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I'm really looking forward to this. Reviews have been positive so far.

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quick look pa-lease?

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I really hope they've got the tyres spot on as well as managed to balance DRS and KERS so it's not a huge huge advantage. Will be interesting to see how they've done

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@handlas said:

quick look pa-lease?

I hope so :) Get Vinny a wheel or let him use Daves!

Can't wait can't wait can't wait

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God I wish I had more money.

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@handlas said:

quick look pa-lease?


I do love me some F1. Stoked for it to come to the states next year!!!

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If it means we'll get a QL out of it, I'll send Vinny my wheel.

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Super excited about this. Plenty of small tweaks and I played 2010 to death so I have no problems paying full price again. I don't recall any quick looks for 2010. I know it may not be as popular a franchise in the US but I would still love to see a quick look.

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I have to add my voice to the desire for a quick look. I would really like to know how acessible the game is for someone new to the series.

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Looks amazing.

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Can you give your car a British accent?