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Katee Sackhoff?! I'm gonna' go balls-deep into this game, but only after I get a Rift.

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Nothin' but the rain.

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Man, it feels like the commercial release of the Rift will never come out. Count me in when it does though.

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I like what I see.

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If my profile icon is any indication, I need this game.

Oh ... obligatory BSG reference?

Frakin Toaster Lovers! So Say We All

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Frack yes.

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"Focus on my voice" ... because, dang it, CCP paid a lot of money for my voice to be in this game!

Also, test-firing your weapons while still inside the hanger seems like a really bad idea. :b

EDIT: Man, people are going crazy with the fake sci-fi swear words in these comments. Uh, frell. :b

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So is this maintaining BSG physics for space combat?

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Excellent! Great work guys

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Man, someone really thought about the sound design in this. Really exciting!

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@joshwent said:

Nothin' but the rain.

I love this comment.

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A direct attack on my wallet.

Action stations, action stations. Set condition one throughout the ship. This is not a drill. I repeat, set condition one throughout the ship. This is not a drill.

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I will actually be able to afford one of these relatively soon, and a beefy PC, so I am super excited.

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The motion of the "looking" in this video seems pretty latched to specific areas, and doesn't look like someone's wearing a VR headset that can set the field of view to any location. Maybe they'll have an advanced setting where you can one-to-one map it to the Oculus movement, but as shown it looks a bit gimmicky.

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Ok, this looks pretty awesome. Is this a standalone thing or is this how combat will be in Eve? (Apologies if this is how combat has been for a while, last time I played combat was based in pressing hot keys and not direct combat control which put me off playing Eve). If they nail this, it could be the Sci Fi Star Wars/Star Trek/Battlestar game I am looking for.

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eeughgh... still going to wait until the consumer version of oculus comes out.

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Let me someone with the Rift actually on and actually playing it. I don't trust it until someone that isn't a PR person is sitting there and playing it.

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Interesting tiny bit of gameplay. Depending on the hooks into EVE proper, this might be my line into the universe. Or just another awesome dogfight sim. I'm good either way.

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Hopefully the VR eliminates the "fly in circles till someone blows up" problem of space sims.

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Here's a shameless promotion for the Giantbomb EVE Corp!

I know Valkyrie looks exciting and if anyone's interested in actually trying EVE our dudergroup is here for you!

Kite Co. Space Trucking is a Pro-Dad Eve Organization

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Does look damn impressive... actually looks better then EVE-Online's main game now haha!! Hope there are dynamic missions and have good variety. Its a pity no one has a made an ACTUAL Battlestar Galactica game like this, can you imagine just how purely awesome that could be? if you could step out of your ships, land on planets? while constantly being hunted down by the Cylons? hell frakking yeah baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but this will do for now I suppose :D

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I'm so excited for the Rift I could punch my own balls.

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I had close to zero interest in this genre... but this... I WANT this.

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Still needs to catch up with Star Citizen terms of the ships models and the general look of the game but still looks pretty good.

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I wonder what controller was being used for this. Doesn't look like a joystick's style of movement. Seems a tad slow, too, but looking around and dogfighting inside EVE is definitely something I want to do a whole bunch of.

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Oh, don't mind me, I'm just unloading super-heated magnetic rounds in the launch bay.

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Here's hoping this thing doesn't end up dead in the water, like DUST 514...