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Haha...I love the Wii..."Sarcasm"

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Anyone else think Papoutis looks guilty as hell when Brad says, "Thanks for not porting Dead Space?".

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yuck... sorry, you ea guys are just terrible. when do you stop creating "experiences for the consumer" and start making some effing games?! and stop smiling and finding every question interesting, you twat! hideous bloody wanker!

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not a fan of dead space or the wii. so meh..

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Yep, yet another franchise gets dumbed down to the point of an on-rails shooter. Only on the Wii would you find such laziness.

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I hope I can waggle for a foot stomp. These guys made a pretty good game with Dead Space... my fingers are crossed.

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Call me hopeful, but skeptical. Fingers crossed.

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i have faith even though its an on rails shooter which we see all the time on the wii this should be good i thought the original dead space would be a resident evil knockoff which it wasnt so if they suprised me one time im sure they will again

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Yeah, this EA guy is basically a robot.

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What the hell are you talking? Since you apparently live under a rock, look at their EA GB page... they've made a shitton of amazing games this generation.

Dumb kid, get off your soapbox

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Brad is actually wearing something besides a black sweatshirt this time!

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Wii seems a lot like the PSP sometimes too with these sort of....new-games-like-on-the-big-console-but-not-really-and-not-as-good games.

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He sounds like a tool, the game looks like a way for the Dead Space brand to get in on the wii console base.  Maybe it'll be fun, but most probably gimmicky.   Nice to see E.A. still is about capitalizing on brands.

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I still can't get over this being an on-rails shooter. Why?...Just why?

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I can't get over why so many people hate on-rail shooters. i love 'em, ever since a kid in the arcades.

This ain't in an arcade so i guess there's room for some questioning. Though this will be a little more than that.

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Damn, no more beard.

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if i had a wii i would buy this one

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Nice it has Co-op.

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its a rail shooter game......i'm upset about this title

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this guy...sticking to the corporate jab jokes here and there and trying to bring a little light to this dark experience for whatever reason.  He was just doing his job I know so...im still gonna remain optimistic about this game.

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Wait this is a on-rail shooters?  wat

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Way to dodge the on-rails issue, I'm assuming it was off the table to discuss since you guys wouldn't bend over for corporate cock.  Aside from that the game is what it is and I admit to have enjoyed an on-rail game or two in the past so I'll hope for the best and see how it fares.

I am concerned with the "glow worm" thing.  It sounds awfully similar to the dreaded flashlight from Doom 3.

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Sounds good enough for me

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Sounds like it could be good.

Here's hoping.

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kool look alright

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Devs please stop saying that the Wii is powerful it's just sad .

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I fear that the controls will be nothing better than horrible...

Had hoped that the Se/prequel would be on the 360 :P