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Posted by Malawi1321

ugh, another one?

Posted by DjRich

I hope it's good this time

Posted by RageGummy

Really not interested in this game at all. 

Posted by PATERSON

The first one was "The Oblivion killer" LMAO no thanks !

Posted by TaliciaDragonsong

Looks good, hope the classes are as diverse as being shown here.
I'm not too fond of all the other stuff they showed, looks like a big mess trying to be a Elder Scrolls Game.

Posted by Doc_Zaius

didn't bother with the last one but I'm hearing lots of good things about this one.  I'm getting more and more interested.
Posted by CrossTheAtlantic

So why didn't they talk about the kick? How do I get out of one world and into the other?! WHERE IS MY TOTEM?!

Posted by Avangelon

The first one just pissed me off. This one looks pretty cool, hopefully it comes out like they showed it here.

Posted by Timing

I've been following this game for months now, and the only thing I'm not sold on yet is the melee combat. It looks like the characters are just dancing in place instead of actually attacking monsters. We'll see how it works out in September I guess.

Posted by Raymayne

I don't know where they got the budget from to make this game :| The first one was so diabolically terrible I just...I don't understand.

Posted by Albamo

The visuals look adequate but forsooth, I'll need to see some of the dialog before I'm sold.
Posted by Yzzerdd

This trailer makes me want to go play some Demon's Souls

Posted by captainawesomo
@Raymayne said:
" I don't know where they got the budget from to make this game :| The first one was so diabolically terrible I just...I don't understand. "
The first one was promising enough and had enough innovative ideas to garner some interest from various places. They got a a rare second opportunity, but if they blow it you can kiss the two worlds franchise ( if you can even call it that at this point ) goodbye.
Posted by Jeknod


Posted by MetalBaofu

This game better be extremely awesome, or it's just gonna make me extra pissed off that we get Two Worlds 2, but seemingly will never get sequels to things like, Beyond Good and Evil, Skies of Arcadia, Psychonauts, etc.  :p

Posted by Kratch

Did they get their shit together?  I guess we'll see.

Posted by SpaceDandie


Posted by armaan8014

I surprisingly enjoyed the first one, until I reached halfway where it just got extremely hard and tiring, Hope this turns out good.

" The first one was "The Oblivion killer" LMAO no thanks ! "

lol, I remember that.
Posted by paulosaurus

II Worlds II Furious.

Posted by Soapy86

I'm not 100% sold on this game yet, but does seem to be shaping up quite nicely. I will say this though, At this point I'm more excited about Two Worlds II than Halo Reach.

Posted by RandomInternetUser

Definitely interested.  It kind of reminded me slightly of Demon's Souls.

Posted by Forkstik

This is alot like the Red Dead redemption trailers 

Posted by zityz

Yea, I remember the first one looked good... and then you played it. 
Something tells me this might end up the exact same way.  
I have a 0% chance of ever purchasing this.
Posted by DukeTogo
@Jeknod said:
Really, it sounds like the guy recorded it on the shitter over the phone.
Posted by Death_Burnout

Production values aside i will be playing this no question, because the first game scarred and took my soul.

Posted by trophyhunter

can't wait

Posted by BraveToaster

I'm still not convinced.

Posted by Evilsbane

I am one of the few who really liked the first game even though it was a mess (PC version was much much better than the console versions, still screwy but better) I have high hopes for this its looking like they really learned from their mistakes, Angry Joe has a developer interview and they were not afraid to say that the first game was a mess and it looks like they have really got their act together.

Posted by Aronman789

 game looks good and gives me that gothic feel, might try it out when its released    

Posted by SoothsayerGB

Seeing promos from other companies for a game that is a long way from being completed and released.  Is always a bad sign.
Still interested, just because I like a good looking fantasy RPG.  They clean up that combat and I might take a second look.  All those pretty environments are nothing, if I can't interact with their inhabitants in a satisfying and meaningful way.

Posted by KillyDarko

The first one had great potential but was somewhat hampered by bugs and some inconsistent gameplay. I still liked it though. But hopefully this one will be better (in all aspects) :)

Posted by Aelric

Honestly, I'm done with fantasy settings, I think. I can not get excited like I used to for anything fantasy, be it movies, games or books. Sci-fi and modern fictional settings just suit my tastes more, and it's strange because I used to be THE D and D nerd.

Posted by JohnnyMaverik

It's guna hinge on the combat, voice acting and story, graphically it looks fine, pretty in places and not completely ugly in the rest, animations look a lot, lot better than  the last game, but the combat looks a little worrying and as for voice acting and story, nothing on that yet.

Posted by rargy

The blight is spreading.

Posted by toots

Please be good....

Posted by MarkWahlberg


Posted by theberserker

it will be good if they fixed...everything from first

Posted by MeatSim

More poor man's Oblivion for the poor man.

Posted by Kyelb22

I never played the first one, but this looks like it'll actually be good. Hopefully it'll satisfy my craving for an open world fantasy game, because I can only replay Oblivion so many times.

Posted by Grilledcheez

This looks better than the first...I'm gonna wait to see how it turns out.

Posted by pegasuswinks

This looks like the brain child of Demon's Souls and Oblivion, which can definitely be a good thing, at least I'm desperately hoping that it's good.

Posted by jmood88

It looks really cool but I thought that first one looked cool too, until I played it and realized it was a terrible game.
Posted by Joey2683

Posted by MaddProdigy

Dude as bad as the first one was, it had a gamey-ness that made it really appealing for me, i played through like 800 achieve points worth of it. Gameplay still looks pretty weak, dialogue is probably still fairly weak, I'll totally buy this.

Posted by crusnchill

Hopefully the voice-over work is all as good as what was in that video. Because I could barely stand the interactions in Oblivion. 
I only have one cheeky question. When's Elder Scrolls V coming out?

Posted by DudeFromJersey

I hope this one won't suck like the first one.

Posted by TheChaos

I think the melee combat needs more spinning flourishes.

Posted by Greyhound85

nope.... your not gonna sway me with your fancy fighting, and expensive narrator to describe how awesome your game is. I'm going to pass on this one...and the next one... "I say good day!"
Posted by Johnny5

the first one is a game that you could get into if you gave it enough of a chance. I'll probably get this.

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