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Cool. Thanks for this

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Man... I'm noticing a lot of video lag/choppiness with both the streaming and HTML 5 player. Haven't tried progressive yet because I don't want to download the entire thing.

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Don't shit your pants. Tee hee.

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I love how Will Smith turns up and immediately starts talking mess.

I've missed having that guy around for GB live shows.

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Americans don't like first person jumping :P.

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Too bad nobody in game noticed that Brad made that last wave harder by running up and headshotting the Goliaths causing them to level up and rage. Also, I love that Will called the head jumping stupid and then spent as much time doing it as Crispy did.

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Take away the hair and Tiny Tina looks like E.T. in that screencap

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Seems like Brad doesn't know you can revive your downed team mates.

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Take away the hair and Tiny Tina looks like E.T. in that screencap

I cannot... un-see this..

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A concept page for being about to die and then levelling to get your health back isn't a thing, but health recovery upon levelling should be one.

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Go back to Sancuary and get more ammo, goddammit! ... Also Brad should cash golden keys (he has 30+) and hand out purple guns to everybody.

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Don't know why I'm watching this now or commenting, but how do you Americans not understand half four? What else could you crazy degenerates possibly think it means!