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Posted by Usagi

There are two too many "for the most part" and one too many "flush you out."

Who wrote this video review?  Captain Redundant?

Posted by GeekyDad


Great ending!

Posted by Media_Master

awesome ending!

Cool game, reminds me of a very linear, but excellent, Half-life 2

Posted by SoulTaker

Cool ending to a great review.  I'll probably wait for the price to drop before I pick this one up.

Posted by DirrtyNinja
I'll be renting this.
Posted by RHCPfan24

That is a great ending, lol. As for the game itself, I want to play it really badly. This will most likely be a buy for me once the price hits $30, which should happen soon considering how fast Condemned 2 dropped in price.

Posted by chacho89

Great review. XD at the ending loved it.

Posted by darkjester74

Vinny=teh win!

Great review Ryan, very informative!

Attention Monolith-->  SHOGO 2!  LETS DO THIS THING!!!

Posted by Djratchet

haha! I loved the "visor calibration"
great review, as always!

Posted by RIP_Icewood

Awesome reveiw Ryan. I played through the demo and I enjoyed the ride. I want the full game but I think Im going to wait for a price cut honestly. Especially since I have Killzone 2, RE5, and SF4 to get.... =)

Posted by SneakyPenguins

thought the ending sucked but good review

Posted by Civraz

Does this game contain Ryan Davis? Confirmed. Whoo!

Posted by Vash108

Ok the end made me lol.

Posted by BR4DL3I9H

Great ending!

Posted by Vandersveldt

Best ending yet

Posted by Skunkboy72

It's just amazing how well put together this review is.  So much better than those people down at g-spot

Posted by MasterChief360

wonderful game

Posted by Lunx

Funny ending  made me laugh and by the way just got the game yesterday and i['d give it a 4.5 stars out 5 it's really good like a shooter should be just shoot and yeah linears is sometimes good like in this case and best of all runs great on my pc which is meadium specs dual core 2.00 1.2 gigs ram 220 gigs of space Nvidia 7600gs 256 mb Windows XP SP3 amazed at how great it runs at 1024x768 maxed out.

Posted by lamegame621

I'm actually installing this on my Steam account right now :P. Hope I like it as much as I loved the demo.

Posted by Dion

Pretty decent review you've got there, and the end was hilarious!

Posted by Winternet

Grand ending

Posted by welshy023

The demo is pretty fun, I'll probably rent it.

Posted by Nasar7

Playing through this game now...this game is just plain fun.

Edited by F_14_D_TOMCAT

FEAR 2 is just as scary as the original FEAR ! 
And all of FEAR 2's weapons were pretty cool and infact better than the 1st one's weapons, making the combat experience more enjoyable. 
FEAR2 is just as good as the 1st FEAR. 
If not better coz you get to pilot the Mech suit ! 
The ending of this video is da bomb. Way to go Ryan !

Posted by YukoAsho

I don't know if I'd agree that it's a short game or a particularly easy one.  I found myself getting quite a bit of pushback on Normal.

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