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Yeah, son!

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An interview on Alex! woot!

Also, Can't wait for Rock Band: The Beatles 
Posted by Serker

That was the most unprofessional interview I've ever seen.

Posted by FallopianTube

Im loving these interviews. Giantbomb coverage of E3 has been great.

Posted by LinuxScouser

Man, Alex really is a total jerk. :P

I really love the look of The Beatles: Rock Band. Also being from Liverpool I have a certain sense of pride of this band being from Liverpool. I can't wait to get a hold of it.

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Mustache technology is still years behind what it should be.

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Hell yeah, I'm definitely looking forward to this!

Posted by Duke_Lion

This is the best e3 interview, PERIOD!

Posted by Rhaknar

Rock Band: WWE Entrance Themes NOW! DO IT NAVARRO!

Posted by MechaMonkey

I'm hoping Tomorrow Never Knows will be in the game. Otherwise I'm sending Mr. Navarro some real nasty letters :-p j/k.

Best part was Jeff's eyes at the end of the video. Hilarious.

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John Drake is an adorable man-child.

And it's always fun to see "the old school" together just messing around.

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Further proof of why Giant Bomb is the greatest gaming website of all time.

Posted by DBoy
@Rhaknar said:
" Rock Band: WWE Entrance Themes NOW! DO IT NAVARRO! "
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Hahahaha, that ending was classic.

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"I don't think we've made any announcements regarding what our future plans for Rock Band titles are at this time" haha, these types of videos are the best

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I don't even care about Rock Band and this interview was still awesome.

This is the only site I've ever visited that I'll actually watch interviews for games I have no damn interest in and still enjoy it. Congrats Giant Bomb.

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Someone needs to corner Harmonix on the lack of a left-handed bass controversy that I'm blowing way out of proportion.

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@Crispy said:
"John Drake is an adorable man-child.And it's always fun to see "the old school" together just messing around."

Amen!!! Ah man, I love those guys.
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That final zoom on Jeff's face was so funny.

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hahaha cool interview

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Drake and Jeff just let loose on Alex, funny stuff. Game looks great as well.

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hahaha, lovin' these e3 videos!

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best fake interview ever, son...

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Yeah seriously, I thoroughly enjoyed this interview! It was very funny and you could definitly tell they had a lot of fun. Ahh, good ol' GiantBomb.

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Fuckin-a, I love this god damn website.

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I cant wait for rock band: Beatles...................... shit,
I meant The Beatles: Rock Band

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"Hey!  What's this for? You guys---  am I gonna be on the T.V.?"

You, my friend Ryan Davis, are the numba one stunna.

This website's awesomeness is beyond explanation.

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Best freaking interview of all time. Period. End debate. Stop. Stop debating. Yes. No. Maybe. Best.

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You guys are so fuckin funny... haha.

"..completely worthless as a human being.." just killed me.
Posted by Spiritof

All kidding aside, I've been avoiding the Rock Band/Guitar Hero stuff like the plague since Guitar Hero III, but Beatles: Rock Band: Beatles really does look like an absolute ton of fun. Songs that everybody knows on top of being really fun/easy songs to play. This might be the game that will force me into converting my living room into peripheral heaven.

Posted by Fei

This is why this page is my homepage

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So where (and who) is that cute Asian chick that was doing the vocals during the press conference?

Posted by kboy

I'm feeling hella nostalgic.

"...the Eggman song."

"I am the Walrus." x 3


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Was it me or did Alex make a subtle Big Lebowski reference with the I am the Walrus repitition?

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aw man i miss Alex! good to see he's doing well.

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Its fun to watch the ol' gamespot crew. Reminds me of On The Spot through 2005-2007.

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"Continue mustache technology GO!"  lol

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Am I missing something? Why is everyone saying that Alex was a jerk? He seemed like he was just being old friends with Jeff, or...?  I'm so confused. Can someone explain to me, and at what point, when Alex said something Jerky?

Posted by DrLove
@Colonel_Fury:  BEst gaming show ever.. Greg, Alex, Jeff, Carrie, Rich.. man i miss those days..
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Who wears shorts?!?!

Posted by Sephiroth9997

I was hoping Alex was the one drumming at the Microsoft Press Conference.  Would have made it so much better <3

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Good lord, this video cracked me up.

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Yes, son! Gah, love these guys!

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Man... I love you guys. In a totally bromance fist bump kind of way.

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That was so great. Mustache technology go!

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What the fuck is this shit? 

I'm leaving this site and never coming back. 
Have a little decency guys...sheesh. 

Good Bye!
Posted by Wright

alex navarro is like jesus in a ziplock bag.

Posted by Lotan

Every time I see Alex all i can think about is how many controllers he has stuffed down his pants.