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Posted by P45K4L

Jeff all i want to see on the site is some kind of video contests =]] i want to win another copy of MK Armageddon in Mk scream it contest lol...Respect to all u guyz

Posted by FCKSNAP

Thank you guys for putting this stuff up, never leave the rest of us out!

Posted by sociald1077

This was an awesome panel to see in person. Best panel at PAX, with Will Wheaton pulling in a close second.

Posted by DualReaver



Posted by AttackedCamo

Thanks for posting all this up!

Posted by Ryan_


Posted by Cubez

Appreciate you guys putting this up, nice to see old faces again and I hope there is a 09 reunion.


Posted by JazGalaxy

I remember watching On The Spot one day and thinking "they did it. They went and made the first videogame show that was actually good. now it can only go down". a few weeks after that rich left and then the Jeff thing happened.

I really think if htey got back together and took the show to Revision 3 or something, they could be the most popular games show ever.

Posted by VashTS

Amazing suff guys.  You are the REAL INTERNET HEROS!!!!

Posted by LCad

Augh.  Fucking Rickroll bullshit.

Posted by MattBodega


Posted by bigmini77

Great panel guys, thanks for posting all this up!!!!!

Posted by elko84

awesome panel.  great job.

Posted by Cribba

Awesome panel indeed, only one missing was Greg K :)

Posted by AttomicPunk

i was THERE bitches.
aaand my best friend did the rick roll.
fuck i was waiting for them to release this.

Posted by fasteddie

that. was. awesome.

Posted by marbleCmoney

Awesome panel, glad you guys posted this up for everyone who wasn't at PAX.
Really hoping to see another one at PAX '09.

Posted by CurtisManCannon

That was great to see, too bad Bob and Carrie and Greg and Tor couldn't be up there. 

Posted by SM2099

*CLAP* *CLAP* *CLAP* Awsome, Im there for 2009 all the way from Lima.

Although, I am very pissed that Vinny didn't get enough air time. What no one can ask about  a AV part of a website or video game press in general?

Posted by MeatSim

"now let's head to the streets and destroy everything!!"

Posted by reflekshun

Bam that was the bomb, awesome stuff

Posted by BrainSpecialist


Posted by RagingLion

Thank you so much to listening to everyone and filming this for us so we could see it.  So so good to see all you guys together again.

Posted by darianw

Thanks for putting this together. Let's hope next year you can get a bigger theater. ;)

Posted by mrfluke

must be harsh when brenden heard that the dude stop listening to the hotspot

Posted by imHunt

THIS...was awesome. Rich was great to see back in action. To me, the Dream Team will always be Rich, the Giant Bomb team, Greg Kasavin, and even Jason Ocampo. Get them all together and I won't ever leave this website.

Posted by Sanj


Posted by John

I would have paid to be there, srly, you guys kick some ass.

Posted by PLWolf

That was great, guys. Thanks for putting it up for us all to enjoy.
I too fall for RickRolled everytime, just because I enjoy the song. The 80's, they were great times.

Posted by Berkie

Thanks for giving us this gift of a video.

Posted by Davin

That rickroll was weak man.

Posted by Cook66

Jeff, you need to frame that shirt with a poster sized version of the legendary comic and hang it next to luchadeer!

Posted by mawfu

Great panel guys. Bravo

Posted by BlackHawk3422


Posted by s0ck

simply the best gaming website on the internet,honnest opinions and amazing personalities.Thank you for creating giant bomb.You guys are all awsome! long live the giant bomb!!

Posted by Godzilla_Sushi

You guys should write a book on a specific console and have notes on each of the games that was released with your thoughts.

Or write a book....


Posted by Takumi

Love this site,

Posted by zityz

awesome panel, good to hear personal thoughts and that whole thing was funny.

Posted by eddie

ah the internet lets hope we can keep it

Posted by MOLE

I think Ryan Davis had a little too many to drink...

Posted by krochisy

Awesome loved this

Posted by joslop500

that was awesome

Posted by Jotun

Seriously people, let this rickroll shit die. It's getting a bit old.

Posted by pain777pas

Great, so you have the best gamesite on the net!!!!! Good for all of you!!!!!!!!! Geeze another great vid!!!!!!!! What to do?

Posted by airfors1

Jeff mentioned another website and highly recommended it. I kept replaying the video to go check it out. It sounded like he said 'Destructor.' Anyone have a clue what site he was talking about. He said at the time no company wanted to have anything to do with it cuz they were craaaazzyyy!!! Anyone have any idea? Thanks.

Posted by Osiris

Sweet guys, just awsome :) Keep up the awesome work!

Posted by Osiris

Sweet guys, just awsome :) Keep up the awesome work!

Posted by Duck44

Yeah....all in all - AWSOME.

Keep doin what your doin !!

Posted by HiroSeven
Posted by SpikeDelight

A great conclusion to a great panel. Thank you, Giant Bomb for giving the world the greatest gaming website and internet community ever established.

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