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Edited by svxtc

Playing this now.  Not a bad game.  Kind of liking it.

Love the ending Vinny!!!
Posted by CashBailey

Great review, Ryan.

Love the ending, too.

Posted by canucks23

lol @ the ending. But the game itself looks a little to generic for me.

Posted by lordofultima

Good stuff, Ryan. I don't really dig the outdoor environments in F.E.A.R. 2, since the first game was so much about close-quarters frantic action.

Posted by Knives

Will wait for price cut.

Posted by JoelTGM

great game, great review.   and that was awesome at the end hahahaha

Edited by TheFrostedGamer

The demo was solid, definitely going to go through the full campaign. I'm glad they decided to make Fear 1's multiplayer free, it's really great. I'm hoping Fear 2's multiplayer is the same. Fear 1's multiplayer was not an evolutionary step like Call of Duty 4 was, but it never felt unfair whether I was winning or losing. I think that's especially crucial for a fps when it goes online. Anyway, seemed like a good, fair review.

Posted by MeatSim

The end part was the best.

Posted by MrMiyagi

LOL, the ending was fantastic.

Posted by Wright

I want those visors more then the game.

Posted by Axion

Visor is calibrated, proceed for take off.

Edited by AspiringAndy

Pure Awesome review.
Ending was coooooooooooool.
I want a Daft Punk visor!

Posted by logson

Vinny's touches are such a delightful part of Giant Bomb's signature. Yes, I said delightful.

Posted by Eric_Buck

The blood looks so awesome. Just how the dudes look when you shoot them makes me want this.

Posted by Red

Best ending ever.

Posted by spoa

The ending was the most badass thing I've seen in my life.

Posted by Luthorcrow

Ditto on the ending but man, it should been electro and with you popping it.

I am playing the game now.  It would be nice if the single player had a harder mode.  Although any complaining about it being too easy, just play on hard and don't use the bullet time.

One thing I would like to see them do given the good AI would be to have the soldiers hit from more more than direction at the same time.

Alma still ranks as great video game villain even being derivative of The Ring (one of the rare examples of the US remake being better than the original).

Edited by SunKing

Great review Ryan. I might check it out when it comes down in price.

Posted by Stevokenevo

If that bit at the end is in the game then alma has become much more powerful since the last game!

Posted by MattBodega

I had no idea Ryan was in the visor THE WHOLE TIME!
Ryan is a really discerning critic, and I really enjoy the way he describes the things that Monoloth, specifically, does really well in a video game. Great stuff!

Posted by sped83

I want a Mech-suit for christmas....

Posted by Ontheocho

Loved the reference to Shogo and other Monolith gold.   I loved the first, but I don't think I can handle dual Daft Punk Ryans.  That's true fear.

Posted by brocool

hahah.. awesome video! sweet ending

Posted by InFamous91

Ryan Davis has some pretty cool dance moves lol

Posted by FlappyHands

Haha that was an excellent review, that visor is as calibrated as it could be.

Posted by Osaladin

That was one of the best endings to anything.

Posted by AndrewB

I'm sort of wishing I had bought a console version of it (google something about Fear 2 dynamic lighting for PC), and I'm also wishing I had waited for it to drop in price a tad after learning the game is only about 7 hours long, but it is still undeniably awesome.

It's probably just because creepy scares seem to get to me, but this game feels way more scary than the first. I've had to put it away at times because I pretty much knew something was going to happen, but really wasn't prepared to see it at the moment.

Posted by JackiJinx

Oh that ending was classic.

I might actually pick this one up.

Posted by crazeekamikazee

nice review ryan.
shame my xbox360 rrod on me, got a new one and that did the same right out of the box.
but the replace ment might finaly come in the mail tomoz.

Posted by Kohe321

Nice review!

Posted by GamerGeek360

Great review! Especially the ending!

Posted by Parsnip

Nice ending. :D

Posted by Crono

The first FEAR was fun for one play through and when I originally heard there would be a FEAR 2, I had a lot of hopes about what they would fix with the single player campaign.  Sadly it doesn't sound like they were fixed.  I will have to pass this one up... at least we got a sweet ending on this video.

Posted by MetalGearSunny

lol @ the end.

Posted by strangeling

I still need to pick up the first one.  From this review, I might get this one after that if I want to follow the story.

Thanks Ryan.
Posted by Afroman269

Alma was never in control, it was Ryan all this time!!!!!!

Posted by Meteora

Ahaha, a reference to Daft Punk just like at the end of COD:WAW review. I love Vinny.

And nice review, I enjoyed it. Keep it up.

Posted by Jensonb

Wow, that visor sequence alone would be worth the price of entry

Posted by SoothsayerGB

I'd like to rent it.

Posted by deaux

Loved the visor bit at the end.

Posted by TheGamerGeek

I wish Ryan was constantly dancing around in my glasses it'd make life so much funner.

Posted by JJOR64

Awesome video and awesome ending.

Posted by Bubahula

where do i get visors with ryan dancing on them !!!!!

Posted by KnifeySpoony

Hahaha, that was great. Good review, nice work.

Posted by zoozilla

Short and sweet review, told me what I needed to know, and featured Ryan dancing to Daft Punk.


Posted by okuzy

nice touch at the end lol.

Posted by lantus

Haha, I liked the Daft Punk ending.

Posted by Zuul



Posted by giyanks22

Lol at the ending...

Good review, but it doesn't seem that special..

Posted by tromboneshinobi

Great review! I just checked this out on gamefly, I'm digging it! Man Vinny, Monolith should hire you, you could really ramp up the scary factor in a game with an ending like that!

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