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I've come from the future to say that the festival will be awesome!

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I didn't have a girlfriend so it wasn't so awesome :I

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Time travelin' mother effers.

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Ah, god bless time travel, its a good job i dusted off my old delorean today, 88 mph M'Fers!!

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This is hopefully a good episode, and hopefully Adachi shows his face.

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@Donkeysraliens: Libyans!!
Posted by Donkeysraliens
Oh, my God, they found me, I don't know how, but they found me. Run for it Marty!!
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@Donkeysraliens: *rewind*
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Well it appears I have arrived early.
*opens a foldout chair*
Biscuits anyone?

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Endurance Run is up! 6:00am PST sharp.

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This should be good.

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Dude, I love Kanji.  And you're wrong, Vinny.  Those kimonos are hot.

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Ooh, I'd love a biscuit.

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Only 10mins into this ER and it's awesome!

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7 and counting...

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it's like you're 50, Jeff.

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what the FUCK are you wearing? xD

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Its a shame, you can leave the homework and goof off doing slinks, then the game automatically does it in the last day.

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@wealllikepie said:
" what the FUCK are you wearing? xD "
That did really make me laugh.
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You spent time punching Yosuke in the face.

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At 34:10, Nanako says "Corrrect" with three r's.

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Don't do your homework! It's a trick!

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That wooden bat sucks.  It only has 30 hit. That means it'll only hit 30% of the time. You're gonna miss a LOT.

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That bat has a 30 hit.  It's crap.

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lawlz!1!!11 ther werez epic failing1111111!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111111!!!!111111111!!!!

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@Teoball said:
" That wooden bat sucks.  It only has 30 hit. That means it'll only hit 30% of the time. You're gonna miss a LOT. "
Not how it works.
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"Big Bro, you're so smart! You must have an I-Phone!"
I totally messed up the poison Platypus question because I was sure that they had nothing to do with poison. Who would have thought?

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Lack of social links = crappy festival?

I had no idea the summer festival can suck so much. I never had that happen to me what about everyone else?
Someone always calls and asks to go with you. I had no idea that you can totally go alone haha.

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trapper keeper THREE THOUSAND!

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summer is almost over

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bought  persona 3 because of watching so many  endurance runs.

great game, recommend it to anyone who likes these videos as well.
menus aren't as pretty, but all the sound effects and story are there.

surprised by how much i like social linking, though i can't  say i can really know who i should be gaining links with as fusing is somewhat of  a black art rather than a science.

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Huh, I was expecting Yumi to give them a call for the second day of the festival.  I wonder what's the prereq for getting that event then...

At any rate, the school trip is coming up fast.  KINGS GAME!

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I think Teddie said Cogito ergo Sum when he tried to say his proverb pretty funny, sucks that they missed it.

(I think therefore I am)

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Yosuke is SUCH A DICK

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Yumi needs to be at certain ranks.  And so does Ai.
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Congrats on Maxing Yosuke, that's one more party member with no elemental weaknesses. Yukiko is still weak to Ice even after she maxes though.

I swapped Yukiko for Teddie end-game in fact.
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Kanji would be eating a popsicle that big...

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You walk partway home with Nanako.Then you go home with her.

Also Brosuke has the touch.

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Epic Fail.....yuck

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Rise got shut down.

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"It might be best if you do your homework today." Hah! Not only is this like the beginning of the game, it's actually like being back in school. Damn.

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Hey guys, you are gonna want to unequip that bat. It's pretty awful, look at the hit rating. What good is the power if you're going to be missing most of the time?

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@FLStyle:  Teddie maintains his weakness after maxing as well. Not saying you didn't know that, just that you made it sound like he didn't and I wanted to make sure no one thought differently.
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@Eros: No problem, I just prefer Teddie's stat-all increase spells. His usefulness outweights his ever-present weakness to electricity imo.
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What are you talking about, Yukata's are sexy.

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Yosuke:  "Wait...lemme check your power level before you hit me, don't wana get too serious!"

Charlie:  "What is it?"

Yosuke:  "It's over 9000!"

Charlie:  "9000?!"

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Should always accept to hang out on a sunday as its a bonus scene, some are pretty funny. They arent just a S.Link you can do any time.