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must zoom farther

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At first, I thought we were entering a new era of FMV gaming. Turns out I was circuitously right?

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I'm going to enjoy this game. All the time.

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Twist - she gave it to you in '94 and it's now 2013.

Please stop making Portland related things

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Unfortunately, no TrackIR support.

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X-Files twice in one week on Giantbomb! What does it mean?

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At first I was like, "oh man the 90s!" Then I saw "Portland." Ah. Game looks interesting though. Can I put a bird on everything?

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This is a video game that I'm looking forward to.

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game needs oculus rift support.

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Residential simulation...?

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90s House: The Game. Really looking forward to this.

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The truth is out there... sort of.

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A riot grrrl themed point and click adventure mystery. Now I really have seen everything!

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Already getting tired of 90s nostalgia. Will buy due to pedigree regardless.

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This game does look pretty damn interesting. Looks like it's a good step forward for the Horror Genre of gaming.

That house looks creepy as all hell.

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Girls are spooky.

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Never thought I'd find myself pausing a video game trailer to do a Magic Eye.

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I was expecting a monster to pop out and attack her in the end.

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Man I had so many x files VHS tapes.

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That's a nicely modeled SNES you got there

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Where are the hyper detailed guns and photorealistic dead bodies?

I thought this was supposed to be a video game!!

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I'm really looking forward to this. The detailed handcrafting of everything in the house as a device to tell a story about the family is just awesome. Hope we start to see more of this in games.

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I was sure this was a video of Patrick showing of his awesome X-Files collection based on the thumbnail

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A Grown Man In His Underwear Tells You About His Neighbor's VHS Collection

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Mmm nostalgia. This looks great.

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You guys do know that the development team is from Portland right? And if you read the developers posts they give good reasoning as to why the game takes place in the 90's

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Looks like more hipster shit.

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They should probably remove that SNES. That seems somewhat not legal...

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Really looking forward to this game.

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God. That music is horrible.

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Finally, Shenmue 3.

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I don't get what this game is about. Seems like it could be really cool, but everything I've seen about it is "you explore and there's a story". I feel like esoteric trailers like this one are borne out of the idea that anything you say about a game is a "spoiler". It has a creepy, intriguing, voyeuristic vibe, but I wish I better understood the game's big picture.

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@theanticitizen said:

You guys do know that the development team is from Portland right? And if you read the developers posts they give good reasoning as to why the game takes place in the 90's

If they are from Portland, they don't actually know of any other time period, so I fail to see how it'd take place in any OTHER time period.

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Was expecting ghosts, no ghosts.

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whats up with 90s nostalgia... the 90s were like yesterday. Are we gonna get black and white documentaries about the 80s now?

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needs more breeders and belly

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The dream of the 90s is alive in Gone Home.

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@soapy86 said:

The dream of the 90s is alive in Gone Home.

...Gone Home, Gone Home...

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Looks like more hipster shit.

Please elaborate.

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Its looking really nice but is it supposed to be scary?

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When does the rapist chase you?

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Pfft, we all know that the X-Files doesn't come into it's own until season 2.

(I kid, I kid.)

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I'm sold. (It's a shark!)

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game needs oculus rift support.

Yeah, was just thinking that. Oculus Rift was pretty much made for these types of games.

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Oh God.....nostalgia for when I was a teenager. Makes me feel a bit queasy.