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Posted by RenegadeSaint

Never had a doubt in my mind. Chrono Trigger is an unbelievably well designed game and watching these guys play through it was a joy.

Posted by ZagZagovich

Thanks for a great time, duders! I really enjoyed this ER even though I had some doubts before it started. I hope one day Ryan gets to do his Shenmue ER because that one will go one forever and it's the only way I can know what shenmue is really about! Anyway hope for more daily content like this and the eventual TANG return!

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Everyone who wants to see FF6 should let them know on Twitter or something, maybe they'll bite

Posted by Dany

@MooseyMcMan said:

Something stopped the Endurance Run...


Posted by advkow

Very awesome. Now then, what do you suppose is next? Endurance Run rules!!!

Posted by ges75022

@advkow: Chrono Cross? Maybe?

Posted by Hailinel

Bravo, gentlemen!

The final battle against the Lavos Core is one huge curveball. You're trained to think that the big guy in the center is the core when it's actually the little bit on the right.

Posted by Toxin066

Thanks for the memories, CT ER

Posted by Toug

Lavos got science did to it!

Now commences the rest of my life, in which I will frequently mess up and use the wrong names for every character every time I talk about this game! That'll be fun!

And whinny, arguing comment section? I'll miss you most of all.

Posted by ocdog45

That was fun to watch. great job guys

Posted by Rabid619

Great stuff. I'm sad to see it end, but I was thoroughly entertained, rough spots and all.

There's a certain magic to the endurance that I think everyone kind of forgets about until we sit down and do it all over again. So here's to the next, whenever that may be.

Thanks guys.

Posted by cmpLtNOOb

I don't want to think about when the next ER will be and just let it be a surprise. It always seems to be something totally out of the blue and awesome. I really appreciate content like this guys.

Can't wait for the next morning I come to this site, see a video titled "Endurance Run: (Insert Game) - Part 01," and confuse anyone else in the room when I yell "YEEEESSSS!!!" out of excitement.

Posted by Rapid

BOBO I miss you!

Posted by YoThatLimp

Man, I really enjoyed this ER.

Posted by Kingfalcon

Great job, guys. I hope you time the next Endurance Run for right after The Amazing Test is scheduled to finish!

Posted by Eviternal

@SlimJimm said:



Congrats, and thanks Ryan and Patrick (and tech staff!) for another entertaining ER. I feel the previous ER titles were more ripe for parody, though you did a good job with the things CT threw at you too.

Posted by skiguyusc

Loved it. Thanks for doing this guys!

Posted by ch3burashka

Dat fucking end music, To Far Away Times, makes me wanna cry every time.

I used to hate sad endings like this. Now I've matured a little to the point that I understand the necessity for everyone to return, but I still hate it.

I love the mini-review the team conducts at the end; happened after every ER so far, and it's good to hear them to talk about the game objectively, even if we're never get a real P4, DP or CT review.

Posted by TheMathlete

I missed a few episodes, but this was still a pretty good endurance run.

Posted by obscurefan

That was so gosh darn epic I almost expected a book cover to close over my laptop when it was all over. Now and forever, Bronos before Honos, and long live the endurance run.

Posted by DrJota

I guess the Endurance Run is....out of time...

Posted by kozmo7

I love you guys. Thank you for running this series. I laugh, I cried, I traveled through time-- it was awesome.

Posted by LegendaryChopChop

R.I.P. Lavos

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Lavos looks like Cell, even wants to be a perfect being. Tooooriiiiiyaaaamaaaa!

Oh and I guess I'll thank you Giant Bomb guys for making this Endurance Run or whatever. You are the true Bronos.

Posted by Chippy180

Regardless of the complaints and bitching earlier episodes were subject to I really enjoyed the Run. Granted, I had only played up to the halfway point(After Bagus revealed himself), which added to my interest.

On a sidenote, fair fucks to Davis for keeping his head for that hour-plus boss rush. It mustn't have been easy when 2,000+ people were watching live.

Posted by Hunkadunkasaurus

Something kind of universally right about the end of Chrono Trigger being part 42. Just sayin.

