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Still luv the wrestling!

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Andre is fucking huge!!!!

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Old WWF was awesome.  The new WWE sucks imo.

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I want a Jeff trophy. Who wants to make a dev studio with me? \o/

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I looved Old wrestling, I used to watch it as a kid growing up but i gave up on it around 15 because it started to get a little too....serious?  I dunno something about it just didn't seam fun anymore.

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I wasn't all that interested until he mentioned the Arcade style controls. I would love to have an updated version of WWF-Wrestlmania or WWF-In Your House. I'll definently have to check this out.

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No Macho Man, No sale.
No Macho Man, No sale.
No Macho Man, No sale.
No Macho Man, No sale.

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haha nice vids out today

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old skool wrestling from the 90's is still the best!!! and Ultimate Warrior was the man, even tho now he is a crackpot....... i like the wrestlemania tour mode, and reliving the famous matches and seeing the videos... they still need more matches tho and more wrestles from the past..... and get rid of triple H, i hate that dude!!

PS nice hair jeff

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Macho Man... who?

Yea, nice attempt to play it off. It sucks he's not in, but anyone familiar with WWE knows why he's not in. And it has nothing to do with legal I would be willing to bet.

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How many Undertaker costumes made the cut?

I'm not too bothered about the American Bad Ass onwards, but I would like:

  • Original
  • Original (Purple)
  • "Phenom"/Evil
  • Ministry

No Kane? At all? He's been in two notable WMs against Taker.
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I know why Randy Savage isnt in the game. It is because he had sex with Stephanie when she was 14.

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Macho Man ain't in it because of one thing and one thing only... Vincent McMahon... Dude hates Savage and Savage hates Vince.

I however like to believe that the millions... and millions... of wrestling fans just aren't ready to "Git with tha Madness... OOOOOOOH YEEEAAAHHH !"

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played the demo...like it...might pick it up

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i got to be honest. until they fix the controls i wont play a wrestling game.

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Well you should be proud to get away from that WWE. Giantbomb is wayyyy better than TNA fyi

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You put me against the wall man!

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This game is not that bad actually! ...i know it's not the best, BUT i had great fun with the demo

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That Jeff award is awesome!

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Slicked hair is new

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Someone beat me to the "I'm not talkin'."

Nice interview, however.