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Can't wait for this game.

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Geth probably turn good like the Elites did in Halo.

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Stalker looks AWESOME ^.^

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1:02 omg it's SYLAR!

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Legion sounds fucking awesome.  Cannot wait to play this game.

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A geth party member? 7 of 9 anyone?

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I love Mass Effect, so very much.
All of this is getting me so psyched!

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Those are some badass looking enemies.

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Wow...this looks amazing.

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So the first teaser trailer for Mass Effect 2 showing a geth wearing N7 armor was actually featuring this new character of Legion.  That's really cool.  I had almost forgot about that teaser trailer and the whole "is Shepard a geth" rumor that was flying around back then. 
Legion was actually the very first new character shown to us for Mass Effect 2, and yet just now we're learning his name.  Interesting.
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1st game didn't grab me. I wanted to dig it, just seemd too methodically paced. I like the emphasis they are putting on action in this one and the look of it is fantastic!

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That was an awesome video

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The collector's ship reminded me of the motherships in freelancer. In the initial video. Anyone?

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So that enemy Geth that can, "think on his own" pulled a Pinocchio and is now a real Geth?

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Groovy. I dig the art design behind the Geth and Legion more than the bug guys

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It looks pretty good.
But graphically nothing specially, a little dated maybe.

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Yeah okay I've decided this is my most anticipated game next year.

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I need this game like I need oxygen.

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I'm loving how good this game looks. So far all gameplay they have shown looks smooth and these new enemies look pretty awesome.
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@briyani: Ha that's what I thought too
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Maybe Legion is the real Sheppard and the Sheppard you play is a mutant robot beast? Ok maybe I'm thinking about this to much! :)

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This game looks to be far more awesome than its predecessor, and I mean that in a good way.

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God the more I see about me2 the more impressed I get.  It seems to be fixing all the little things that made a slight annoyance in the first game and expands upon the great enemy lore and art direction.  I loved me1 and cant wait to get this one. 
Edit: the Collectors are just awesome.

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Didn't like the designs of the Collectors and the 'human' alien weaponry(the way they steal bodies in the first place seems longwinded).  Love the idea of Legion though. He very well could be a party member. Not my party, but someone's

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looks promising

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Dude, it's HK-47! 
It'll be fun to have a psycho anti-organic killer robot on my team again.
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@briyani said:
"1:02 omg it's SYLAR! "

That was my first thought aswell.
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"We do not experience fear. But we understand how it affects you."
Ok, I think I may have a new favorite character.

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Everything looks awesome. The only thing I don't like is seeing that EA logo at the beginning :(

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Cool, now for the next trailer i demand it has a little more sex-appeal... 
Where's my kick-ass Quarian girl, Tali!?
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This really is looking awesome! I can't wait to play this game! :D

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Because they say it is the Reapers, my guess is that it isn't the Reapers.

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@Besetment said:
" A geth party member? 7 of 9 anyone? "
Get out of my head, please.
Lol I was totally thinking "wow this is strikingly similar to when Janeway took in 7 of 9... " I guess the Geth could be Borg-like enough haha.
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Oh man... I need to take measures to stop myself getting all worked up about how badly I want this. That hasn't happened to me in quite some time!!

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So you created a bunch of new destructive enemies, the question of course is how do I kill them?  That flying husk isn't going down with a sniper rifle.

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everything in this game looks better than the first.

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I want this sooo bad. Darn these exclusives.

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"We do not experience fear, but we understand how it affects you" 
Legion's in my party. He's got a special spot right there.

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Is it me or does Legion's body look a lot like Saren's? There is even a hole on his chest from when Saren gets impaled by the glass near the end.

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@Obsidiangrvmind said:

Is it me or does Legion's body look a lot like Saren's? There is even a hole on his chest from when Saren gets impaled by the glass near the end.

Oh dude...