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Posted by Zetsubouromance

Browsing these is giving me all sorts of new games to add to my already way too large backlog.

Posted by fisk0

So, are all the videos properly linked to all games featured in them? If so, I'm disappointed Iron Galaxy never got around to playing Future Cop Precinct Assault like they hinted at several times. :( I was hoping I just missed it when I was at work.

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Was really fun playing Fibbage with the crew :)

Posted by Brendan

Why didn't Samantha choose town drunk? She had the world in the palm of her hands!

Posted by GearSol

Wow, I thought the same thing about Lisa's phone thing looking like a Game Boy.

Posted by SethPhotopoulos

Thank god they started reading. It seemed like Ian wasn't even reading the text as he pressed through it.