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do not want

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eh, no thanks

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Are they not going to have a Wii Sports at launch?

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Looks like it'd make for a decent pack-in game but it sucks that it's only included in the "deluxe" version of the Wii U package.

edit: hehe... package

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@msavo said:

Are they not going to have a Wii Sports at launch?

This is their Wii Sports.

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Mario Chase: Hot Pursuit

... Sounds familiar

Also, I'm looking in the database but was there not a Balloon Trip game on the GameBoy?

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Eh.. it's just not charming anymore.

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Mario Chase! Revolutionary!

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Wii Sports this is not.

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Balloon Trip is the winner here.

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So, it's a little collection of mini-games that are based around well-known and famous titles? Not bad. Can't say it's revolutionary, but it does seem like something that would be fun to play when you have some casual friends over or maybe even your kids.

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Seems alright... since it's free.

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Hey, it's free. I'll take it.

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Played the demo at PAX......it's pretty lame.

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Damn, this game is pretty. I love what Nintendo can do with some real nice 1080p and 60FPS (ideally). I hope once they get to the full-on versions of all of their franchises on the Wii U they can even far out do anything done here. 

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Wow, sure looks purdy.

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Hey you guys like mini-game collections!!?

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I'm sure there's plenty of simple fun in there. As a pack-in for the "deluxe" bundle I'm sure it's just fine. Bit hard to imagine paying 50+ for it though if you bought the cheaper console pack, but then, why would you buy that and then the game separately.

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games apps great!...wait ..what?

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Disappointed it's not called Balloon Fight.

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Hm. After watching this, I think it actually has the capacity to be a pretty fun party game for me and my roommates.

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Nintendo: Bringing back hardcore gamers...who were really into their last system. Good luck to them, but I can't see this ending well.

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As generally inoffensive as this is, my impression of it will always be tainted by their lead-in at E3, which led me to believe the Wii U's free pack-in was going to be a new, multiplayer Animal Crossing. THAT would have been something.