Posted by BIGT468

looks good
Posted by scarace360

so shes a lady ?

Posted by FluxWaveZ

It's so weird that the game will take place over a single night.  I'm really excited for this.

Posted by MisterMouse

still seems like a really cool game.

Posted by Imbalance

Looks like more and more fun every time I see it.

Posted by b33

you are already dead.

Posted by fillmoejoe

Face down, ass up what a horrible way to die. 
"Yo, baby how's it going?"

Posted by m2cks

"Get Down!" 
I really hope there will be more Disco jokes in this game. Stoked.
Posted by El_Derrico

I'm so disappointed the guy doesn't rhyme like Disco Stu.

Posted by OriginalGman

Let's hope Funky Student and Young Detective also make appearances.

Posted by doe3879

I when O_O when I saw that the moment I start the video
though it was ad here

Posted by buhssuht

damn it capcom, stop teasing with trailers and just release the game already

Posted by ashogo

They're really ramping up the marketing for this game.

Posted by Crono

The guy with the bird for a hat intrigues me.

Posted by jim_dandy

The intro to this video was annoying as fuck.

Posted by RJPelonia

This got me thinking. Maybe Giant Bomb should also have their Best of E3 Awards. Then we could see a lot more Golden Luchadeers prior to trailers.
In regards to the game, totally looking forward to it.

Posted by inkwolf

Wow, the character animation is fantastic.  I'm impressed.

Posted by LordKorax

"Time matches on in real time..." 
Yeah, that sentence isn't awkward at all.

Posted by Pink_o_mat

I hope some of the trailer music is actually in the game!

Posted by wonderhare
@OriginalGman:  What about Mysterious Fox??
Posted by MrCellophane

Hey, nice chiptunes

Posted by kollay

Where is the Giant Bomb's Best DS Game Nominee?

Posted by MeatSim

Elvis decided to solve crimes I see.

Posted by Jack_Lafayette