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More potential Adobe Acrobat documents in the making..

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Aw yeah simulation

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The world could use more Drew.

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25 minutes in... "Phantasmagoria pod"

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Is there kill streaks?

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@theedangle said:

The world could use more Drew.

As well as Vinny and Dave.

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DCS is the best!

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I feel like Drew would have read this script in a more excited tone.

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Now playing: Theme from SU-25T Frogfoot

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This will make for some amazing QL's and Flightclub! Can't wait!

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Awww yeah. Future flight club content.

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Can't tell you how happy it makes me to see this on a site other than SimHQ and other Sim-only websites. Awesome! Can't wait to see the flight club take to the skies in the Focke Wulf 190!

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Now this is a BIG ASS non-QL

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I cant believe I watched the whole thing.

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Phantasmagoria Pod

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My god they are ambitious, good on them!

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Might consider buying some of these games if they ever drop StarForce.

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This has Drew written all over it. It could be the last "game" he ever could need.

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God, so awesome. This is quickly becoming the game I never really wanted to play, but always wished would exist when I was a kid. I hope this franchise meet with great success so they can keep building on it for a long, long time to come. I'll always enjoy watching it, at the very least!

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Drew is gonna have a lot of PDF's to make. Damn this video is long though.

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dcs world endurance run!!!!!!!!!

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I may be seeing this wrong, and I hope I am, but to me this reads a lot like Eagle Dynamics are in trouble. What started out as a hard core suite of study sims by industry vets has become a pretty much incomprehensible mess of third party modules (of quality yet to be determined) with little unifying vision.

You need to know that the nevada map was supposed to be available years ago, the netcode is a nightmare, crashing every player on a server if the game crashes for any one player, and that the difference in simulation quality might as well make every plane its own game altogether, yet they present it as "free to play" when in actuality it is probably the most expensive game you can get your ass into.

As for multiplayer I still feel weird about pitting study sim pilots against survey simmers. It's kind of like allowing autoaim on a quake server or something.

I dunno. It seems like they are flooding the game with content with little regard for consistency, rushing out the game as free to play when the core engine is still swimming in very serious problems.

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Am I imagining it? Or does the guy sound a bit like Whill Wheaton?

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You can see the legs of the pilot! REVOLUTIONARY

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@Sunjammer: That's a shame to hear. I had my hopes that DCS World would go from strength to strength with new modules, but if there are some fundamental problems with it then they should really work those out first, and get some sort of quality control in there.

I recently finished reading the Warthog book and it was pretty cool, so I'm looking forward to digging into the A10-C module (which still sounds like great fun)!

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God, yes! YES!!

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@Antipunk217 said:

I feel like Drew would have read this script in a more excited tone.

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I love that this video is totally relevant to be posted on Giantbomb.

@BD_Mr_Bubbles said:

@Antipunk217 said:

I feel like Drew would have read this script in a more excited tone.

I concur.

And for those not following Drew on Twitter, he posted his "cheat sheet" PDF's on the DCS forums.

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Our continuing mission: to esoterically go where (almost) no one has gone before!

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Man, this takes me back to my childhood spent playing A10 Cuba and F/A-18 Korea on my dads Mac. Good times.

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@DJ_Lars said:

Man, this takes me back to my childhood spent playing A10 Cuba and F/A-18 Korea on my dads Mac. Good times.

Man, I wish the PC version of A-10 Cuba! was as good as I heard the Mac version was. It's still a great simulator, but didn't the Mac version also have a full on strategy game and mission editor? In the PC version you could only play through a campaign of preset missions.

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That Helicopter at the start is totally flying backwards.

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Cool to see that they are still updating their old Lock On: Modern Air Combat/Flaming Cliffs and are integrating that into the larger DCS World.

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Man, this is pretty ambitious, as well as awesome future flight club material!

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More Flight Club???

edit: oh my god i see a birds option Operation Birdstrike!

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How long before we can get DCS' The Matrix?

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My PC is ready.

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Its amazing how much I can't get into this sorta thing without vinny drew and dave behind the screen.

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Awww Yissss F/A-18C confirmed!!!!

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Can you fly the radar/overwatch planes? If so i be buying this game NOW! and is there direct control over ships? :)

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Does it come with a giant breaded chicken breast sandwich?

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Hot...steamy...full penetration mid-air refueling. You'll see everything!

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Holy fuck, this video is 32 minutes long! I'm in over my head.

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Ok I want to see some flight club videos where you go really deep into this game. I thought dwarf fortress was crazy this is beyond nuts. Only you have the knowledge to do this.

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But can you eject while flying upside down?

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F-15 getting air refueled. Egads! It's like Jane's USAF all over again.

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Amazing. I could waste sooo many hours with this. Looks like the only thing around that can compete with Arma.

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Well this is interesting.
Also completely irrelevant thought from this video, seeing how P51 isn't in beta anymore I wonder if flight club is going to quick look it?

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I just want to fly my damn aircraft (UH 60M)