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Posted by Venatio

ugh, spiders...

Posted by Psyx2

Spiderpig is better.

Posted by Rotnac
@Psyx2 said:
" Spiderpig is better. "
Posted by fallen_elite

mmm spiders
I'm hungry

Posted by Scooper

I really reallyreallyreally hate spiders.

Posted by Coltonio7

If Activision owned Maxis, Spore Hero would be something totally different.
Take that Lego Rock Band.

Posted by DanielJW
@Scooper said:
" I really reallyreallyreally hate spiders. "
Posted by GunnBjorn

I have a huge cross spider hanging at my bedroom window... 
I usually don't like them either, but he/she does me a great service as an insect exterminator. 
That's what i constantly try to keep in mind.
Posted by Joey2683

"Game of the Year" hands down.

Posted by Fubar

Another reason not to buy a Wii

Posted by Jayzilla

spore is like communism; it seems great when you think about it and is atrocious in reality.

Posted by khhus

Looks horrible

Posted by PureRok

How do you turn Spore into a fighting game? Obviously not like this.

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Posted by Waffles13

Wait... So it's a shitty fighting game?

Posted by iSAW

No need to fear folks, that BUG-bat only has six legs. However, certain spiders have the ability to ride air currents using their web... so... keep on fearing and sorry for the interruption.

Posted by Dante_the_Jedi

Spore a fighting game...I am sorry what...really?
Also fir the love of god why would anyone want a spider with wings!

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Doesn't this game defeat the whole purpose of Spore?

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Haha, I made flying spiders the first and only time I played through Spore, I believe I called them Tarantulair (geddit?) -  It's pretty much my favorite animal. Its like a Tarantula and a Bat mixed... bred for its skills in magic.
Edit: Proof those creature-stealing motherfuckers stole my creature:

Tarantulair Mk.1

Tarantulair Mk.2
Posted by John1912

Spore sucks ass............
Posted by jws

Don't spiders have 8 legs?

Posted by MeatSim

Why would you do this.

Posted by ghostNPC

Spore: Casuals Edition

Posted by Dimsey

Not getting the hate. It's not gonna blow any minds but it doesn't look too bad.

Posted by Ossi

I better bust out my arcade stick and get my Sporedouken on.

Posted by Demonstride
@ghostNPC said:
" Spore: Casuals Edition "
Isn't it pretty casual to begin with?
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Spore was a great game..no idea why people are hating on it. 
Obviously they never made it past the single-cell stage :P  
Edit: This game looks horrid tho.

Posted by BarrenMind

I kinda liked this game back when it was called Magic Pengel. 

Posted by Media_Master

I still haven't finished the first spore