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Posted by theMcNasty

Meh.  Fable II DLC...

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Awesome, great to know what this finally is. Oakvale!!!!! So buying this one...im hoping eventually you wont be stuck in autumn.

Posted by natetodamax

I thought Fable 2 was fun, just not fun enough to make me want to buy more of it.

Posted by Psynapse

Ooooo, can't wait for this one!! :D

Posted by MeatSim

This might get me back into fable 2.

Posted by Vagrant

I've already moved on from Fable 2.
This is just coming too late really.

Posted by Scooper

Nice teaser. I never played Fable 1 but it's interesting to know that Wraithmarsh was an area in the original game. Some depth I didn't know about in my first playthrough.

Posted by SmugDarkLoser

my scooper, tons of areas are the same.  Lots of the towns are the old ones.  Granted, they've changed shitloads, but for example, bowestone is there.

Posted by TheMustacheHero

Fable 2 is old and dried out at this point, they are just too late, people have moved on.

Posted by Grilledcheez

Sorry, but Knothole island sucked fat cock so there's no way I'm buying this...I think I speak for the majority of people when I say this.

Posted by Cerza

If this DLC does something to move beyond the God awful ending of the retail to give players something of a real ending that is satisfying with an epic boss battle, which is what Fable 2 should have had all along, I'll buy it and go back. But if not then I'm staying far far away.

Posted by John1912

Peter has fantastic ideas for games, but somehow he manages to just fuck them up and turn them into an avg game.  Unless he manages to Fable around so its not a shallow action RPG, I think he should go back and try and make a decent black and white game.

Posted by EdTwo

YEAH! BRAZILIAN FLAG AT 1:55. i bet his brazilian since his name is eduardo

Posted by Aaron_G

I don't know if many people are still interested in Fable II. 

Posted by Hector

I'm done with Fable II

Posted by ChrisTilton

This looks totally uninteresting. Oh look, yet another colosseum. YAWN.

Posted by DannyJ

So I sold my copy after I beat it once because it lacked even more depth than the first game.

Posted by Jeust

I like fable 2, and this is a sure buy for me. I like the game, sometimes i get tired of it, but nevertheless has a great replayability.

So count me on on more content.

And this one looks much more promising than the first.

Posted by IzzyGraze

Yay, a reason to go back to fable 2. Did most everything that was worth doing and to be honest, not much to do when your character can clear a room with one charged up spell.

Posted by MiasmaFett

Anyone else think that fable 2 was a steaming pile of shit? i tried to like it honestly but its so rubbish

Posted by Reuben

Finally DLC worth buying for Fable!

Posted by RyShe

I'm an idiot, and getting this day one. 

Posted by Aaox


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Wow totally sick of people shitting on Fable.  I feel lke some sad minority who can appreciate such a great art style and atmosphere.  I suppose its the casual difficulty phobia going around.  Put out as much DLC as you want Lionhead, I'm always lookin for an excuse to jump back into Fable.  Reading these comments is entertaining through, wish I could jump on the bandwagon too.  /sigh

Posted by MrMiyagi

I'd love to go back and play Fable 2 again. I don't care about what these Fable 2 haters have to say about it... the game was great and so was Knothole Island.

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Looks neat, but then I'm still playing through Fable II for the first time, haven't even touched Knothole Island yet. As a developer though, this video is pure dev porn, complete with tasty code bits: http://is.gd/vNwA

Posted by RampageEndsHere

Western RPGs are garbage, Fallout 3 , Oblivion , Fable, fucking garbages. No finese on the battle, too much emphasis on 'your decisions influence the main story' bullshit. Basically hack-and-slash (or shoot in Fallout) plus heal. Thank goodness Shin Megami Tensei series came around and opened our eyes of how much this graphic-oriented , gameplay-minimizing manure has destroyed RPG in the last few years.

Posted by ahoodedfigure

Was that music used the same as in Fable 2?  It's beautiful, but it sounds like the exact same music from the first game :)

Posted by Carlos1408

I'm looking forward t this, can't wait for some more Fable 2 action :D

Posted by MattyFTM

Looks pretty cool.

Posted by Death_Unicorn

They should have said, "Inside the Lion's head"
hahahahaha no.

Posted by Maxszy

Awesome *drool*

Though why I sold this game I never know. Well I know why, beat it twice and needed money for more games but it was one of the best experiences of 2008. Maybe I'll pick it up again and play this as well as knothole island. (Got rid of it before that.)

Posted by zityz

I'll probably pick this up, I enjoyed fable 2 and knothole island was kind of short but had some good things for it. I just hope this DLC is a LOT longer then knothole.

Posted by PLWolf

I really need to finish this game. I've been having a blast with it, but just no time at all to really sit down and have long play sessions.

Posted by darkjester74

More Fable 2 = win!  =D

Posted by Media_Master

Don't care


Posted by TomA

Hardcore Fable players???

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I'll be getting this. I just played through the whole game and finsihed the Knothole Island DLC. I'm definitely ready for more content. I hope it's better value for money this time around, though.

Posted by wizeguy

nice nice ill be getting this.

Posted by RHCPfan24

For $7, this seems like a great deal. I loved Fable II and Knothole Island, so more quests and achievements are always welcome.

Posted by OrangeChikenSTD

idk what it is about fable but i love it, but at the same time i see alot of flaws, but i still love playing it

Posted by Colonel_Fury

Looks like I'm gonna have to get Fable again.