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Farewell sweet prince...

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Thanks for doing this, guys. I really hope you do Shenmue II at some point!

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That was a strange way to end the series.

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Bring on Shenmue 2

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I know a guy who showed us a DVD once with all Shenmue cutscenes stitched together and was like "Check this out guys, it's like a real martial arts movie!" The hype was real!

This was a great feature and I honestly would love to see Shenmue 2 now.

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That Mark though.

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The women are in Shenmue 2. And that place you didn't recognize was the store that you never went into. Where the capsule machines and vending machine is in Sakuragaoka. And the wather system was amazing when I played this game in 2000 on my new Dreamcast. before that I had only played PS1 games. This game was unbelievable.

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Vinny's training revelation was pretty funny :P

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Mark's part made up for the lack of Tom in this.

I could also see how this must've been impressive back then. Watching it now, it mainly seemed really tedious with badly voiced characters and a plot that really didn't move anywhere during the whole game. Couldn't have made it through without the Beast crew.

That said, I do hope we'll see Shenmue 2 being tackled in some form once Dan has settled in.

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Please do shenmue 2 guys!

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I was already feeling a little empty for not having a new episode of Shenmue to watch today, so this is a nice surprise.

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The Tomato Store music is alright but it's got nothing on the Junes music

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Fairwell Shenmue! You provided me with hours of entertainment both in my childhood, and now again in adulthood. Truly, the best game ever.

Hey. What Ima do with cat food? Ha ha!

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"this guy" Does @alex not know George Takei? He played Sulu on Star Trek. He is the one narrating. Also yeah the 2 woman technically not in the first game have large roles in 2.

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RPG has changed. It's no longer about stats, storylines, or levelling. It's an endless series of proxy cutscenes fought by Gollum guys and hotdog salesmen. RPG - and its consumption of life - has become a well-oiled machine. RPG has changed. Boring characters carry boring QTEs, use boring minigames. Nanomachines inside their bodies enhance and regulate their abilities. Bad control. Worse control. Emotion control. Battlefield control. Everything is monitored and kept under control. RPG has changed. The age of Cloud has become the age of Tom...All in the name of averting any player agency whatsoever. And he who controls the battlefield...controls history. RPG has changed. When the battlefield is under total control... RPG becomes routine

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Thanks for the endurance run.

The game was really immersive for its time and fun to explore, but now it's less impressive. Having so many characters to talk to and learn about the game world, each with schedules they would follow, was really cool in that era. The adventure elements were a big attraction to some people, but understandably, other people wanted it to be a different genre of game.

The short manual that came with the game gave a really good overview of the major gameplay mechanics, but the game itself could have included a better tutorial.

It would be fun to have you play the sequel, and it improved some things like allowing the player to advance time in the game, and ask characters for directions.

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Oh Shenmue, you were the Phantom Pain of your day.

So much promise, so much to look forward to, so many initial possibilities. And then it turns out to be shallow shit with a garbage story.

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@ryudo said:

"this guy" Does @alex not know George Takei? He played Sulu on Star Trek. He is the one narrating. Also yeah the 2 woman technically not in the first game have large roles in 2.

That is 100% not George Takei. It maybe sounds like a really really bad George Takei impression but it's definitely not him.

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I still like Shenmue.

Thanks for the hilarious series, Vinny, Dan, and Alex. <3

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Haha Vinny's "I TOLD YOU!" when you see Ryo sparring with that park guy.

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Whens the next endurance run?

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What the fuck is with that forklift driving music. Sweet jesus. lmao

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Time to watch some Deadly Premonition awaiting Shenmue 2.

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So if you define RPG as playing a ROLE and not about stats or combat, then yeah I would call this an RPG. You certainly assume a role and do everything as that character (well I guess you didn't go to the bathroom ever). Turns out much of daily life is pretty routine and boring....WHO KNEW!

