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This looks stupid and wonderful.

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This is perfect. Toward the end of Farcry 3, I started to get tired of the setting and weapons, so to fuck around in that engine with those mechanics in a dumb new setting is amazing.

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does this count as jumping the shark?

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@akyho: You'll be happy to learn that it's a stand-alone game.

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@alex: All right Steam sale it is!

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Man how the hell did I forget how awesome 2007 was? Too much coke I guess...

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Fucking Awesome...would love to see Jeff playing this in a quicklook!!!!

Love the VCR tracking video quality

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No way.

It's so hard to believe this is real. This looks amazing!

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Absolutely glorious. Which makes it all the more painful to know that it's probably going to have an ass of a console version, if regular Far Cry 3 was any indication at least.

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This is what I want video games to be

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They really failed to capture that '80s cartoon style with such blatant "only move the parts that require moving" style Flash animation... But I don't care, because this is stupid enough and the logo is shiny enough that I approve anyway. I've always wondered why nobody uses logos like that anymore! Movies and games and album covers haven't had good typography since, like, the early '90s, and no one wants to go back to gradient-colored chrome letters with a billion highlights because boohoo, we can't be all old fashioned even when the old is superior...!

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From the toxic ashes of Vietnam War 2.....

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This looks much better to me than actual Far Cry 3.

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I hope when GB reviews this it gets separate scores for Sound, Graphics, Gameplay, and 'Fun Factor' - just to keep with the retro vibe.

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@alex said:

@akyho: You'll be happy to learn that it's a stand-alone game.

Well that certainly increased my chances of getting this game by several hundred percentages.

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This looks like a thing that I must own.

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From Vietnam War 2....bwahahahah

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This game was fun to play all the way through, but references got laid on a little thick. Still a fun game though.

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@akyho: I think this is a stand alone game

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After watching this trailer earlier, I immediately shot this down because of its stupidity.... How wrong I was!!! The 15 mins of Gameplay on IGN was just magical!!! Go watch it!

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Instant buy.

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It seems they wisely excised the comic relief robot companion. Besides that and the flagrant bird-flipping, this looks every bit like the dreck I used to watch while unsupervised during the wee hours of a Saturday. In the best way.

I guess it's too much to hope that all the enemy vehicles are also plant monsters for some reason? I think that probably is going too far.

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They definitely put more creative work into this than FarCry 3. This is off the charts.

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Maybe this time it ends with you getting out of the Animus...

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Oh man, all it needs now is a "MANGA video" title card, like one of those late 80's trailers that would've been on a VHS copy of Cyber City OEDO 808 or something, amazing.

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Is this one of those cases where the experience would be better played on an old standard definition CRT television?

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Amazing. Cannot wait.

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Well alright then...i'm sold

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that was incredible. the people responsible for putting together this trailer all deserve massive raises! make it rain!

i might actually consider getting this if the content is as stupid (awesome) as advertised.

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Want. Badly.

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Why wasn't Biehn in any of the Expendables?

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I can't not buy this game.

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This is literally causing me to redownload FarCry 3 in anticipation.

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So we can safely assume this will win Giant Bomb's GOTY by default? It is FarCry 3 + all the crazy dumb shit we love here so...? :D

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I have to buy this simply on the implication that I love everything 80's and 90's.

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Finally the REAL Farcry3 is coming out.

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Looks like a big, dumb action game and I wouldn't want it any other way.