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Posted by CrazedJoker

All I have to say is, YES! Please spend your time to make sure this is not like "Clive Barker's Jericho." If this turns out like I hope it will be the greatest game of it's kind. And... Since everyone does it... I got the first comment!

Posted by Rodiard

There's a lot of potential here.  It's nice to see EA continue the trend started with Mirror's Edge and Dead Space of more original games and less rehashed, recycled properties.  Although I can't help but think that there will be some God of War-esque gameplay (the brief cutscene hinted at that). 

Edited by Razor

Game sounds awesome, I can't wait.  I just luv God of War/Fable 2 fighting mechanics with an AWESOME STORY LINE/SCRIPT.

-THX MR.KNIGHT for not rushing YOUR game in 09, take as much time as needed.

Posted by PapaLazarou

I'm glad when he said they arn't trying to get it done for christmas because it shows that it wont end up being rushed with missing or cut features due to time. Just hope they do a good PC port.

Posted by papercut

The character looks more appealing then it did in the VGA trailer

Brad could also use some more piazzas is his interviews

Posted by clarke0

The 9 levels of hell setting sounds like it could be great. I love weird monsters and demons and stuff so I think I'll keep an eye on this one.

Posted by Mister_Snig

Black heaaaaaaaaarts
Black voiiiiiiiceeeeeees

...okay, I'll stop.

Posted by Synister_Gamer

Sounds really awesome! Great interview!

And thanks for not rushing it EA :D I'm liking you more and more here recently.
Posted by Shadow

WHAT!?  You mean this doesn't take place after the end of Devil May Cry 2 when Dante rides his motorcycle into hell!?  Oh what ever.  Calling it now:  2 start

Posted by GioVANNI

Eh, I do kind of find it a little insulting...

Posted by scurrybot

this looks really, really interesting.  the plot, art design and setting are perfect. probably the game im looking foreward to hearing more about the most right now.

Posted by Eric_Buck

EA's doing really well so this should be good...

Posted by Hairydutchman

I don't know anything about the poem, so I just hope for a kickass game.

Posted by PowerSerj

After Playing Dead Space, I have high opes for this release.

Also, what was the song playing in the background through most of the interview?

Posted by Kohe321

Looks amazing...

Posted by delicious_lie

oh god
that game looks so good

Posted by Derios

That song, i believe, is a new midnight brown song which Jeff hinted at on the gamespot forums a while back. It's sounds great.

Posted by Duckbutter

Brad is so corny with his jokes. cool guy though, when he's not wussin out of drink tests.

Posted by Media_Master

sounds good

Posted by RHCPfan24

I am very intrigued with this.  EA seems to be on the right track.

Posted by Kinarion

Did he just say Dante invented  the 7 deadly sins?

Posted by dagas

So kind of God of War gameplay meets DIablo 2 setting. Sounds awesome, much will depend on the controls and gameplay though. They have to make sure the hacking and slashing doesn't become too repetetive.

Posted by MKO619

hey in the backround u can hear Midnight Browns amazing song "FFF". Its great to hear more Midnight Brown on giant gomb

Posted by turbomonkey138

this game looks ok but ive learnt over the years not to get my hopes up

Posted by BlackIrish05

Wow this made me really intrested.

Posted by byongping_suzahulu

dantes infuckno hell yea bitch
the fact that barlowe is involved is good
although the main character is lookin pretty shitty