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Does the buzzing ever go away? Sounds like it comes and goes.

The buzz goes away about 7 min in.

Apologies about the audio. Neither the direct feed from the mixing board nor the local computer recording were of a listenable quality, so I had to take the sound from both cameras' boom mics, which is less than ideal. I added a few subtitles in cases where it is difficult to hear.

Yeah it got a lot better. Thanks Drew! Good work.

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So in 1989....

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Super kicks are what the Giant Bomb panels have been missing all this time.

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Goddamn I'm so excited to watch this.

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@drewbert: Fantastic work, as always, Drew!

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@fobwashed: Clicking your link now means I get ads for the Game Bomb shirt ON Game Bomb. Perfect.

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Finally! I was beginning to think something went wrong and they didn't have the archive.

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Why are people booing Patrick? same thing happened on that friday thing.

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@fobwashed: Clicking your link now means I get ads for the Game Bomb shirt ON Game Bomb. Perfect.

This is amazing and perfect =D

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Is anyone else hearing a buzzing sound?

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@onarum: I haven't watched this yet, but I am going out on a limb here and say they are saying "scoops."

That happens at all of their live things. It is a common mistake to think it is booing though.

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@onarum said:

Why are people booing Patrick? same thing happened on that friday thing.

They're saying "SCOOOOOOOOOOPS" like how crowds yell "Bruuuuuuuce" when Bruce Springsteen is on stage

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So...what is Firewatch?

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I can tell this is gonna be good.

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Praise the Drew! Junk food and 2 hours of JOKES here I come!

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I'm a Giant Bomb "Field Reporter" now =D

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Sweet chin music!!! This is going to be goooooood!!!!!1!1!1!!!!!1

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It's not a PAX panel unless there are audio issues.

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@gvalo: @djm389:

Oohhh, ok that makes more sense :P, I'm listening this through the crappy built in speakers on my monitor so it sounded like downright booing to me.

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I always had my suspicions that Drew was a Russian sleeper agent.

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@gvalo: I was saying Scoops-Urns...

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Thanks for getting this up so quickly, Drew.

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the bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz isn't fun.

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Oh god, this Gamebomb.ru bit is fucking incredible.

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@drewbert thanks a lot Drew ! Now you can get to playing more of Metal Gear. :)

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@mistzero: i thought my speakers where broke :P

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Why not throw an EQ on the audio to try and get rid of the buzzing?

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Couple gifs because... why not? =D

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That prank was such a good bit. And @patbaer makes a good handler for that big ol' oaf of a bear, too!

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Comrade Drake: On behalf of chairman and mother Russia please except this case of vodka for job well done. Поздравляю!

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Man, that looked like Alex caught that kick in the face pretty fucking hard. @danryckert is cold blooded.

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Dat Game Bomb 'bit' was inspired.

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Holy shit, this panel is going to be hard to top.

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Hooray for this being a thing I can watch! I am sure the audio is as good as its gonna get or else D-Scan never would have put it up.

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@drewbert: No worries about the buzz, Drew, it's very tolerable and we understand :)

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The sound gets better 7 minutes in, also everyone should check out Drew's comment in this comment section!

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Watching this until the end of time. Also, rough ride at the Rumble, Samit. Haha. You deserved better.

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Get fucked, boicheck.

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Okay, I think I got it guys.


*mic drop*

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What a panel, what a panel.
Seriously good stuff, thank you.

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Um, guys the new Giant Bomb reviews editor seems kinda intense....I'm scared.

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Fantastic panel, and probably the best line of audience questions I've ever seen out of these events.

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Sound quality D:

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pretty upset no one started chanting "e-c-dub!" during the ending sequence

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Wow that was awesome. Shout out to Drew the editing machine for getting this video up so quick.

Dan has a sweet super kick.


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That was amazing.


I want a response from Gamebomb.ru. I want to see what their version of being bought by american capitalist overlords looks like. GB road trip to Russia?

The Q and A questions were really good and Jeff was impassioned in his answers.

And holy shit Dan Ryckert has a good kick on him.

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Wow, that Game Bomb bit. WOW. Unreal.