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Posted by kitsune_conundrum

which came first, chicken or egg, vinny or video?

Posted by Cube


Posted by JoblessTerence

Wow Vinny! Is this your first video review? If it is, I see a great future in video game commentary for you.

Posted by Nomin

Vinny does the video editing right? Just a quick suggestion: a disclaimer for viewer discretion should be shown in the beginning if violent footages would be used in lieu of the review. 

Posted by SuperMuchBrown

Yay Vinny!!!! Thank  you for the vid.  Great Job!

Posted by FlappyHands

Awesome video review, Vinny. Totally gonna pick Fable II up sometime soonish.

Posted by destruktive

Good stuff Vinny.
Congrats on getting some airtime :D

Posted by bulletclip6

im tellin ya. look at vinny up there, doin work on the green screen. great video.

Posted by zyn

Awesome job Vinny!

Posted by btk88

Good review

Posted by imHunt

I liked that review. Good job Vinny!

Posted by DorianBlack

Awesome first video review Vinny. It must have been a whole new experience cutting and editing a video of yourself.

Posted by KillerKahuna

Decapitation , oh joy

Posted by mikemosha90

Vinny's got some guns!

Posted by Cleric

Vinny is Win.

Posted by Kohe321

Vinny you rock. The part where you aimed your gun at the childs head, and the woman in the backround said: "You have a strange way of showing your love" made me crack up. Hahaha I'm so getting this game.

Posted by Sweep


My copy should be arriving in the mail... any... second... now ....


Posted by TekZero

Good review. 

Posted by mr_tickles

Jean Claude Van Damme has violent footages......this was just some fun gameplay.

Awesome Job Vinchenzo!


Posted by BawaTheGamer

Great vodeo review. Been a long time since a video review came out. Great vid.

Posted by killdave

Hmm I'll buy it after all then. Thanks :D

Posted by Angularbanjo

I like your sense of humor. Over-the-top yet understated.

Posted by MrBrian

"Some people get married you know.. blahblahblahblah..."

Posted by Media_Master

Nice review!

Posted by Crono

Yay a video review!

Posted by PLWolf

Awesome job, Vinny!!
I'm love this game. So much awesomeness.

Posted by Afroman269

Wasn't expecting a vid review because of the flood of games you guys have to review but congrats on your first vid review vinny.

Posted by AaronBelfast

Keep em' coming.

Posted by TheGTAvaccine


Is the world ending?

Posted by Spiritof

I was very lukewarm towards this game until I watched and read this review. The game looks and sounds awesome and the "poker night is on Friday" line actually made me LOL.

Oh no, I might actually be reconsidering waiting on Fable II.....dammit....

Posted by Dane

At least it has guns!

Posted by Coolarman

this game looks good. Should i get this game, saints row 2, gears of war 2, or mk vs dc

Posted by oobs

well danny\ elfman did the score..lol

Posted by MrMiyagi

High five Vinny!

Posted by troyx

keep em comin

Posted by Stevokenevo

fable looks awesome.  great review.  cant believe that last few seconds where you shot the damn womans head off!!  nucking futs...

Posted by giyanks22

Wow that was awesome for your first review. Good job vinny.

Posted by Geno

"You have a strange way of showing your love" - after having a gun pointed to their head.


Posted by InFamous91

I find Fable II to be a great game...Great video review also, but he didn't mention nothing about the dog|This is one of the major things that sets itself different from Fable 1|

Posted by the_purgatory_station

lol   i like it

Posted by AndrewB

Vinny is my favorite Giantbomb cast member!

Posted by DiGiTaL_SiN

Excellent review, I'm officially pumped for Fable 2 now.

Posted by BlazingWookie

best review this month

Posted by AgileNate

Amazing review!!

Posted by AversionTherapy

Sweet review, got the game based solely on this and its awesome!

Posted by Zainyboy

I hope Vinny reviews are not going to be a rarity in the future! The game is great, but some of the combat controls are a bit fidgety and unresponsive.

Posted by ryatwo

Great video review!

Another funny ending at the end, how the wife is like talking about love and stuff then *boof* headshot!

Posted by Cody

I actually rented the game a couple months ago after I read the review. I thought this video review was very informative too. I'm gonna buy the game this week.

Posted by origanalreaper

Talk about realistic i meen S.T.I's can you be gay In this game?

Posted by Vampire_Chibi

it's a great game.

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