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WHAAAAAAAT!? No Endurance Run +? Lame. Oh well, if it could potentially convince the Giant Bomb crew to endure another game more quickly then I'm all for it. Personally, I would like to see Ryan and Vinny do an endurance run together. Not that I didn't enjoy the Persona 4 Jeff and Vinny Combo or the Brono Trigger Ryan and Patrick Team I just love how Ryan and Vinny communicate with each other in the quick looks and would like to view that in a more prolonged environment. (Note: I did not mention Deadly Premonition because I could not endure =/) As for games to play I think more throw back RPGs are a good choice as well as really emphasize the idea of Enduring.

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@McBonJon said:

This was easily one of the best episodes that I've seen of all the endurance runs, despite some frustrations. Good work Ryan and Patrick.

I'm going to suggest that Chrono Cross should be the next Endurance Run or play Lost Odyssey.

wholeheartedly agree.

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I've finally seen the end of Chrono Trigger!

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I may have missed it, but why aren't they sharing a controller again? Did Ryan threaten to take his games and go home? Moooooooooooooooooooom! Ryan won't let me plaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

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Lol, toilet break before final battle.

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That was so gosh darn epic I almost expected a book cover to close over my laptop when it was all over. Now and forever, Bronos before Honos, and long live the endurance run.

I'd wear the shit out of that on a member t-shirt. Make it happen, GB!

Amazing endurance run, finally caught up. Looking forward to more, but you guys really need to try Popeye's Chicken. While I pretty much hate every fast food joint out there, I have trouble turning down the suggestion to get Popeye's. It's that good. It's also the only cajun fast food restaurant franchise in the US to my knowledge, or at least in the Northeast.

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I thought the things they thought were clones were just holograms.

Also great job with the Endurance run guys.

If you guys ever decide to do another endurance run I'd be really excited for Final Fantasy 6. I think it is still one of the best games of that series. It's very different from the FF games of late.

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It's over! :(

Despite my general hate for JRPGs, Chrono Trigger actually looks really good and has held up remarkably well. This was a really fun Endurance Run to watch. Thanks Ryan, Partick, and the rest of the Giant Bomb crew!

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@charliedown said:

I may have missed it, but why aren't they sharing a controller again? Did Ryan threaten to take his games and go home? Moooooooooooooooooooom! Ryan won't let me plaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

I'm pretty sure In a one of the Bombcasts Jeff says they are playing this on his copy of Chrono Trigger and his SNES, which he never touched.

Anyway, I'm not sure why they don't swap players, that would have made it even more interesting.

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Congratulations guys, I love all of the Endurance Runs! Can't wait to see what you guys play next!

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So Dark Souls is next?

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Such a great ending! Kudos to Ryan and Patrick!

Can't wait for the next one!

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Totally baller ending. If you guys like the music that much you should definitely check out Chrono Symphonic. It's a fan project that re-arranged the music from the game. It's superb.

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Real Brono here

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So, when does the Secret of Mana Endurance Run start?

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And this a taste of why we need good JRPGs to still be made. I have had so many moments they enjoyed during this, pacing back and fro as the turnbased orders I've given out march out against the CPU.

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So glad Patrick got Ryan to put the hero medal back onto Brog, that was driving me nuts! :D

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Great job guys, really entertaining.

Posted by Vandell

Now for Earthbound.

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Laser nipples with shields over them called the Doors of Doom.


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Holy shit I love the Endurance Run! Please don't say you'll never do it again again!

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@Dodongo said:

So, when does the Secret of Mana Endurance Run start?

Yes! We need this! I love this game!

Anyways, I watched all of the episodes and loved every minute of it. Great job on the Endurance Run guys!

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The payoff of Patrick's reaction to the Gato-style Cybot enemies made everything I had to put up with while watching the endurance run worth it.

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Oh man! I just got around to watching this today.

Ryan, Patrick? Thanks for enduring. ^_^

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"Ultimate damage is curing his butt"

Awesome quote.

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A great end to a great Endurance Run.

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"Her legs gave out...just like her mom's."

And people wonder why we love Klepek...

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Good luck and Batmen were had by all! Great Endurance Run.

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It would be great if you could play some Dreamcast classics for your next Endurance run, maybe Grandia 2 or Skies of Arcadia?

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I love how pumped they are at the end of this endurance run!

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Still enjoyable to come back to.

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i love pop eyes chicken. dont judge me!!! damn what an great ending.

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Now that's an ending!... BIOWARE!!!

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@liako21 said:

i love pop eyes chicken. dont judge me!!! damn what an great ending.

I too love Popeye's chicken. It's the place to get fried chicken here in South Florida.

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At the end, as the music box played, the blue marble of the world hung solemnly in black space, Ryan and Patrick's epic time bending odyssey came to a close.

I will not lie; oil washed over my sight sensors. Thanks for the awesome ride on the 2Poch. BRONOS 4-lyf!

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Oh man this is almost a year ago now and it's my second time through this ER.

Still super awesome.

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I don't even...

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This ER was so fucking awesome, I still go back and watch it every now and then. And the music on the final boss? Freaking amazing, especially to hear the guys get so fucking pumped up about it.

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Are you guys planning on doing another one of these at anytime? These were a lot of fun.

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Sad to think this was Ryan's last Endurance Run.

I plan on going back and rewatching this and the Deadly Premonition ones to remember the good times.

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LMAO the noises patrick makes at 2:10:00ish

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I miss Ryan so goddamn much already. I can't believe I'll never get another ER with him.

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You'll always be the true Brono Ryan Davis.

I'm glad I finally got around to watching this. As frustrating as it was at times it was nice to go on one last journey with him.

I might have go play some Chrono Cross now.

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Haha, Ryan's "Here we go again!" *wink* when the cat and Crono's mom jump into the time gate was great.

This ER ended on a good note. I'm glad I had one more experience in your company, Ryan.

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Sure was a great journey Ryan, sure glad it ended on a good note.

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and then there were none

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@falling_fast: Came here to post this. Sad both of these guys are gone now. At least we got these videos.