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I seriously can't wait to see guardians.

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It took me a solid second to realize that the image was Guardians of the Galaxy, and in fact not the new art for Scoops and the Wolf.

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If you're in to b movies, Red Letter Media has some good videos of them watching and talking about B movies.

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Where was Alex getting those PSNow prices for the higher tiers? I was reading stuff that was like $25 or something for 30 days and $40 for 90 days etc.

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GUARDIANS. WAS. SO. GOOD. I wrote a piece about how the movie is similar to The Emperor's New Groove on Kotaku's TAY blog here. *shameless plug* Seriously though, go see it. Blew away my expectations, and everyone in our group. Funniest movie I've seen this year.

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Patrick and Alex kept saying EA Access is for "back catalog games", which seems completely inaccurate. Correct me if I'm wrong, but every game available is the current game in the franchise. BF4, FIFA 2014, and Madden 25 are the newest games in those series, not back catalog.

The big question is when does it give you access to Hardline, FIFA 2015, etc.? If you get them day 1, then this service becomes "Pay $60/year to always have the newest Battlefield, Madden, and FIFA (plus whatever other random stuff)", which is a great deal.

I don't care about any of those games, so I wouldn't buy this under any circumstance, but if it continues to always have the most up to date games, it's a great deal.

If games come to the service 6-12 months after release, then it's back to not being worth it.

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I'm trying to remember what the innuendo in Guardians Patrick mentioned was.

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Guardians of the Galaxy is fucking amazing.

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I really want that raccoon to catch rabies.

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All this talk of Homefront always makes me want to post one of my favorite videos on the subject.

But seriously, Homefront 2 is such a dumb thing. Who wanted that!? Who? Why even bother? I love Alex's comparison of it to a plague rat. Stay away.

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Gonna add my voice to everyone saying that Guardians is absolutely amazing.

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Guardians of the Galaxy is the best Mass Effect movie ever made

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these guys have the same beard.. and well... :)