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This was so good, thanks for putting it up!

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Great panel, excellent work from everyone involved!

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Great panel, a ton of really interesting stuff. Jason and Mary continue to be great every time they get to show up on camera.

And somehow it still manages to surprise me what a fantastic speaker Vinny is. Miss having him on the podcast so much. Dude effortlessly elevates any piece of content that he's in without needing to be the center of attention.

This... Just more Vinny in everything

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Kinda wondering what cameras gb and gbeast are rolling with at the moment... Is that info out there somewhere? It sounded like Vinny was having a rough time getting cameras to work with the new setup, I'm just wondering where he landed with that choice.

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@kyle: Honestly, I mean this in the best possible way, I am very glad you didn't. This is probably one of the best Q&A sessions in a PAX panel I've ever seen and I think it's largely because the the people asking the question didn't try and make it about them.

Keep up the great work with the channel though.

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Top stuff

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All gather at papa vinny's feet for technical storytime. Love this.

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Awesome panel, always super interesting hearing about the trials and tribulations of the tech crew. Feel free to do more videos along the lines of cable winding techniques or the nuts-o Punch-out setup!

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I didn't know Murray had video production cred. Neat.

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Great panel! So informative and love everybody on that panel.

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So good. Also, that may have been the single best Q&A segment I've seen from a PAX panel in 5 years of watching them. Why can't these well-adjusted question askers show up to the GB panels?

Because awkwardly asking about ethics and endurance runs and trying to "do a bit" is apparently more important than asking interesting questions. And that is really depressing.

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This was a really nice, fun and informative panel. I'm almost shocked.

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Love the fact that when Vinny starts talking Mary breaks open the notebook and pen to take notes from the veteran, shows a willingness to learn and just be like 'Hey, if some good tips and info comes out of this I want to benefit off this too to take this into my everyday working life.'

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@vinny said:

@fontelroy said:

@vinny said:

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Warning - I have barely any idea what I'm talking about - Warning- but I still think they're over complicating their studio setup and you can get 1080p 60 fps recording and streaming including all the additional features Vinny mentioned with consumer grade equipment.

It's one of those things that on paper I think totally sounds doable and not all that complicated but I will always trust people with years and years of experience when they tell me that no it's actually a total pain in the ass on every front.

Like Vinny said, if you are doing this with one web-camera, mic and capture kit - it is easy. But add more to that and you have things like potential audio sync issues, framerates not matching up and signal delay.

Edit: But now that I think about it, does GBeast really need more than capture kit, two mics and mixer for what they are doing?

For QLs you really don't need much more than that. You still have to extract your gameplay audio and mix it back into your vocal audio and then mix that back into your video. Could do it all in post if you want. This is not far off from what we were doing in NY when we first started recording.

When talking about 1080p 60 the part that many people forget about is data rate. 1080 is the resolution or size. 60p is the framerate or speed. Lastly, you need to set how much information or data you'll be recording each frame. The less data the crappier the picture. So you can easily achieve 1080p 60 with a low data rate. 720p 60 with that same data rate will look better. Put your data rate too high and nobody can stream it. Put it too low and it looks like garbage. With a large audience you have to split the difference to give the most people the best experience. Most consumer 1080p 60 stuff is compressed to high heaven so that the data rates are small. At that point USB can carry the signal and hard drives can write it. As you dial down the compression for a cleaner signal you need higher bandwidth cabling to carry the signal and faster recording devices. It all depends on your needs.

We've always kept very high resolution masters of our recordings so that as consumer bandwidth gets cheaper we could (in theory) re-encode our library and offer better quality versions. It's something that is expensive though, so each year I make the judgment call. Video and tech is a moving target, but gear can be very expensive and that makes pivoting very hard. If we suddenly said everything must be 1080p 60 today we would have to sideline about 80K worth of equipment that doesn't support that format (cameras, switchers, converters).

So yeah. video games.

I totally understand where you're coming from, but when an elgato hd60 "can record 1080p 60fps video up to 40Mbps" for $180 it seems like there's an easier and cheaper way. I'll happily continue to support Giantbomb based on the content of the videos, but I'd most certainly say that videos on youtube at 1080p 60 look much better than giantbomb's 720p 60 at 4000kps, which is the highest fidelity file available to your end user.

Eh, some of those YouTube videos look like garbage, but not all of them. We actually use an elgato to record our footage in NY and 9/10 that's the .mp4 you view on the site. That gets recorded at 16Mb/s. We usually just use whatever the best option is for recording, and don't buy more expensive stuff unless we have to.

