/was Saki.(The girl who secretly hated Yosuke)

Posted by Sarumarine

"You can "wind" this one! Ha ha ha.... errr.... Bear Time."

Heh, you better watch those beetles. I won't say anything concrete, but good call. Good call. I sorta expected you guys to get wiped out, but you got Persona skills. I shouldn't have doubted you.

Also, half the fun of the Endurance Run is just how angry you can make people watching. Every little thing you do gets criticized by someone. It's pretty awesome, and hilarious. I say you do whatever you damn well please. You've gotten this far, I say you can make it.

Posted by Drache

I swear if Vinny and Jeff don't start using Silence spells, I think I am going to have an aneurysm.

Posted by RVonE
darkspirit138 said:
RVonE said: xDot said: Also Teddie is so much better than Chie. Girlfriend or not! Once Chie learns her high ... [more]

Kanji seems more versatile than Chie. However, I just love Chie's "God's Hand" (level 70).
Posted by Benjamimmy

I suggest using Chie on chapter 6 of Void Quest as she can Galactic Punt the mini boss if you weaken the other dude, that's what happened to me anyways. Good times...

Great episode once again : )

Posted by McQuinn

best way to start the morning.  The second line up seems more fun.

Posted by JackiJinx

Hahaha, oh man. I had an ex who'd say Bear Time stemming from our discussion of his ultimate dream: boxing a bear and fire (yes, an actual fire). Eventually, it evolved to basically mean the same thing as "It's go time!"

Teddie does it better.

Posted by Intrepid

So no ER during E3? That's kind of a downer

Posted by endaround

The reason for the strip club isn't EXP, its money and materials with little SP use, both of which they need.  Also from lvl 7 up they'll still get decent EXP.

Posted by SpunkyHePanda
@endaround: It might be efficient SP-wise, but I know they don't want  to grind, and we don't want to see them grind. I think if they jump out, sell their materials, buy some equipment for everyone, and maybe fuse a bit, they can continue from where they left off. SP conservation isn't a big issue at this point.
Posted by bluerei

I just fought the boss, holy crap Black Frost does mad damage. I just used my mind focus skill, then the next turn I hit him with Bufula for 320+ damage. I need to start Focusing more often. That was my tactic. Try that if you're getting worked.

Posted by Winternet

Great episode once again..and sshhush. Don't tell Atlus.

Posted by Cynic04
darkspirit138 said:
RVonE said: xDot said: Also Teddie is so much better than Chie. Girlfriend or not! Once Chie learns her high ... [more]

WTF, lvl 90+.  I guess Jeff was right, they really are less than half way there.  I was starting to buy into the Vinney hype, thinking we were a few weeks away.  Oh well, I guess that just means more ER for me :)
Posted by YoungDetective

I cannot tell you how hilarious I find Teddie's constant side-to-side rocking.

Posted by Carlos1408

Awesome episode guys,
Good move on the bbeatles thing

Posted by TheWorstPlayerEver

great commentary on the whole "why so serious" crap

Posted by Mezmero

Just curious, what's the skinny on fox?  How much does a refresh cost now? Seems  like s-linkin' with him wouldn't be a bad idea now that you have a B-team to swap.   Keep up the great work dudes.

Posted by YoungDetective

Wait, the corpse discoverer would have been Saki (or however you spell the first girl's name), it would seem. We didn't discover any corpses.

Posted by HatKing

It is going to be weird going a week without ER.  Good thing for me I didn't start watching til around episode 22...so I got a bunch of eh...backisodes...to catch up on.

Posted by caseylakes

No ER during E3? Man... Who cares, it is E3!

Lolll at the end "You're doing what?!"

Posted by BirthWild

it annoys me that they keep saying kanji is junk D: if they put some nicer armor on and used physical more maybe they'd like my buddy