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Maybe one day I'll be able to justify a WiiU for Bayonetta, one day.

Posted by Lausebub

I have yet to see the episode, but the image already confirms that it's a good one.

PS: You should play Bayonetta 2.

Posted by johncallahan

Bayonetta 2 has a strong chance of being my GotY. It's so good. So so good.

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Bayonetta 2 leads into Bayonetta 1.

Posted by MooseyMcMan

Bayonetta 2 is an absolutely fantastic game that more people should play.

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Awesome that you both like the game. Can't wait to hear you talk about it in the goty casts.

Posted by MjHealy

@mooseymcman: It is one of those situations where I'm sure many people want to play it, like myself, but then we have to buy a Wii U.

Posted by MooseyMcMan

@mjhealy said:

@mooseymcman: It is one of those situations where I'm sure many people want to play it, like myself, but then we have to buy a Wii U.

Then maybe you should buy a Wii U!

Posted by Cav829

Bayonetta 2 is easily my Game of the Year unless one of the new games that just came out this week edges it out. It was the first game in fact all year I played that screamed Game of the Year material. Before that I was reluctantly going to say it was Mordor, but that game fell flat in some key areas. I think at this point there are enough games on the Wii U worth playing that most people could justify picking it. It's fairly easy to find around $250 with one or more games included.

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@mooseymcman: I thought about buying a Wii U because there were finally enough games to justify a purchase, but then I saw the price (I figured it would have dropped by now). $350 USD is totally unacceptable considering that isn't even a bundle, and only comes with 32 gigs of storage! I'd have to buy the games, as well as a pro controller (another 50 dollars). So just to get the console and a controller worth playing on it's 400 bucks! Nintendo is totally dropping the ball on holiday deals and bundles, it isn't even competitive.

Posted by Zorak

The Wii U honestly has the most quality exclusive games at the moment to justify owning it as a next gen console. Most of the XBONE/PS4 games of any note have superior / equivalent PC ports, so if you have a decent gaming PC and enjoy the PC gaming experience, why bother?

@gravytrain I'm pretty sure you can get a Bundle for $300/350 USD at this point.

Posted by gravytrain

@zorak: Even at $300 that's more than I'm willing to pay for a Wii U after you factor in the cost of the controller and games I'm interested in. As you said, with the PC being my main entertainment platform, I'm really hesitant to buy a console. That's a LOT of PC games, or a great PC upgrade that I could be buying instead.