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Thanks for the endurance run duders!

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Awesome Ending to a pretty good ER. Now the wait for the Persona 5 ER begins....

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Thank you Patrick and Ryan, you guys gave me great evenings with this.

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Real Bronos assemble! 
It was all the way worth watching this in the middle of the night even though I had a test today...

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Thanks dudes!

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Fuck, the day I actually have something important to do they decide to do a live ER, god damnit. And the finale, no less. Well at least I can finally watch it now.

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Awesome stuff guys. Longest episode of any ER to date, and people said there was no way you'd finish the Black Omen and hit Lavos in one sitting. I wish I'd stayed up to watch the whole thing now. Hats off to you beating Lavos first time. That ultimate magic attack and his ultimate physical kicked my ass but I was rolling with the ladies and they have crappy defence.

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Anyone wanna comment on how they're beating the game wrong? No? Though so.

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I have been out of work for all the ED time , this time, and thank you all for lifting my spirit almost every day.

This time you stepped up the game, and the level of fun was equal to the Persona 4 ED.

You also did every jrpg a big favour, as i am sure the fun and insanity gets a new audience.

If you get somewhat bummed when something ends, you know it have been a good time... FF6 /3 next time ?

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@brighteye said:


You also did every jrpg a big favour, as i am sure the fun and insanity gets a new audience.


Yeah, it does remind me how good JRPGs are when the characters aren't ridiculous cliches and the game allows itself to have a sense of humor. I'm starting to go back and play some old favorites and missed classics because of this ER.

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Coincidentally... Today's the day I finished watching Persona 4 Endurance Run in its entirety. Two ERs down in one day!

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Great work on this Endurance Run guys. Although not quite as funny as previous endurance runs, the combination of Ryan and Patrick was still great for other reasons!

I'm looking forward to the next E.R. Thank you Ryan and Patrick.

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I have my doubts that they'll revisit 16 bit SNES JRPG territory any time soon, but if they take it upon themselves to take on another "classic" RPG, sign me up for Final Fantasy VI/3.

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@ll_Exile_ll said:

Neither of these will happen. If you're crazy like me and can remember obscure details from podcast history, you'll recall a 2008 bombcast (or possibly an Arrow Pointing Down podcast) where Ryan states that he was playing some of Lost Odyssey and that he didn't like it.

Also, on this week's bombcast, Patrick states that he thinks Chrono Cross is a "bad game" (which is an absurd statement, it's not as good as Trigger but is still one of the best RPGs on the PS1, IMO) and Ryan and Jeff proceed to mock the 10/10 score it received on Gamespot.

I, too, would love to see an ER of Chrono Cross, but don't get your hopes up. Maybe I'll just play it again instead...

You should use that great memory for something other than video game websites/podcasts. I didn't catch the reference when they were making fun of CC's 10/10 score.

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It's "Love that chicken from Popeyes" not "Smells like chicken from Popeyes" GEEZ Patrick. Also, Popeyes is better than Church's and KFC.

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Not the best Endurance Run, that title is still held by Persona 4. It was a little tough to watch at time but overall I enjoyed this series. Next up for the Endurance Run another classic JRPG /suikoden-ii/61-10120/ Yeah right but it is a nice dream.

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that was the best ending

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Oh NO! What am I going to do with my life now? Please do another one, quick!

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That was so great! Fantastic Endurance Run, guys. I watched every single episode.


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I watched the first four episodes but it was not my favortie. I think I need to play the game first before I let myself watch this, but I at least hope the next Endurance Run is sooner than how long it took between Deadly Premonition and Chrono Trigger.

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"Oh no, the Star of David!"


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I really like these late 16-bit era RPG's. The 93-96 era saw some of the best games for the SNES and Genesis/Mega Drive. FF6, CT, Phantasy Star 4, Star Ocean, Tales of Phantasia etc. I had the Japanese SNES version of CT and Star Ocean. Star Ocean which was a very late SNES game and came out in 1996 only in Japan even had such things as real time water reflections and surround sound options (that's right! mono, stereo and 3D-sound in the sound options!).

