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This is kind of dumb...

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But can it correctly model and animate that sweet pony tail?

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@DVombatus said:

This is kind of dumb...

Why.. RPrs will love this..

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A game dev with a ponytail... Nah never would have guessed it.

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There better be a Quick Look!

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The fuck?

Posted by Rudy

Please say this isn't real.

Posted by Milkman

I'm not sure what's more disturbing this guy's face or the fact that people are still playing EverQuest.

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This just looks bad and that guy was way too excited for this.

I'd be way more excited if he did something like this:

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This is brilliant for roleplayers IF it works, I however am not a roleplayer, so I don't really care, I do find it interesting though.

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This is probably the closest we've gotten to MMO technology seen in .hack

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Jesus. It's so depressing that he seems genuinely excited about this. The face tracking is sort of neat but.. oh man, EverQuest 2..

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I'm surprised EverQuest 2 is still getting updates.

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@viiral said:

@DVombatus said:

This is kind of dumb...

Why.. RPrs will love this..

That's true. But you have to admit that the voice modulation sounded a little rough.

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Dude..April 1st was two months ago. 

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O_O Fuck this shit.

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@Milkman: This is for Everquest 2.
However, your comment still stands.
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Ball's in your court, Kinect... I guess...

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This is one of the best things out there on the internet. This and Tokyo Jungle.

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Everquest is still a thing?

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1. I refuse to believe people still play Everquest 2

2. I refuse to believe this exists.

3. Actually, I kind of hope it does, just for the hilarious trolling montages you could make on youtube.

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For anyone that is wondering that is a Froglok.

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I'm so happy this is a thing, it's pretty magical.

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@viiral said:

@DVombatus said:

This is kind of dumb...

Why.. RPrs will love this..

I can see the niche appeal, it actually reminds me of Ready Player One's MMO in a really primitive way.

Still; oh god what was that frog doing

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I think this is great. I don't even play an MMO at the moment, but I like the idea of it. I think it would be most fun in co-op games with friends, just to mess around.

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You can always tell what headlines Alex writes.

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I think this is cool for some people. I'm not one of them, but this seems like a fantastic idea for heavy role players. I would hope that the elves have a little more success with mouth animations than that frog-man. Having your mouth hang open while you play would be pretty dumb looking. Nodding/shaking your head in response to questions seems to be a good case for instantaneous feedback.

"I'm going to kill the ogre that's way higher level than us!" *shake shake shake shake shake head from entire party*

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I can't stop laughing. Is this some kind of joke? Because if not, the guy shouldn't have had this face while explaining his shit. He just looks like he's trolling everyone.

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This is a joke right?

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For some reason this reminds me of the laser tag at the Ubisoft conference.

Also this sounds like the dude is desperate to get the message out and locked the doors to get to his office while Sony was busy trying to stop him from sending out this video.

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@BlazeHedgehog said:

You can always tell what headlines Alex writes.

It doesn't mean they are inaccurate in this case though, haha.


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Someone out there is playing EverQuest 2... Let that freak your mind!

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And let it be known amongst all of the land: 6/1/2012 was the day furries finally gained the ability to properly YIFF at their computers.

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This is super weird.

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Man I'm sure that guy is nice and all but he creeped me the fuck out in that video.

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This is the real reason Curt Schilling lost forty pounds....too soon?

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thats actually pretty neat

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@Bboboo said:

For anyone that is wondering that is a Froglok.

Believe me, the only people who care already know.

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Well, I already had 99 reasons not to play Everquest 2. What's one more?

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what in the fuck?
I refuse to believe this is real.

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The voice stuff sounds rough, yeah, but I thought the face tracking looked really good until he started talking and the mouth started flapping.

I think it's kind of nice to see this guy so enthusiastic about it, though. Couldn't help but smile. Hopefully with a little polish, it'll turn out pretty cool for any real roleplayers still hanging around in EQ 2.

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this guy is creepy excited about this

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For all the negativity, EQ2 had a lot going for it. It had a deep player housing system, good character customization, and pretty good battle mechanics too. Now, it's aged horribly, and I quit it years ago, but I'm not surprised people stuck with it. This, however - well, I think it reflects exactly how seriously SOE is taking its EQ franchise anymore.

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I should probably play an Everquest game at some point in my life. This isn't making it any easier.