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Highly professional coverage incoming.

That being said, props to Patrick's wife for helping him out.

That long close-up of Max Temkin was kind of disturbing though.

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Posted by spiketail

@patrickklepek - Let's call it an interesting take on Giant Bomb reporting! Thanks for effort, Patrick. :D

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That's definitely Dave Lang.

Posted by Patman99

Dang, Scoops. This was really interesting. I really like that you are trying this kind stuff and it would probably have turned out really well had the audio recorder worked.

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Wow... lmao. Well, cool looking event. The whole mic situation kind of sucks but the commentary track helps salvage everything. Man, I swear I can almost see Patrick facepalming in that moment he realizes he didn't have live audio to sync to the video.

Posted by cthomer5000

We appreciate the effort Scoops!

Posted by JoshS

I'm really glad this got posted, even with the audio issues. Thanks for giving us an inside look at a smaller local event. I may even look for stuff like that in my area in the near future!

Posted by Evan_Buchholz

Secret beers are best beers.

Posted by MrGtD

I'm in this video like 4 times. So that's real weird for me.

When I ran into Patrick, I had him sign a DVD copy of The Rock that I won back in the Screened days that was already signed by Alex and Rorie. It's now a goal to get that thing signed by the entire staff, and only then can I die.

Posted by tinodz

Now that Mrs Scoops has debuted on Giant Bomb, how about persuading her to get together for an irregularly scheduled podcast about games TV shows and horror movies?

PS: This is just basically just stealing borrowing Will Smith's idea.

Posted by Darkanoff

hahah awesome! Wish they had something like this in the twin cities area...

Posted by DrStrangepork

@patrickklepek Well, at least it was a learning experience. I do think you missed an opportunity to overdub the audio very poorly and try to pass it off as if nothing happened.

Interesting stuff as always, thank's for posting.

Posted by Jaina_Solo_

A nice try to upstage the GBeast PC building series :)

Thanks for the coverage Patrick, really appreciate it.

Posted by Flavbot

Thanks Patrick! A shame about the audio. But regarding the video being "bad" I don't mind that at all, it's a bit charming and you get an "on the ground" feel. Do more of this kind of stuff :)

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Audio is so last gen.

Posted by longish

Fun video! I did broadcast journalism major in college, I always feared of not having my mic working and not being aware of it.

Posted by Renpatsu

Good job on your director's commentary. Now do a version where you ADR all the voices in the video with your own.

I'm also liking the relatively homespun nature of Bit Bash from what I'm seeing.

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Nailed the pan up fade out.

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@renpatsu said:

Now do a version where you ADR all the voices in the video with your own.

Man that would be hilarious.

Bummer about the audio, Patrick but you made the best of it.

Posted by DazzHardy

I actually think this was kinda neat anyways. You don't often get to hear directors commentary style stuff about this kind of thing, and I found it really interesting. I would of liked to see it with the actual audio, but I think you did a great job with what you had available Patrick, well done.

Posted by Atom

Tough break, Scoops :(

I probably wouldn't have watched regular footage, but the narration bit makes it more interesting.

Posted by Flixxx

I think you two should get out more often to do event coverage. If the audio was there, I'm sure it would have been great. It's still very charming and a good save :)

Posted by GeneralBison

Great coverage regardless of audio issues, would love more stuff like this from you! Keep up the good work

Posted by Wogglebeast

More of what I like from Scoops; honest, insightful reporting. Bugger about the audio problems but I've no doubt some more practice and back-and-forth with Vinny, Drew and Jason will get things going. Looking forward to more!

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@elpork said:


That is unreal. How did I miss that the first time?

Posted by ChrisTaran

Awesome job with what you had Patrick! Looking forward to see more coverage like this from you in the future (including the Mrs. as your Vinny/Drew/Jason) :)

Posted by metalsnakezero

Make sure you check you equipment next time Patrick. Other than that good show.

Posted by Buckydude

No lie, shit like this is why I love Giantbomb.

Posted by Desss

Good coverage Patrick, hope this doesnt dishearten you and we can see more unique lesser known events covered!

Posted by MaxLazarus

this was great!

Posted by wrecks

Dat Soundtrack.

Posted by Sanj

Nice camera work, Mrs Scoops!

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Posted by Mycroft_Ampersand

Glad to see that you were able to work something out and still get the footage up on the site Patrick.

It's also really great to see events that are a little more homegrown (for lack of a better term) and not just coverage of large industry events like E3 or TGS. I really enjoyed seeing what is going on.

Posted by fisk0

@elpork said:


Yeah, that was pretty crazy.

Posted by poser

There were all kinds of crazy lighting changes but the auto-exposure on the camera held up really well! Good job camera!

Shooting live events is hard... good effort.

Posted by Pox22

Of course Chicago and its GB contingent wait until AFTER I move from central IL to Boston to host events like this...

Solid stuff, Scoops, keep it up. Love seeing GB Chicago come into its own--and being at the epicenter of what could be an incredible development in Chicago's place in gaming.

Posted by Winsord

It may not have come out how you originally intended, but I still enjoyed this quite a bit. Thanks, Scoops!

Posted by OhTheStatic

Super appreciated. I really wish I had been able to make it out to the event that day. I am really glad to see that there was a pretty great number of people that arrived!

Posted by rmanthorp

I'd kill for something like this close to me! Thanks Patrick.

Posted by ThePoark

This was cool -- thanks, Patrick!

Posted by frostyxc

Narration? You should have just dubbed everyone's voices in à la Manos.

Posted by Cecil

That was great Patrick! Kudos to your wife for the camera work.

Posted by TrinketTom

@fisk0 said:

@elpork said:


Yeah, that was pretty crazy.

I'm thrilled to be so notable :D Sometimes I forget how alien-like I appear.

Posted by pinner458

Poor @patrick. The effort is appreciated anyway.

Posted by Falconer

Wait... has Katie officially done more camera work for Giant Bomb than Jason?! Guess that makes her legit.

Posted by Fattony12000

Katie for new Giant Bomb Video Person.

Super good job on making use of what you did manage to capture, @patrickklepek!

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