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Adam Boyes is the worst


@gladspooky : The music credit is to Retro Family. Guitarist is Jokke Pettersson - My bad for not knowing!

We guitarists need props, man. That guy's pretty good.

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I wasn't sure what to expect, but wow... that was pretty kewwwwl! I love the music. I also found it eerie how little those blocky aliens didn't acknowledge the player half the time. Keep my eyes on this one

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I've always wanted a game with a score by Lettuce. But this is damn close enough.

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Really digging the whole aesthetic of this game! I'm starting to be more excited about the downloadable games of 2012 than the full retail releases.

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Obligatory Pathways into Darkness comment.

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Like the aesthetic. Definitely want to see more of this

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Loving the music, but the style of game just doesn't interest me these days.

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Those red robots reminds me of the robot devil from futurama, awesome. Or that robot with the tendency to shank.

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Really loving the artstyle and music of the game, hopefully they bring it to gamescom next year so I can check it out.

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Cool Baby has gone virtual?!?!? :O

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I am intrigued...

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I'd like to see BC:Rearmed guys make some some money but if this studio is made up of anything less than 40% of those guys then fuck that.

I'm kidding. It looks intriguing and I hope it turns out well.

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this looks neat

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Looks pretty cool actually.

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The personality I get from this trailer is really reminiscent of another indie dev, Blendo Games (Flotilla, Atom Zombie Smasher). Quirky and artsy like many indie games, but understated.
The gameplay already looks solid to me, but the indie market is somewhat saturated with high-quality platformers. I hope this stands out at next year's shows.

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Great sounding music

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Eat your heart out, Keighley.

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Aweome feature! if Giant Bomb could become the revealers of new indie games in the future, that would be sooo sweet!

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Digging the art direction. Can't wait to get to see more of it.

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Sure why not, this doesn't look too bad

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Loving those fonts.

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Giant Bomb keep on innovating with their features and leveraging their access to industry people in some interesting and entertaining ways. Keep it up guys. Love it.

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animation on the robots reminds me of ghost trick

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I bet Pid stands for Purgatory In Dreams.

Spoilers, I guess.

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If I had to combine two games together, I probably would have picked Limbo and Portal 2 as well.

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LOVING the art style

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This game has got style.

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Love the music.

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If the rest of the music in the game is that awesome I'm sold on that alone. Looking forward to seeing more on this game.

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I like how Giant Bomb actually makes the exclusive reveal matter. To send it live, to have a chat with the people about it, to really deliver it as something cool and new. It does not feel the same when IGN for example has an exclusive wich can be a trailer too but then that is it. It does not feel as special. Well done crew!

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This looks cool. I can't wait to see more.

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Looks like Braid and Limbo had a baby. Brimbo?

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@nmarchan said:

I bet Pid stands for Purgatory In Dreams.

Spoilers, I guess.

Aww...i was hoping for Personal Illumination Device...

Game looks right up my street tbh, im looking forwards to seeing a bit more of this!

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Looks interesting. After the first few seconds, I was expecting another mellow, atmospheric platformer in the style of Limbo, but I'm glad it's actually looking a lot crazier. And I love the art style, it has something of that pseudo-retro style from The Iron Giant.

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Art style looks awesome! Music is also awesome.

Way to go Giant Bomb and Beefy Media!

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looks great for something running on unity.

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Adam Boyes coming through dropping a fat exclusive on that ass!

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Very unique looking.

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Spoiler: pid looks the same upside down.

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Thanks for this guys, I'm really excited for this. Also, want the soundtrack ASAP please.

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The music in the trailer is FANTASTIC. I wanna play the game just to hear more of it.

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The music was fantastic.

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Artsy but engaging. The problem with the new platformers being released these days is that they're more frustrating for me than fun (I'm lookin' at you 'Splosion Man), but this looks like it could add just enough challenge to keep me entertained without switching off the game in irritation.

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Oh great, red robot waiter ass. Just what I always wanted.

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Looks really cool, the gravity altering stuff reminds me of well, Defy Gravity ^^

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This looks pretty cool. Like the art style and music. Looking forward to this here game.

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@DiGiTaL_SiN said:

looks great for something running on unity.


4:20 for the funk part (the best part)

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This seems like it would be really cool on the Vita.

Also I really like the music in the trailer.