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Seriously though awesome review

Posted by White

Might wanna correct that typo, Vinny.

Posted by MrSkids

Excellent reviews as always Jeff, Im picking this one up over the weekend.  Very excited.  I also love it when people write first or something similar on comments.  Its so constructive , cool and original.  One of these sentences was sarcastic.  Answers on a postcard...

Posted by Aas

Don't hit me!

Posted by chacho89

Great review Jeff.
And I'm loving the shirt, when are you guys going to start selling them? I need one of them.

Posted by al

Cant wait preorderd my collectors edition 3 months ago lucky Americans i have to wait till tomorrow to get it!!!

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Posted by SlimDogg

Great Review.  And Please Don't hit me !

Posted by Snail

Great review there. Might pick it up for the PC.

Posted by df

I would really love it if I can play this game in full FPS style... but then it wouldn't be fallout...

Posted by lordofultima

Your video review is much better than the text version, good stuff!

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Nice Review Jeff.

The ghouls in that game look wierd and creepy.

Posted by MeatSim

Don't hit me!

Posted by creamstatic

is that pussy juice on the screen? , you know, at the birth scene.
so yea, awesome review. I wanna pick it up, but my local game store isnt .. local
I've got Oblivion, Mass Effect and Fable 2 oh and Lost Odyssey to get through as well, so I'm not in any hurry. Might get it next year with Tales of Vesperia, once that game finally hits UK shores.

Posted by Proleet

Don't hit me!

Posted by Irishjohn

Great review guys.  And yes, don't hit me.

Posted by Lunch_Money

I really liked this video review (more than the written one as well).  Great job in really touching on a lot of the important points, both good and bad.  I look forward to playing this one!

Posted by MattBodega

Great Review, and Great Video!
Don't Hit me!

Posted by AdventChild

I need a Giant Bomb T Shirt.

Posted by Kohe321

Awesome review.

Posted by VegaDemonLord

Great outfit is great.

Posted by BawaTheGamer

Awesome. It seems more video reviews are being made. Im happy about that. Always love em. Great vid, jeff and vinny.

Posted by grainger

i really really really really dont like the look of this game at all the gameplay seems too alien for me, good old shoot em ups is what i need:P

Posted by morose

I guess I should have expected a few of the seminal moments to get spoiled given that it's a video review. ;)  Hopefully there are plenty more and not just the nuke explosion and the exiting of the vault to look forward to. *fingers crossed*

Posted by John

I wouldn't hit him. For sho.

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Posted by troyx

great reviewe jeff :)
you seem a bit harsh tho in this review

Posted by lantus

Once again, Vinnie's master editing skills come through, great review guys!

Posted by MichaelBach

This review = Great.

Can't wait to get this game!
Posted by Mats

I want that t-shirt!

Posted by wakkoloco

wow this review is better than the last one, still the combat sucks so i dont want to even play this game

Posted by high_seraph

lol how is this site just beating the pants of everybody else? the review was informative, insightful, and it kept me entertained. constantly reminds me of why i like to play games. keep up the good work guys.

Posted by Ejiku

Great review. I do wish there had been some comparison of the PS3 and 360 version so that those with multiple platforms could see the differences. I bought the PS3 version and I feel it's kinda broken or like a beta product. It's still a great game but I'm saddened by the PS3 version.

Posted by Ontheocho

High quality as always.

I respect the four out of five on this.  You guys definitly do a nice job of knowing your audience, and giving them what they are looking for.

Posted by sionweeks

That T-Shirt. OMG.

Posted by artofwar420

Fair and balance, I wuv Giantbomb.

Posted by Tarsier

Man, the fact that you can kind of mosey your way through the whole game using VATs really put me off. Definitely not going to be picking this up.

Posted by haribammi

good job with the looking mr., no bras or panties, just straight and direct bro-ness, fused with the ever so enviable expertise in the last relevant scientific field left, you boycrush-enducing pile of goodness you.

Posted by Ouroboros

That stings!

Posted by BlueMonk3y

Where do we get Giant Bomb T shirt

Posted by AvD

Better at giving the good and the bad than the text review... still think you lean a little more on the negatives though Jeff.

Posted by ThePhenomenal1

don't hit me!

Posted by FlappyHands

@AvD - Dude, he talks about the negatives for about 10-20 seconds of that video review, and on top of that he states that there's tons of fun to be had regardless of the negatives. Are you a spanner?

Awesome review, Jeff. Think I'm gonna get Fallout 3. Seems cool.

Posted by TheToecutter

I'd hit that...

Posted by SonicFire

I think this was well handled by Jeff. So many people have such expectations for this one that they're up in arms when outlets don't award a 5/5, so it's only natural that Jeff validate the score clearly and express reservations. 4/5 still reflects a good game. I'd say the same for Vinny's review of Fable II.... fun game, but totally broken in some ways.

Posted by LDub

I never played the original Fallout games but from what I'm told they were some of the best made. Having said that, I was hoping that Fallout 3 would provide that 'it' factor for me and I'm sad to say that it hasn't. The game is pretty much 'Oblivion with guns' and as Jeff said, thats not a bad thing but then again it would have been nice if the game was more original in its gameplay.

Posted by Nets

I would be willing to pay $50 for a Giant Bomb T - Shirt.

Awesome review btw.

Posted by FLStyle

Based off this review I think I might just stick to Oblivion if I ever go back to it.

If it wasn't for the month we're in I might've given it a shot.
Posted by sdodd02

Great review, I want a shirt very badly.

Posted by giyanks22

Great review. I knew it wasn't going to be everything it was hyped to be.