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Gonna play this game :)

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cannot wait to play this

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Dumb in a fantastic way. I was kinda hoping the mascot would explode Master Shake style when he landed.

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I was already going "heh", but after that taunt, I'm just sitting here with this huge shiteating grin on my face.

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Strap it on.

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Loving that. Silly, dumb fun.

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What? lol

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That trailer needed a "that is all" at the end.

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oh shit, DON'T do what is depicted in these trailers?

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Sweet mother of God this game is the Holy Grail !!!

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Bring back the Gary Busey trailers IMNSHO

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Man this looks so awesome. I loved the 2nd one, this seems like it's even crazier every video I watch!

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can't change date. using firefox

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Video Games.

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What i actually love more than how awesomely goofy it was is that he didn't magically attract police attention after 2 shots

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every trailer now has to include the words "call of duty" so that the people who don't play any other games but call of duty will be interested.

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Love the ending song

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It's the first game that I see that is so stupid that it is actually good.

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lol @ the Chief Wiggum reference

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So...you're telling me there's yet one more game this fall/winter/spring I have to buy? Dang dang dang dang...but in a good way.

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Ahaha! man, this game continues to be game of the year.

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can`t wait

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Strap it on.

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Fuck. Yes.

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i already love this game.

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Words cannot express my joy.

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Love it. Sold.

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I have strapped it on! Give me the game!

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Pure amazement.

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And to top it all off, Hulk Hogan voices a character in this. . . Oh, the humanity. I can't wait.

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I'm really glad this series embraced the trolling nature that every gamer is guilty of after they go into "I just saved, so everything I do until I reload that save doesn't count" mode in GTA games.

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It's a real shame that the tagline for this game is "strap it on" but they didn't bring back Uncle Gary for the videos. :(

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But....there......she.....they.....I'm not....I don't even!....

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@LoktarOgar said:

I was already going "heh", but after that taunt, I'm just sitting here with this huge shiteating grin on my face.


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Oh yeah

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These guys get me.

They just fucking get me.

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This game looks so damn stupid! I LOVE IT!.

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Only one going "WTF?!" up in here ?

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Stop showing me this game and show me this game!

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Damn this Dead Island add is annoying... Anything else?

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Those are some tight jeans.

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Best trailer of 2011.

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So stupid

So awesome.