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Someone should update the description for this game. It seems to have evolved quite a bit.

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Posted By Schmile

does this game take place in palestine

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Posted By zenmastah

This will be fucking great.

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Posted By Atom

Really looking forward to playing this. Looks like there's some pretty dark stuff in the game.

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Wow, love the art style of this... went under the radar for me, I'll have to look into it. Devolver's a pretty good seal of quality it seems.

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I almost want to play this, definitely interested.

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Such a great goddamn name, can't wait to give this a shot.

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Posted By HammondofTexas

So is this game just a variety of horrific scenarios?! If so, I'm in.

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I have no idea what this game actually is. Curious now

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Haven't looked forward to a game as much as I have this one in a while, now.

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I loved the browser game (discovered via Worth Playing, funnily enough), this looks a bit bleak. But still awesome.

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Neat premise but the art style does nothing for me. Will be fun/funny to watch in a quick look, though.

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@schmile said:

does this game take place in palestine


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Oh shit I forgot this was coming out soon! Mega hype! O__O

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Never be not holding people at gunpoint.