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Posted by soul101

Looks better than Anchorage

Posted by Sirn00bal0t

can't wait.

Posted by Marsimus

Ohhhhh daamn:P:P:P

Lukin 4ward 2 dis one mate.

Its gunah b massif!!!!!!!!

Posted by Inf225

Wasn't this supposed to be out 2 weeks ago?

Posted by straitbutta

wow. wish i had 360 version

Posted by pepper

Better be better then Anchorage....

Edited by Death_Burnout

Yup, originally planned for February even, but oh well who's countin'

Still looks like ol' janky Fallout 3, so great i guess.

Posted by RawShark

I just love Fallout 3 so much I'm eating up these DLC packs. After this it's Broken Steel, which I think is safe to say will be even better than this - and this looks damn good.

Posted by Irishjohn

A bit worried they're showing so much action.  Fighting in Fallout 3 without using VATS is a huge pain.  Shooting on target according to your eye but seeing no results because the stats didn't roll right sucks.  I hope there's some good story content.  I didn't even bother with Anchorage.

Posted by Kohe321

Looks really nice.

Posted by Hoshnasi

No Vats, looks interesting.  Plenty of room for the game to suck if the weapons are off though.

Posted by TekZero

I hope there's a pack to get both DLC's at a reduced cost. I never got Op Achorage because it focused too much on the combat, which IMO isn't Fallout 3's strongest traits.

And this DLC looks cool, but the more I see and play Fallout 3, the more it makes me want to play Fallout 2. I know this is just a trailer but it still seems like its focusing too much on combat.

There should be a DLC that adds a bigger town in the wasteland with additional side quests and such. I'd love a new vault city.

That's one thing that the 2d Fallouts had over the 3rd...a sense of scale. I was dissappointed in the scale of Fallout 3. The towns just weren't what I was expecting.

Posted by bman3737

I think that this is going to be my favorite content pack, being as I live about 25 minutes away from Pittsburgh.  I can't wait to see it all destroyed!

Posted by wizeguy

this content will probably use VATS.  i no in the trailer it didnt  look like it was used, but also there was nothing else on the screen either, like your compass.      i dont see why they would not let you use it. it was one of the best additions fallout3.  VATS + that human blow up perk = awesome.

Posted by Aaox

Looks like a lot of this DLC is about combat. That's wierd, 'cause the last one was too.

Posted by JacobForrest

Looks like what Fallout 3 should have been when it was released.

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Looks like a accurate representation of Pittsburgh to me, zing!

Posted by CitizenKane

Looks awesome.  I can't wait!  :)

Posted by Scratch

Looks great. "Quick look" when it is out maybe?

Posted by MKHavoc

I think the reason VATS wasn't shown in the trailer is because it really isn't the most exciting thing to look at.  It's probably still in the game.  Right now I'm wishing I'd actually bought the game instead of renting.

Posted by zityz

looks good, im wondering how you'll acess this pack. In the last one it was a hologram. Should be interesting.

Posted by kagekage

aahhhh fuck microsoft!
handing bethesda the fatter check >=[

Posted by Jayzilla

yay for crappy character animation. the guy in charge of that must be a family friend of  Todd's.

Posted by HatKing

Does anybody have any idea why they would save the pack that raises the level cap for last?  I mean I really want this...I enjoyed Fallout a lot...but since I hit 20 I've lost all motivation to play it and I don't want to continue until they raise that cap.

Posted by DiGiTaL_SiN

Looks very brown.

Posted by Lukeweizer

Great name. Looks like it's going to be a maze of shit though. One big industrial playground where everything looks the same. Just for extended gameplay?

Posted by Death_Unicorn

Well you can side with the raiders or the slaves so there's room for moral choices, so I hope there's less combat than in OpAnch but it's a trailer, to get you pumped they put in combat and flamethrowers and explosions!

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Posted by Jack_Daniels

"Does anybody have any idea why they would save the pack that raises the level cap for last?  I mean I really want this...I enjoyed Fallout a lot...but since I hit 20 I've lost all motivation to play it and I don't want to continue until they raise that cap." If this was Digg, I would have Dugg this comment.  I spent so many hours getting all the good stuff, armor and weapons, what the hell is the point to Paying for side missions?

Posted by RHCPfan24

Considering the underground sections were my least favorite part of the original game, this sort of has me saying "eh." Still, it looks like a lot of content and the "no VATS" thing will either be successful if they improve the regular combat or pretty paltry if they keep it as is. Seriously, no one liked the regular first person shooting in Fallout 3.

Posted by Fritzerbacon

Looks awesome! Consider it bought, hope its longer than Alaska was. Also i really hope there is more stuff to it, because Alaska was all pretty much fighting...

Posted by Kazona

This definitely looks better than Anchorage, but it also looks like it is incredibly combat focused--something that simply does not work well in Fallout 3.

Posted by SinGulaR

Did I just hear Scott Bakula?

Posted by Media_Master

yeah, another one, ....