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Can't decide if my Quote Of The Endurance Run is Vinny's "I HATE THIS GAME!" or Dan's "What's the ear wax situation?"

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Our Endurance Run is over. But there's one more thing I must do. RPG has changed. It's not about grinding, or party management. It's not even about equipment, social links, or deep characters. It's an endless series of QTE battles, fought by Ryo and Vinny. RPG, and its vast consumption of human time, has become a clunky, poorly-oiled Dreamcast game. RPG has changed. ID-tagged forklifts carry ID-tagged crates, use ID-tagged drivers. Nanomachines inside their bodies enhance and regulate their actions. Forklift control.. Crate control.. Racing control.. Dockyard control. Everything is monitored, and kept under control. RPG has changed. The age of RPG is now the age of Shenmue, averting catastrophe from forklift accidents. And he who controls Shenmue, controls the Endurance Run. RPG has changed. When Shenmue is under total control, is far from routine.

Naomi Hunter: We must not pass Shenmue on to the next generation.

Roy Colonel Campbell: Vinny is the world's only hope.

Meryl Silverburgh: We are the new MADANGELS.

Hal Emmerich Otacon: The onus is ours.

Edit: The rocking music, negative image of the map, and shaking the map around in the FORKLIFT PREVIEW is all kinds of incredible.

Edit 2: Remind me not to take a drink whilst watching these. Mark: "I love convenience stores" cracked me up mid-drink.

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That is far too much, or too little, awesome rock music for the forklifting segment.

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I think I might play Shenmue 3 when it's out. Just gotta watch them play Shenmue 2 first.

Looking at the trailer though, those character models look nowhere near as pretty as the old, high res, ones. That's too bad.

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People in the comments for the past 4 weeks: "This game doesn't tell you anything"

The game: "Here's a disc that tells you everything you need to know"

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@bocckob: I see you haven't played MGSV then.


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@mrcraggle: "Oh, but it's disc 4! How could anyone know to put that disc in first?" Crack a manual, son! It mentions disc 4.

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Some stuff they could not see in the Passport. No sure why they thought any of the puzzles in the game woudl be THAT hard that they needed a whole clue system...but whatever.

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Yes, you read right! You CAN know they age, length and weight of the kitten. I know, you are shocked and saddened that we all missed out on that information. And, knowing the weather every day of 1986 is certainly something everyone should have experienced.

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It's been nice coming home at the end of the day and always having something to watch during dinner. I'll missing New Yokosuka and its boring denizens.

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Best track in the game

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Thanks for also showing us the bonus disk, that was a fun endurance run.

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Shenmue 2 please!

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Thanks guys. Great ER.

Shenmue 2 please!

Yes please.

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Looking at the Forklift Preview, I guess we also have to thank Shenmue for Farming Simulator dubstep videos.

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This was awesome, I hope you'll do another Endurance run soon.

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@zaldar said:

So if you define RPG as playing a ROLE and not about stats or combat, then yeah I would call this an RPG. You certainly assume a role and do everything as that character (well I guess you didn't go to the bathroom ever). Turns out much of daily life is pretty routine and boring....WHO KNEW!

Yeah, I think that's probably what they were going for by using that term, though I'd still say it a pretty traditional adventure game. If the translation didn't reveal its Japanese origins, I wouldn't have been all that surprised if someone told me this was a Sierra game from that era.

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"That's why I make lots of money.

Ha ha."

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Mark's clip seems like one of those videos they'd show in a foreign language class where there's a person speaking in really simple phrases about innocuous shit.

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Whens the next endurance run?

sometime in 2017 when dan gets to ny.

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@hatking: Shenmue's translation was handled by Suzuki's brother in law or something like that, so there you go. Also, the English version was eventually released in Japan as Shenmue USA as a way to practice English, which might explain some of the stilted and extremely phonetic line readings. (It gets me every time a character says "a" just like the letter A.)

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The bargain basement Sammy Hagar during the forklift montage was fantastic.