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Posted by Lonely_Ogre

Yay Elder Scrolls six....oh wait....nevermind.

Posted by ArchScabby

Was it just me or did this video have framerate problems?

Posted by TheMustacheHero
@crusnchill said:
" Hopefully the voice-over work is all as good as what was in that video. Because I could barely stand the interactions in Oblivion.  I only have one cheeky question. When's Elder Scrolls V coming out? "
If you thought Oblivion's voice acting was bad, then you don't want to hear what the first Two World's was like.
Posted by Jack_Lafayette

Unspeakable evil is way worse than the speakable kind.

Posted by 88Fingers

Day one purchase for me.
I loved the first game!

Posted by cetecete

This seems as bad as first game :s

Posted by Kordesh
Because word is from those who've played it already, its better than the old one, but not by much...
Posted by Elusionar

First time i hear about this game. I hope that there will be a quick look, I like this tipe of game.
Posted by Fritzerbacon

I played this game at PAX Prime 2010, it was muuuch better than the first. Also saw the Achievement list when i hit the jewel on the controller, lol shoulda taken a snap shot of it. I wouldnt of minded being "that guy" who posted the list online.... but maybe its better I didnt.

Posted by m0nty

Could this be any more generic? 
That narrator could've been dubbed over any RPG trailer and still wouldn't look out of place. It was basically RPG 101.
Posted by Enhasa

I watched my roommate play through the first Two Worlds.  The game seemed absolutely atrocious.  Terrible graphics, terrible dialogue, terrible gameplay -- and the ending somehow one-upped the rest of the game as far as terrible goes.   How bad that game is is a running joke in our apartment. 
That being said, the reviews for Two Worlds II are actually pretty positive (both in an absolute sense and compared to the first game), so I guess we'll see. 

Posted by KarateKid

I've played through it and its one of the best RPGs I've played in a good long while! 
If you like RPGs you should really give this a go =)