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Pantsified, sports dude. 

Posted by bizsumpark182

I'm actually pretty excited. I won't have to just use my computer anymore. 

Posted by Tesla

Now I can hear those god awful horns and the 360 fan blow while I watch the World Cup.

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Too bad I'm already at my television when I'm on my Xbox. But hey, this is still BIG BIG NEWS for plenty of other people.

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I might drop cable now! Pretty damn cool hope its more than ESPN 3 (ESPN 360).

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I love it.  ESPN 3 on the Xbox :)

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Very happy at the prospect of ESPN 3 on my 360. Hope that works out, because I want more HD sports and my cable provider likes taking that sort of cool stuff away.
Also thought the Sportscenter guys did a fabulous job with their part of the presentation, even if I'm in the minority saying that.

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NFL? What's that? I've never heard of it.

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so i guess i can cancel my sattelite subscription soon?

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They are SO playing real games during the break.

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Button mashing is the real way to win.

Posted by FuzzyLogic

All I need is my PTI on my XBox, and hopefully some ESPN3 interaction.
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Pretty cool.

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I didn't keep up to date with the press conference, but MS didn't announce Hulu right.  If so, that is a damn shame.  Hulu + ESPN + Netflix = Death of cable TV.

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ESPN on XBOX is full of win.

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Death of cable is impossible. It just has to adapt.

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I don't see why I would ever need satellite TV or digital cable now.

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Why isn't it called ESPN 360 on 360, a huge loss.  Not as cool as MLB TV on PS3, but kind of rad, waiting for NHL Gamecenter live to end on one of the two consoles.

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NFL?  That's the real deal maker/breaker

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Sooooo.... will I get this in Canada or am I screwed again?

Posted by astrotriforce

I think this is HUGE and pretty big news. Sports are so popular, and if you give me another reason not to have TV/cable it's a good thing!

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Is this US only or will we get this in Europe as well?`Id love to be able to watch NFL and NBA here in Norway.
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ESPN usually has great commercials. This wasn't one of them.