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Oh man, I remember playing this game for 2 months and stopping. Has it been 10 years???

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What?! Everyone knows WoW was the first MMORPG ever created! /sarcasm

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sweet lol i played this game for like a year then i quit when it started ruining my life. now my life is ruined agian because of wow

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They incorrectly labeled the Plane of Fear as the Plane of Hate. ;)

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"More than 3000 of these items have never been discovered by players".

Now that's interesting.

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Hmm, 3,000 items never discovered by players.  That's pretty crazy.

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That is a very cool video.

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Ha.. It's suppose to be like the "Where The Hell Is Matt" videos.

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Never played it, but cool!

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Everquest was awesome when it was new.  It was completely downhill from Luclin onwards.  Disappointed they didn't show any of the old graphics in the video, when the game was good, y'know.  Guess that's what I have EQEmu for.

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Never played it, and I probably never will. But I suspect that I would have loved it to death. (Like I did with wow for a couple of years.)

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I'll never forget going into my fraternity brother's apartment and seeing him play Everquest.  That started me on MMO's for a long long time.  Hell, my mom's still playing EQ (2)

Man, anyone remember the epic zone clearing trains in such places as Mistmore and Crushbone?

Wow.  Brings back a ton of memories.  in many ways WoW is much better than EQ, but I have much more fonder memories of EQ.

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kudos for the 90's music that was tossed in there as well.

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That was a pretty sweet video, in more than one sense. If I had played Everquest way back when I'm sure I would have loved it.

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I guess Everquest really brought the MMO genre to the masses in a way that ultima online was unable to do. But I really don't care. These kinds of games don't interest me.

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I guess Everquest really brought the MMO genre to the masses in a way that ultima online was unable to do. But I really don't care. These kinds of games don't interest me.

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I could put a WoW reference in here and talk shit about player numbers, but as someone that played EQ back when it launched and watching the video, I'll just give a nod to a game that has lasted 10 years and offered so much to the people that stuck around.


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Yea 10 years of me never touching a single Everquest game.

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Very clever parody of that youtube video.

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man, I never played Everquest. Probably never will, MMORPGs are not my thing.

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Heartwarming, as an older EQ player. An enormous sense of nostalgia all in a two minute video.


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Hell, when they put out an expansion every six months, of COURSE there are over 3,000 items still undiscovered!!!

Either way, as much as anyone can hate on EQ...the fact that it has lasted 10 years on madly dated graphics and some 13 expansions says something about the level of service and attachment for the game.  Many games can't claim the same thing.

Good job, SOE.
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Qeynos is Sony EQ spelled backwards.  Son of a gun.  10 years later and I had never realized that until now.  Lol.

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DING, 10!

Holy crap nearly 3000 yet-to-be-discovered uniques in a game that is 10 years old?  Insane.  I realize that those items may be scattered throughout their many expansions that were all released at varying points in time, but still... 3,000 undiscovered uniques?  Crazy!!!

It's crazy because I find myself enjoying WoW more than I (think) I ever enjoyed EQ, but the funny thing is... I have many more memories of EQ than I do of WoW.  I think it has a lot to do with the pacing.  In EverQuest, a lot of times, you were damn near forced to play with other players, to find players out there to help you with this, to help you with that; with WoW, you can solo from level 1 to 80, any class, no problems.

I started playing EverQuest vanilla and bought Ruins of Kunark then Shadows of Luclin.  I started out as an Erudite Necromancer, after getting killed nearly everywhere I went, I remade a Barbarian Warrior, more my pace as I was only 11 at the time and never played a game like EQ before (had any of us?) so I went with a less advanced character.  When Ruins of Kunark launched, I made an Iksar monk and never looked back.  The game was awesome but that era is over.

Cool video.

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3000 does seem to be a huge number of undiscovered items. I have to wonder if the drop rates are too scarce or maybe bugged. I mean, 3000??

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Never did play it, but that was a nice little video and tour of the game. Some somewhat interesting factoids as well.

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I forgot who said it, but some game critic said that some games make you feel almost nostalgic about it even if you never played it.

This video kind of feels like that. Or maybe it just makes me recall older MMOs I played. I have quite a few memories of other MMOs.

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A mom's basement joke? Really? Aren't the GB crew usually the ones who look down upon played out and tired jokes?

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Great game, only online game I've ever liked.

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3000 items have never been discovered by players? what could they be? I wonder I wonder.....

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The dancing "Mini-Me" dude creeps me out.

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Nice video, brings back lots of memories.  Started my wizard on March 17th of '99 and played up until Planes of Power.  By then most of my guild and friends had moved on, but man those were some great times. 

After moving there from Ultima Online, it was quite a change of pace.  Ah, the good old days...

Grats SOE on 10 years!
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The World of Warcraft - Thanks for 25 Great Years!!!

The Blizzard Team...

Ohhh, I'm so glad I quit !!!!

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Got a free game with a magazine back in 03 or 04, played a mittle, but even back then the graphics were just horrible and I've never been an MMO-guy so stopped playing pretty soon. EQ is probably the only MMO from the 90's still going strong, or maybe Ultima Online is still doing great, I have no idea.

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Great game. I'm glad so many people look back on it with fond memories. 

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Sounds like they are gearing up for 3. 

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12 million charactersOMG!

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dude, more than 3000 of those items have never been discovered?!

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Keep on dancing.

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Never even played it.

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Looks old

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is it just me or is there an ad with this song?