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looks interesting 

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kinect with joh marstons dead body

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Oh no they didn't!

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Neat trailer, I don't get why you couldn't do that with a Wii or PS Move though, it just looks like a weird fake light gun shooter that already comes out on those systems all the time.  I AM ACCURATE WITH MY STATEMENT.
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At first, I was thinking, "Wow, maybe a developer is paying attention to all the cool things that all these Kinect hackers are doing with hacked-Kinects by making a game that's like a quick draw western... that's cool..." 
Nope. This game is the exact reason why Kinect fails. 

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looks uninteresting

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Um, looks like total crap. Why are people all buzzing about this?

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Man that looks like a huge step backwards  in gameplay. So its a janky on rail shooter ? Im sure it will be like other twisted pixel games where everything other than the game is awesome, but the game part sucks.

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Would be nice to see what the Kinect controls actually are for this game.  Some of it looks like you may actually get to control the puppet strings floating over the character.

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I really don't know what to think about this. Twisted Pixel has made good games, and they seem like the kind of people that'd mess with new tech. However, the gameplay looked pretty bad - I'm guessing the "3D" stuff was on-rails. I wanna give them the benefit of the doubt, but other than the setting and character, I'm not really feeling it.

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@TurboMan said:
" Gimmick "
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This is a joke right?

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Concept looked cool , gameplay looks abysmal

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If the game is as funny as the rest of TP's games... I honestly couldn't care less about the gameplay.

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Looks like it could be sort of fun and I like the concept, but I'm still not buying a Kinect.

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Wow that gameplay footage looked janky as hell
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Meh. Sounded more intriguing than it looks. It's just an on-rails shooter; I'm assuming you point at the screen to control the cursor. Big whoop. Those environments look dumb too; considering how awesome the character looks - drawing on the same sort of Mexican art as Samba De Amigo, or the Dia de los Muertos style of Grim Fandango - I really expected the environments to follow suit. Look like a crazy Mexican version of Littlebigplanet or Kirby's Epic Yarn. Instead, it's just "generic forest" no.1 and "generic forest" no.2. 
Not a strong reveal. Maybe it'll look better next time they show it?

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the music sounded kind of like Deathspank music... a lot like deathspank music

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Is this going on a disc or is Microsoft finally going to let XBLA devs use Kinect?

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So I suppose Dance Central is still the only reason worth owning a Kinect?  If for that even?

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This looks bad and those aiming reticules looked like they were added after the video was recorded.

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Cmon we still have to use our hands? This is a babies toy! 
Back to the Future quotes aside man this is pretty lazy. Platforming and on rails shooter like Comic Jumper. I know it was just announced but jeez.

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Not feeling this game much after this trailer. But I am a Twisted Pixel fan.  Curious to see where they go with this.

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Not seeing what everyone's so unhappy about. I thought it looked pretty good and can't wait to see a later build of it later on. Looks like it could be fun.

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The first 50 seconds of this are totally unnecessary.

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Started out as a sick burn; ended with the joke being on them. The game looks rough as hell. It's all in the playing, though, so wait and see... I guess. :/

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@Goto10 said:
"So I suppose Dance Central is still the only reason worth owning a Kinect?  If for that even? "

Yea, as with most technology we will not see Kinects true capabilities and applications for years. I am interested in the many Pc hacks that have been developed and those to come.
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Kinect, in stores now.

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Another reason for me to not want a Kinect.

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@Ventilaator said:
" Who needs all those CONTROLLERS that allow you to INTERACT WITH WORLDS when you could have BAD ON RAILS EXPERIENCEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEES  Kinect, in stores now. "
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 EDIT: its funny because the real joke of this commercial is: should have used a controller Twisted Pixel, sorry your game looks poor because of Kinect controls. Irony?
yeah twisted pixel you are correct, you identified that this game you made is in fact a Kinect game, I don't know why it took you so long to figure that out at the beginning of the commercial, (besides the fact that you made it), anyone else could look at the shitty graphics and terrible gameplay and wonky unfun controls and tell it was Kinect in just a few seconds. 

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Sweet, more garbage for knect.

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Pretty ballsy showing the actual DualShock with a "Sony" logo and the actual WiiMote. Microsoft would never do that by themselves.

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Anyone else getting kind of a "Tinstar but with zombie/marionettes" vibe?