I thought our downloads were at a higher rate? That stuff just comes down to cost and how much bandwidth can we afford. I don't make those specs for final deliverables. If I could, I would allow people to download our 120Mb/s recordings but then we'd probably have to charge $400 per premium subscription. It's an odd problem of scale and, of course, money.

Interesting... I wonder what a test upload to youtube @ 1080p 60fps 16 Mb/s of a pc or ps4 game with that elgato would look like.... :D

Also, maybe there could be a 2nd tier membership option for crazy videophiles like myself who would be willing to pay for the higher bitrate.

Anywho, I know this is a really esoteric thing to get all worked up about and at the end of the day it's about the candy and not the wrapper!

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Great was looking forward to this. Thanks GB.

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Thanks for posting this! Such a great panel!

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Thank you for recording and posting this! This is the most interesting panel, to me, posted on this site in a very long time.

Speaking of which, there used to be a production and business premium podcast here on GB with Dave and Vinny and rotating others that I really enjoyed. I wish you guys would bring that back with Jason and Drew or something (automatic sub if you do!). And Vinny on skype on all podcasts ever. Vinny you are missed in audio form! :o

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This was super interesting and fun! Thanks guys!

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Nothing discussed on this panel was relevant to anything I'm ever going to do, but man was this so interesting to watch. Great panel would love to go to one of these sometime. All the behind the scenes video production stuff is always fun to find out about and this makes me wish we could get content with Drew, Jason, and Vinny in it.

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Love the fact that when Vinny starts talking Mary breaks open the notebook and pen to take notes from the veteran, shows a willingness to learn and just be like 'Hey, if some good tips and info comes out of this I want to benefit off this too to take this into my everyday working life.'

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I don't even know what to expect but I'm excited for this. Is this an entire hour of behind the scenes technical talk and cable wrangling? Yes!

EDIT: Very informative with some really interesting stories. Thanks guys.

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Put the pepper grinder on the counter.

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Oh hey, I was the [E] working the audio for this panel.

Glad we actually got your recorder hooked up and it worked.

The audience for this must have been significantly smaller in comparison to something like the GB panel and I find that in other panels or in stream chat, the quality of the comments/questions is more often than not is inversely proportional to the number of people.

This was in Bobcat, which is one of the small(er) theaters. We hit our soft cap on the line pretty early.

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Awesome, glad this got recorded and put up! Thanks!

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This panel shows I could listen to these folks talk about almost anything. I don't have any video background but would gladly take more of these because hearing folks discuss something they have both passion for and traumatizing experiences with is fascinating.

Haven't reached the QA portion but from the comments I can't wait to hear it. Something that isn't cringe inducing is extremely welcome. Also, I know its selfish and unlikely for them to join full-time but if Mary and Danny were in considerably more GB content I would be very happy.

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@polishhill: Danny's already in a ton of stuff, but yeah they should get Mary on way more often. Bring her on for a Bombcast.

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What happens when DisplayPort taks HDMI's standrard. 8I

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I use headphones all the time and the eating doesn't really bother me. but I listen to ASMR so...

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My God, the people asking questions here are actually...intelligent? They aren't trying to be "part of the show" and they aren't trying to be super funny? Wow. Good job guys. Giant Bomb Q&A is consistently awful. This was a nice change from that.

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Great questions. On-topic, detailed, and of widespread interest. Rarely see such consistency during Q&A sessions, games-related or otherwise.

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Vinny, please show me how the studio sausage is made.

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Finally got to watch it again, I was the guy who filmed it and I was so worried about messing something up that I barely focused on what they were saying. Really good, informative, and fun panel!

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Vinny is so awesome. Smart guy too.

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Listening to this, I kinda miss my days studying video production. That career didn't go anywhere but my interests are still there!

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@neezie said:

Finally got to watch it again, I was the guy who filmed it and I was so worried about messing something up that I barely focused on what they were saying. Really good, informative, and fun panel!

Thanks, man. I ended up making the panel in person, but I know how bummed I would have been had I been one of the people at home who never got a chance to see this.

Did you really just ask them on Twitter if you could record? Did you end up using your own equipment or CBS'? I saw you mention somewhere that you were recording panels anyway, so you were free to help out. You lived my "Courteney Cox getting pulled on stage at the Springsteen concert" fantasy.

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Loved this, thanks guys!

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@absoluterare: I was thinking the same thing about the professional questions.

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I rarely post comments but this was great! The information and quality of Q&A were top notch. Very fascinating stuff. Love this type of content.

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This was very fun to watch. Thanks guys.

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Does Mary lift?

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Man, I love this stuff. It's all a bit over my head, but I understand enough of it that it's totally fascinating. Tons of respect for those guys for making all of this stuff work.