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Posted by MatthewMeadows

Left 4 Fallout?

Posted by rargy

Looks more like Left 4 Dead 2 then Left 4 Dead 2 does.

Posted by DrRandle

Haunted Mansion... Yes. This actually looks really promising. One of the better of the DLC offered by Bethesda.

Posted by LeBart

It looks different. I like it !

Posted by Rhyno

Whats with the Mario font Bethesda?

Posted by Baggykins

Time to crack some skulls! let's go Fisto!

Posted by CleverLoginName

Louisiana is a hot place for zombies apparently.

Posted by Linksta888
@rargy: YES
Posted by Yzzerdd

The game that won't die.

Posted by Psych0Penguin

So Zombie Hillbillies? Sweet  LOL - doesn't look as good as the previous DLCs but I don't have Fallout 3 anyway so what do I know? :D

Posted by Zoombini

My auto-axe is hungry for zombie flesh.

Posted by chililili

It looks innaresting

Posted by Demonstride
@CleverLoginName said:
" Louisiana is a hot place for zombies apparently. "
Well it does have the above ground cemeteries...
Posted by Llyr

That lone wanderer sure got a purdy mouth

Posted by jaks

oh god.

double barrel long shotguns.


Posted by billcosby2004

Well this would explain why the total # of Fallout 3 achievements jumped from 64 to 68 when I checked today

Posted by studnoth1n

I don't know about that font...

Posted by RedSox8933

OOOOH. Stoked for this one.

Posted by FlipperDesert

Cannot wait (to see what bugs this one ships with)!

Edited by Theresonlyone

Inbreeding and radiation are not a good mix, obviously its time to shoot me some hillbillies and make them squeal like a piggy.

Posted by okuzy

when the text "point lookout" came up I was like "is this really the text your going to use?...really?!

Posted by ValiantGoat

You had me at the hill-billy laugh.

Posted by giyanks22

Is Vats gone???

Posted by natetodamax

So Fallout 3 has turned into a horror game? And what's up with that font?

Posted by Sparky_Buzzsaw

I love the continued support by Bethesda for what was already an amazing game.  Nice looking trailer!

Posted by AndrewB

I also love the continued support, but hate the almost exclusive combat focus to all DLC. This appears to be no exception.

Posted by Mrnitropb

Post-Apocolyptic Rural Maryland Rednecks?

Posted by TheMustacheHero

The Font for this is terrible!
Bethesda, stop making a DLC for a game with crappy combat, and make Oblivion 5 NOW!

Posted by Everyones_A_Critic

Looks great....and creepy!

Posted by Dr_Feelgood38

When is Fallout GOTY edition going to come out with all of the DLC packed in?!

Posted by th0a

looks way too sketchy for me

Posted by LordKorax

Fallout 3: Deliverance. Hope you didn't design your character with a pretty mouth...

Posted by Colin

The different environment looks nice.

Posted by Reverseface

Redneck mutants awesome. Looks really good actually i think the Font is ment to emphasise the backwards atmosphere of hill billy mutants!!!

Posted by Dig_Douglas

The type face on the logo doesn't look quite right, more carnival than zombie.

Posted by MeatSim

Looks cool it's gotta different tone then the rest of the game. 

Posted by Nasar7
@LordKorax: dude no game can be as creepy as that fing scene.
Posted by Ineedaname
@LordKorax: Needs full on kid with a banjo!
Posted by death_and_drek

I wasnt sure if I was in the mood for more Fallout, but this has a cool vibe to it.

Posted by happyfatman

Looks AWESOME!  I do love how Bethesda just keeps supporting this great game.  It's the game that will never end because we'll just keep getting expansions for it, and I LOVE IT!

Posted by Death_Unicorn

Level 30, here I come!

Edited by FrumpyBiscuts
@Rhyno said:
"Whats with the Mario font Bethesda?"

word, why the stupid text format. I think that I will like this DLC, but I pretty hate everything "country" so that is going to put a big damper on things.
Posted by Lazlow

this looks.. awesome

Posted by Dan_CiTi

Looks like Scooby Doo meets L4D meets Fallout 3.

Posted by Zombie_Dog

You know what? Yes, please. This, by far, is the DLC I've been the most interested in. Whichi is nice, now that this exclusive business is up.

Posted by jNerd

OMFG YES!!!! I just came......

Posted by Dirty_Harry

Yes, some delta blues please.

Posted by Bouke

Wow thats within three weeks!! And it looks really good!

Edited by Number1

Ah Fallout 3 the game I can always go back to, but please add more public domain music.I JUST WANT TO SET THE WORLD ONNNNNN FIREEEEEE....HES HACKN AND WHACKN AND CHOPN THAT MEAT!!! Fuck you Three Dog gimmee some quests to retrieve you more music, I already fixed your dam  transmitter you know im good for it.

Posted by nihilisticmonkey


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