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Welcome to the family Austin!

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Yay! Welcome!

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Great news, love his writing!

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Hey, duder! Glad to see you on the team. Looking forward to new content coming out of GBE!

Remember to follow@austin_walker over here!


Welcome Austin!! Really love your writing :)

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A video welcome. Awesome!

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Hi, Austin!

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Hi, Austin Walker. When they did a tour of that office a while back, it seemed like a fancy place for kings. Enjoy the cool office and the cool website!

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Hello Austin Walker.

@austin_walker: Not going to lie, I was hoping you'd rip open that camp shirt at some point to reveal a GBEast T-shirt underneath. When you work for Giant Bomb you have to be able to step it up like that.

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YEAH TEAM BEAST! Welcome Austin! :D

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You gonna kill it, Austin.

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Welcome, Austin!

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Hello senpai

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Don't actually kill anything Austin!

You gonna kill it, Austin.

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Hello Austin! Welcome to Giant Bomb and looking forward to your stuff!

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Welcome man!

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Welcome! Can't wait to see what you bring to Giant Bomb, Austin. :)

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Hi new GBE Duder, welcome to the Asylum Enjoy your stay, in all seriousness Welcome Austin.

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Welcome sir, welcome to the madness!

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Welcome to the family Austin!

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Welcome Austin!

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You need to throw that shirt away.

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Hi Austin Walker!

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I know Austin from the Streamfriends' streams that I have occasionally tuned into. I've seen how Phil and the gang have corrupted him there and look forward to Vinny and Alex getting their hooks into Austin here. Congrats!

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Man, Austin gets to work at Giant Bomb AND he gets free coffee? The rich get richer...

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Over qualified maybe? But I like him :)

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Seems like Austin spent more time in college than the rest of the crew combined. We can now finally settle it then: is Giantbomb art?

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Hello, hi, hello

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Welcome aboard Austin! I look forward to reading your content and hearing you on the Beastcast!

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welcome! your first outing on the beastcast was fantastic.

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Paging Dr. Walker!

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Carrying on the legend that is Giant Bomb!

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Hello and welcome Austin! and YES, you're too educated to be at Giant Bomb

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Welcome aboard Austin.

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Grosse Pointe Blank reference, I'm filled with such joy hearing that :)

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Welcome Austin! Your plans for the website are going to be great!

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Hello Austin!

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So excited to have Austin at GB. He brings so much to the table.

I really, really can't wait to have both him and Dan on the GOTY podcasts.

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Heyo Austin! Welcome to the crew.

Sounds like you'll fit right in.