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Definitely Void Quest tomorrow.

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Fair enough.  The school trip on video 100 seems quite likely now.

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@Vlaphor: Hells yeah! That's exactly what I want, when I want it! They're listening to us. I'll take shortened parts for the rest of the week if we can get the class trip for ep. 100.
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Well, judging from the thumbnail, only two words need be spoken, and what sweet words they are: 'Galactic...Punt!'

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Here is a picture recently uploaded by Drew. What the hell is that? Maybe the Void Quest optional boss?
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One image is from Chie's Galactic Punt the other one is yosuke's new persona (after he reached max). So Team A for the void quest.

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Galactic Punt anyone?

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                                                          She kicked a TANK!

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@ahoodedfigure: Because I haven't plugged my own Persona 4 achievements thread enough as it is....

Persona 4 + NBA Jam = Love

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@Pepsiman: See, and here I was all thinking that was a Stripes reference :)
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could it be Void Quest, they did say it was still fresh in their mind.

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@ahoodedfigure: That was in part 90, right? When? I couldn't find it.
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I wanted team B for Void Quest! Now they might never get leveled!

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@allhailthetv: Or the went with team B, died and then went back with team A. But that would be a 2 hour episode. That's just silly.
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@allhailthetv: I think you're right.  Used google for "kicked the tank" quotes in GB and found them under the ep 90 page...

Edit: Then I watched it.  It's there, really early on.
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It's UP! 50 mins. that's nice

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I also, am digging the 50 minutes..   :-D


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How inane.

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Looks like Nike's marketing totally failed on Vinny.

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it kills me in Persona 3 how i can't tell what spells i'm getting.

at least in 4 here they give you some heads up.

question for other persona 3 players, you can increase your persona stats with cards but i don't  really see it helping much. either you ditch the persona later or fuse it later on. 
plus i don't know how the stats even help.

any insights into this would  be appreciated.
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It's level up tiiiiiiiiiime! Satellite face.

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Glad they released that Counter an Counterstrike don't stack. But Amp and boost abilities do stack.

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@stinky: I held on to those stat-boosting cards until I had a really good Persona that I knew would be hanging around for a while, or really needed to be pumped up for a boss fight.

The manual will tell you exactly what the stats represent.... remember when Jeff & Vinny were using a Gdon with a Magic stat of 10 or 11 in the Teddie boss-fight and doing hardly any damage?
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There's one persona that comes to mind that has Spirit Drain and it's Succubus.  I used her for quite a bit as an SP battery from mid to end game.

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They could save so much time and SP by just walking around dudes.

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Wow, did those guys get lucky with the rain enemies or what?  Three rain types, three rare items from them.  They better hit up the blacksmith when they get back to the real world.

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Everyone knows that the snow pin correctly interprets the rap song "Informer."

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give youske the wind vow

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Harry Potter and the Sticky Icky.

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3 more episodes and we got 100! Awesome job guys!

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I get a duder its over at the 28 minute mark. Am I the only one?

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3 and counting...

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#34! w00t

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The countdown to 100 continues...

Word of advice: If you're going to fight the optional boss, stop fighting the weak enemies and just rush to the top floor.  If you insist on fighting, fight the big shadows, since they'll be closer to your level.

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Why was there no episode yesterday?
Do we get two today?

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@JeffGoldblum said:
" Why was there no episode yesterday?Do we get two today? "
There was an episode yesterday.  It was a short one, though.
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Ten seconds in and a shaking baby joke !

Im LOLing !!!!

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I also like a lot of sauce after popping my meat out.

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Goddamn, I want some Beefy Pad thai.

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Vinny and Jeff check out the guides, there are some new ones as of the last couple months.

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@ahoodedfigure said:

                                                          She kicked a TANK!

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@Insectecutor said:
" Looks like Nike's marketing totally failed on Vinny. "
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is vinny talking about Wizard People, Dear Reader?!

awesome!! also i'm excited for ep 100.
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For the Wealth Hands, have Charlie Mind Charge, then Yukiko Fire Break (hopefully she has this by now), then Charlie Agidyne

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The A Team?

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@drew327 said:
" For the Wealth Hands, have Charlie Mind Charge, then Yukiko Fire Break (hopefully she has this by now), then Charlie Agidyne "
You don't even need Mind Charge.
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@Ben_H said:
"The A Team?


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Vinny and Jeff, everyone else will probably mention this too, so sorry: Yukiko is weak to ice, so even if you equip the [Snow Pin],  she will take lots of damage from Ice, and the enemy gets an extra turn. If you re-equip the [Ice Supressor], she will probably dodge ice attacks.