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Posted by Fobwashed

The robot finally finished its jorb!

Posted by Phantomvirus

Happy gobble gobble day everyone

Posted by Big_Boss_Snake_

Nice !

Posted by Cootsnoop

holy shit, this is really 4 hours long? cool.

Posted by Zer0Evil

4 hours! This is the BEST.

Posted by noizy

Is that GAME OF THE YEAR: 420BLAZEIT vs. xxXilluminatiXxx [wow/10 #rekt edition] Montage Parody The Game?

Posted by CrimsonJesus

Yes! I've been waiting...

Posted by Springfart

great title

Posted by monkeystick

Great? Super great.

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It's not even Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving was a month a go! Get with the times, America!

Posted by Saieno

Yay for working on Thanksgiving (though it isn't yet)

Posted by straydogrenji

Happy Bastille Day, folks.

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God, this Kick-man music.

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I'm thankful for this!

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Hey, I archived this stream's chat. It's on QLCrew.

I will make timestamps soon.

Posted by Fram
Posted by PavlovianTic

yes yes yes yes

thanks jeff and rorie

Posted by Tajasaurus

Anyone else having trouble downloading this?

Posted by cooljammer00

Wasn't there a pre-stream stream with Jeff playing C64 games?

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Holy hell, I didn't expect such a Giant Bomb Beast.

Friday's a holiday here? THAT'S NEWS TO ME!

Posted by OhDearAudrey

dave lang made me lose it

Posted by GaspoweR
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Watched this live and went straight to DL'ing 420 Blaze it. It's so goddamn stupid and great and perfect. Just tread carefully if you play with headphones.

Posted by tildebees

I've been trolled

Posted by JohnnyHalo666

Got to about 1:30 in the live stream before I had to go do stuff, really did not expect it to go for this long. You guys work way to hard at playing video games.

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God bless you guys, I needed one more thing to watch over the holiday.

Posted by NoneSun

I wish I had an excuse for my family to provide me with a Turkey centric meal.

Posted by CornBREDX

Wow, this video is 7.1 GB

I was watching the stream live but I fell asleep and decided to watch it later


Posted by The_Big_Rough

the kick man song was starting to drive me insane xD

Posted by Carnelust

I fucking love how at-terms Jeff is with the international user-base of his site, it's so refreshing!

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4 hours!?

Ill be watching this to fall asleep to multiple nights in a row, thank you kind gentlemen.

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Lovely Planet is a great game. Make sure if you play it that you try to 3-star the levels. Much like recent Mario games, Lovely Planet's difficulty (and to an extent its fun factor) hinges on the player doing more than just getting to the flagpole. It gets goddamn hard, but there's a Meat Boy-esque zen to it all, since there are no random elements and you can retry levels with the press of a key.

Cook Serve Delicious is what I'd imagine arcade games to be if arcade games were played at a keyboard. Fun game!

Posted by MarkHawk

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone. Glad Rorie and Lang could help keep the show alive with Jeff.

Posted by Supa_Kappa

Happy thanksgiving to you Americans. I live in a country without thanks or giving but I still have to work Black Friday tomorrow, how fucked is that?

Posted by forteexe21

So many terrible chat choices...

Posted by Metal_Mills

7gb?! Holy shit, this is GB's biggest video. I thought they had to split them?

Posted by Osiris

4 fucking hours nice

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I paused on this and it cracked me up. Its that look of a focused man, but you can see the music killing his soul.

Posted by Tits_Matador

Why is it so dark? Is Vinny throwing dark again?

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I can't remember the Game name Jeff was playing but the Hero was called Sara Numas? Am I thinking too deep into it and thinking it was the creators homage to a reverse spelling of Samus Aran of Metroid? The lady even has blonde hair and seemingly similar blue zero suit?

Edit: the game was Dungeon of the Endless.

Edited by ripelivejam

Lot of cool games and games that were good-dumb, and then there was that skid mark game (title gave my immature self hope, oh well...). GOTY is now my GOTY. Ziggurat looks like tons of fun but i can't in good conscience pick it up when im currently powering through DA:I and smash bros while halo and bayonetta unfairly languish. Someday soon though! Thanks for the quality stream guys.

"This game sucks" -Rorie on cook serve delicious 2014 <3

Posted by whatisdelicious

Earlier today I went back and watched a video from a year or so ago, and dang, Jeff looks a lot better now. The facial hair suits him well and it looks like he's lost some weight, too. I usually hate when people call out the guys' physical appearance (because usually it's people being dicks) but kudos, Jeff. Lookin' good.

Posted by eazeapeazea

That Skid Mark game was so gross and offensive.

Posted by SKUupin

I watched an hour of this before going and seeing Interstellar. Both were good experiences.

Privacy: Private. Opponent: Player.

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@eazeapeazea said:

That Skid Mark game was so gross and offensive.

I don't find it either. Just not funny.

That's obviously the point. To be "offensive and gross", maybe. No matter their intention though, it goes so far out to that edge that it becomes super dumb. I'd hope the creators don't actually find it funny.

Posted by MooseyMcMan

Jeff reminded me that someone gifted me Bad Rats on Steam once. I never played it.

Posted by BBOYS2231

Awesome! Got something to watch before the circus (my family) comes over. Thanks for the video Jeff!

Posted by Corvak

It's not even Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving was a month a go! Get with the times, America!

Hey now, if they want to wait too long and let east coast storms thrash up their travel plans, more power to them :V

Posted by KaneRobot

The mention at the end about GBeast coming to town for GOTY videos raised some excitement. I haaaaate that Vinny's not on the podcast anymore, but if nothing else at least that makes it so when the two halves are reassembled to form Giant Voltromb for special occasions, it really does feel like a big deal.

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