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Posted by TheLegendOfMart

Links are up, thanks Drew!

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I think I'm in love with Alexa. I'M A LONELY MAN DON'T JUDGE ME

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I realized again by watching this video that I have the biggest crush on Zoë.

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In Japan, Destiny is only coming out on Playstation platforms, this is largely in part to the install base for Xbox in Japan. But I also think that Activision had a lot of hand shaking here in the states, as we have heard about EA and Titanfall full exclusivity just costs way too much. By that I mean that looking at how much could have been or would have been made had they released on both systems begins to just look like a massive detriment to the success of a company/original IP. I think that if it wouldn't ave cost quite as much as it did to create Destiny, Activision and Bungie would have made it a Playstation exclusive title, but with a $500 million dollar production cost, they could not afford to make it an exclusive title in the states.

Posted by Mars_Cleric

@criven said:

For all you guys and gals who don't feel like watching holding patterns:

Part 1

Start: 0:00:00

End: 0:45:22

Part 2

Start: 1:07:55

End: 2:05:29

Part 3

Start: 2:28:42

End: 3:17:29

Part 4

Start: 4:00:21

End: 5:06:16

you are doing God's work

I salute you

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Incredible lineup of guests this year and amazing E3 coverage overall. Happy to see so many industry giants, along with interesting people on small indie teams, wanting to come on these silly giantbomb shows. My respect and admiration grew for all the guests this year and my interest in their projects also grew on some level.

I wish Jeff would stop saying E3 doesn't need to exist anymore, because I would wilt without Giantbombs E3 coverage to look forward to each year, their normal shows and quicklooks are great, but nothing can match the exciting atmosphere of E3 and getting to see all these interesting people in the gaming industry chatting with our beloved Giantbomb crew. Each year E3 and giantbombs coverage of it really resparks my interest in games and keeps me fueled for the coming months. E3, and Giantbomb, never die, please.

Posted by Elepaio

Hey Bombcrew --Finally had time to watch alllllll the E3 coverage, and wanted to congratulate everyone on a job very well done. Thanks and total props to Patrick for organizing all the nightly wrap-ups - some incredible gets for the guest list. Totally awesome! Each panel and cast of characters brought a different mix of information and chaos, but it was all the best sorts of crazy. Really appreciate all the guests' time and the GB staff making it all come together. Could have listened to them all talk on games & random stuff for even longer! Mahalo for all your behind-the-scenes stress, sweat, and hard work.

Posted by The_Nubster

Paul Barnett seemed incredibly disinterested and almost disdainful towards some games during his segment. Like, his comments about Ori and the Blind Forest seemed straight-up disrespectful, and he was sort of making a face the whole time.

Did anyone else notice that, or am I just imagining up things in my head?

Posted by Sirrelik

I liked the Ed Boon segment too. Sometimes less is more? The balance between hilarious and chaotic panel filled segments, to just the crew and another industry vet (developer or journalist), are what make these things a joy to watch. Its also a good way to gain insight into this industry for someone who doesn't know much.

Great guests. Great year. Thanks to all the crew.