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And so it begins

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hope its an early one, its my lunchtime viewing but i'm already starving!!

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Secret to time travel:

1. Buy 40 of tequila
2. Drink it.
3. Wake up in future.
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@Magnus_Bulla: I've done something similar, although whatever I drank came in a plastic fish bowl and when I woke up, the future looked like the bed of a pickup truck in a parking lot.

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@Magnus_Bulla replace tequila with Jagermiester and you've got yourself a plan:P

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64 minutes. I think that's a nice present before you guys go away. :)

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I love long episodes! It's going to be a loong and (not) boring week, though.

Also, fusing Ghoul: (Hierophant) Omikane x (Empress) Senri.
A week! 
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yay, long episode before you go, thanks duders!

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have fun begging atlas for info o persona 5 guys :P nice long one before the break you rock

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Fusing 2 persona of the same arcana will yield a lower level persona of the same arcana.

Yep you can get the guoul  that way.

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64 minute episode? Awesome, E3 will be fun so I dont mind you guys taking a break for that but as soon as E3 is over then I want new Persona 4 episodes!

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Part 80 already, unbelievable, looks like we will be celebrating Part 100 in no time.

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Ah yeah, friday and work's done. Tamago and teriayakichicken sushi rolls, a beer + Endurance run and weekend is GO!

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Wow, 64 minutes of goodness.  I'm gonna miss these vids next week.

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That's fucking insane.

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at least its a nice long one before E3. But i'm going to miss it next week 

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Great ep.

Today's been new video CRAZY up in hee'yer! Gonna start getting the shakes next week though... "need.. more... endurance run.."

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Damn and they were so close to getting Chie's new Persona

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If you want ghoul , then  fuse Omoikane and Senri. You have both i think.

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A whole week with the Edurance run?

Oh shanp.
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Doe's anyone know how that  spinning globe table accessorie at 18:11 is called?
I'm trying to find something similar on ebay but can't find it.

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Just letting you guys know that you only have until the 11th of that month to complete the dungeon or its game over dude

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Wait, did they forget to register all that stuff they got?

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This 60+ ep. will have to last me a whole week.  Whatever it's E3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Woooooooo

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Well aren't you nice people

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taylor109 said:
Just letting you guys know that you only have until the 11th of that month to complete the dungeon or ... [more]

Yup, and they wasted a bunch of SP at the start of this episode.  They could have used it to easily roll up to the top of the strip club in about 15 minutes.
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Current fox quest was in the school for me, so you get to wait until it starts again, unless it relocates the person during summer (possible)

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Yeah, I had the same problem with this fox quest, except I was only a day away from completing it when summer vacation started.  Sigh...  But yeah, this means you can safely ignore fox until school starts again.

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Krias said:
Doe's anyone know how that  spinning globe table accessorie at 18:11 is called?I'm trying to find something similar on ebay ... [more]
Hey dude! I Googled "perpetual motion" along with other words in an attempt to find that same particular thing and I found one here that is currently out of stock. I found one on Ebay as well. It had a space shuttle on it and looked kinda dorky I thought, but it can be found here.
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You can make a Ghoul by fusing an Omoikane (the brain Hierophant) and Senri (empress).

Keep up the good work.
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Ha ha, all those times you denied ghoul.

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Hey guys, you can fuse a SENRI and an OMOIKANE to make a GHOUL!

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I'm going to miss the show next week. Hopefully there are enough megaton announcements at E3 to keep me satisfied.

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You will NOT meet Tanaka in person because he was a Social Link on  Persona 3. Thus... he lives in another town.

You don't need a Persona of the matching arcana to date the characters. But if you have them you earn more points, which in turn makes them level up faster (eliminating the need of 'hanging out' sessions where nothing happens). In this case, when Chie had 2 of those it was because her Level 10 requiered more points than her Level 9 gave her. You could have earned them with cutscenes later on instead of hanging out.

You'll find your social link friends in the same place outside school always. The only time you see them in another place is during an investigation and this is non-social link.

Combining two personae of the same arcana gets you a lower level persona of the same arcana. You can get a Ghoul that way because it will NEVER appear on shuffle time again. Shuffle time always gives you Personae according to your level.

You should reserve hanging out with the fox for rainy days, because you can't date anyone those days.

And you can place the unfinished model on your own shelf in your room.

The new fox quest is at school. Thus... you can't do it until school begins again.

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Black Frost MIGHT be Emperor so you guys might wanna think about Social Linking w/ Kanji a bit more so that you can reap the benefits =P

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BLACK FROST is actually a FOOL arcana. So... investigation team go!
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The deadline to beat  Void Quest dungeon is 12th August, just to let you know.

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Hey!  Kanji's strength is through the roof.  If anyone needs a stronger weapon, it is him.

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Only about 10 mins in, but you guys forgot to view (and potentially buy) Chie's new weapon.

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Good stats to go for when leveling up are Knowledge and Courage, because you'll need those at max to open a certain S.Link later on.

You can pick up a ghoul at Yukiko's castle. It's too low level for you to fuse manually without performing some stuff that'll burn cash with the compendium.

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You laughed at Ghoul. You made fun of him. You cast him out. And what now? What's that? You need Ghoul? Heh. Funny how life works out that way. But seriously, he's pretty easy to find. The bath house or fusing castle-level things together.

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That's what I did every year I had summer break, chill and do nothing.

Oh and just show you guys know there is no penalty for having multiple girlfriends in the game other then I guess your own guilt but the game totally encourages the playa lifestyle.

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Ghoul with a vengence

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@Krias: It's called a Gyroscope.

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Great episode today.  I'm sad that we won't have it next week but we will learn more about Atlus so I am fine with that.

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Here some tips for persona 4:

1-Justice arcana had the best persona's in persona 3,same thing can be said about persona 4..so spend more time with nanako.

2-You can increase your S.link with anyone without equipping a persona with the same arcana.

3-The (growth) skill is considered to be one of the greatest skills in the game,try to pass it on many persona's as possible.

4-Try to have only 3 strong persona in your memory,and keep fusing the other.

5-You don't need to worry too much about the output of fusing as long as you have 3 strong persona's.

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I guess this game considers sitting on a bench as training, interesting.

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@blazer89: Spoilers, buddy.
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I hope they do a video at e3 of them talking about what's it's like not playing persona 4 , and dave should film