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Excellent guys! I enjoyed a lot!

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Well that was a fucking awesome ending to a fucking awesome Endurance Run! As with every other Endurance Run, I'm sad to see it end but man oh man did you guys bring the heat on this one. If you never do another Endurance Run again I'll be happy knowing that you ended this one with my favourite game using the same party I used. It was a blast guys.

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I really want this game, I so wish there was a PC version of it. Great Episode BTW!

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This was a great Endurance Run and an amazing ending. Thanks, Ryan and Patrick ;)

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Loved the hell out of this Endurance Run. Good one, guys, sad to see it go.

Now I want some Popeye's chicken.

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Was a great endurance run, funny as hell, fun to watch and all around great.

GJ GB Squad, waiting on the next ER!!

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this run had something the other 2 had,

a hell of a redemptive third act for the players involved

hats off to you guys, you guys did good

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The most mind blowing part of this cast is putting a place like KFC above Churches or Popeyes. For as much as this site talks about pizza your fried chicken mojo is weak.

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Patrick: Good job on your first Endurance Run. You did good. Rest well (and then do another).

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Excellent work, guys. This ER has been so fun to wake up to every morning. I hope that there are more in the future.

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I'm proud to be a real Brono!

And thanks to you guys for once again showing me a crazy awesome RPG I missed. I'm sure this will end with a copy of the game in my hands as it did with Persona 4.

Great job guys!

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Let the nagging about doing another Endurance Run begin!!

Hybrid Heaven on the N64 with vinny and jeff gets my nagging vote
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Great job guys! Gonna miss not having an ER to watch every morning!

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Great job guys!

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Now I want to play through Chrono Trigger.

Awesome Ending. The Last Episode of each Endurance Run are some of the best videos on the site. I'll miss the Endurance Run, but I'll cherish the extra 45 minutes a day of free time.

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Fun episode.

I wonder if they'll ever try to beat Lavos again. In a New Game+, there is the "true" ending if you just go straight to the fair and jump in the (now there) sparkle near the machines. You do this before anything happens, and I'm pretty sure you only have Crono. Same levels, gear, etc. though. Would be fun if they decide to revisit it in a year or two.

Thanks for the ER, guys. I don't know where these things fall in regards to MAD INTERNET CLICKS, but I am glad when they happen. Hell, I might even watch P4 again.


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Thanks for the memories guys, this is what video games are about. Until the next ER!

This was a much better ending than what I got when I played it, I think I got the lovey dovey ending.

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Great game, great ER and a job well done! (Now what will I watch during lunch...)

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Fun as this was, and it was fun to watch two new players to CT run through CT, I'd rather y'all NOT do a run of Chrono Cross. Because it's a terrible and overrated game, and your attention is best aimed elsewhere.

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i watched this entire thing live yesterday, despite having to read two full books for class tomorrow. damn you giantbomb, and your engaging content, too!

great job, dudes. this is a pretty cool game that i never got to play. thanks for sharing!

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Congrats, guys, for successfully murdering Lavos! I was a true Brono!

I totally realize how much Jenova and Sin owe to Lavos, now.

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Eeh that Lavos guy was a jerk anyways. Nice job duders!

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I haven't seen much of this ER but the finale was great.

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@Failsafe:Wow, get over yourself.

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Nice job guys, thanks so much!

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Amazing!! I hope they do another 16-bit RPG at some point, like EarthBound, Mother 3, FInal Fantasy 6, The Twisted Tales of Spike McFang or Secret of Mana. If not, another good RPG would be Shin Megami Tensei 3.

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Sorry I don't see how me pointing out something that annoyed me personally means I need to get over myself.

I liked the run well enough, maybe I went a little nuts but it seriously bothered me is all. and i'm done.