Posted by Zaccheus

Thank you guys.

Posted by bslayer

This was really fun to watch live. I can't wait to do it again someday! Great ER Ryan and Patrick!

Posted by Someoneudunno

So glad I saw this through. Hella endurance dudes.

Posted by AStoutYeoman

Thanks for this guys. Love me some ER!

Posted by OneManX

So... they still won.. and kinda kicked ass. Few times where they were in range of blowing it, but most of the time they stuck with a plan and executed.

So what did they do wrong again?

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Posted by Diablos102

Wow going from not thinking anything through to over thinking the bosses they beat hours ago. A great ending to the ER that's for sure funny to see Patrick and Ryan fear Lavos' boss rush modes.

Posted by hrdwregk

It is "Smell THAT chicken from Popeye's"

Posted by Artisan88

I gotta say I am disappointed. How dare you take a pee break during ENDURANCE RUN. The bladder endures with the rest of the body.

Great series, loved watching it and reliving those moments when I first played this when it came out on the SNES... fond memories playing all day over xmas break as a kid :)

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NOOOOOO!!!!! What am I going to watch every morning now?! Come on! The next run better start soon. Play some Blue Dragon, not many people have seen that game/played it. Oooo or if anyone hasn't played Mass Effect, that would be great! But who hasn't?

Posted by daggon55

I enjoyed watching the ER. Never finished this game on DS (didn't have a SNES back then I was a PC guy by then). So it was fun to see the end.

Keep mixing it up if you do another ER. My suggestions:

A 4 player Diablo 2 run, in one sitting.

Burnout, all of them.

Or maybe pick a franchise and to to do all of the games in it, like all of the Call of Dutys or all of the God of Wars.

Keep us guessing, its part of the fun.

Posted by Sanj

You guys had an awesome run, was a lot of fun to watch. But man, I wished I had played this game before the watching the ER though, it's clearly an excellent game.

Posted by Devinant

This is such an amazing game. I usually play Chrono Trigger once a year and each time I play it, I get surprised by things I haven't seen before. Words cannot describe how great this game is! They don't make them like this anymore. Thanks to Ryan and Patrick for a great Endurance Run! Keep up the good work!

Posted by fspk

I endured \o/

Great job guys and it seems there actually is (at least) one good jrpg in existence.

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hah that was great, watched this endurance run right from begining to end and glad that there are two more people in the world who appreciate Chrono Trigger for what it is. Experiencing your reactions as you played through this for the first time really reminded me how i felt when i first did. Truely one of the best games of all ' TIME !!'

thanks x)

Posted by CrunchbiteJr

Great content, loved every minute.

Posted by Jonny_Anonymous

Lavos nipple beams FTW

Posted by Optimus

Anyone know the name of the track that accompanies the 2nd form of Lavos (you know, laser nipple guy)? I have the soundtrack and it's not on there.

Posted by Simio

Damn that was good.

Posted by MKunlimited

No one brobot should have that much power!

I created an account just to say that...

Posted by MeAuntieNora

Love this content... I haven't commented on this ER much if at all, and was aware of the crazy backlash for a lot of it, so thanks for putting up with that BS to provide this content. It was fun for me the whole time, and maybe the parts where I shouted at the screen about a chest that got walked right past made it all the more fun/unpredictable.

Posted by GalacticPunt

Such a great game. Such a great ending. Thank you for enduring, bros.

Posted by csl316

Cool ER. I wish they'd do a question and answer podcast or something, since we just spent 25 hours watching this. It'd be nice to get some feedback and insight into thought processes, scheduling, etc.

I never beat the game, so right before final Lavos I decided screw it, I'm gonna try before watching them figure it out. Loaded my last save at 18 hours with Crono, Robo, and Ayla... and beat it on my first try. Megalixers, woo.

Posted by Vigorousjammer

@Optimus said:

Anyone know the name of the track that accompanies the 2nd form of Lavos (you know, laser nipple guy)? I have the soundtrack and it's not on there.

The name of the song is "World Revolution" and it's totally on the third disc of the "Original Sound Version" soundtrack.