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Oh shit!

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I just picked this game up myself, and am slowly getting into it so i am right there with you Brad

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Oh man, I'm really excited about this!

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Let the hunt begin.

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Didn't expect Brad to give MH a try. Should be fun!

Posted by rempresent

Oh hell yes, teach us.

Posted by JammyJesus

I really hope that Brad and Jason continue this. Would love a series on Mon Hun with those two knuckleheads.

Posted by thecrowes

Oh God please let this be a series!

Posted by YapaPanda

Yes, I requested this in the comments of the quicklook and Brad is one, Jeff would never give it a chance, Dan would try to act like a heel and the mechanics don't jive with Drew.

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MH4U is my first serious foray into the the Monster Hunter universe and this video is extremely helpful. I would love to see this video turn into a series.

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Jason is going to take us all on a magical journey.

A magical journey to exterminate all fauna on the planet!

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I don't own a 3DS but Monster Hunter as always fascinated me so interested to see how this goes.

Posted by tinodz

Oh God please let this be a series!

It is already...


Although having a few exclusive MH episodes would be nice!

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So... Much... Content...

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I should not be as excited about this as I am.

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I'm so ready to commit to MH, please do more features like this!

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Just picked up Monster Hunter again for the 4U release, got through the Village portion of the 3U one. Glad to see the GB crew doing more content with this game, I think it's really a relic of the past in the sense that player knowledge is tantamount to nothing and it rewards the player appropriately for ascertaining that knowledge. True enough, it's definitely buried in heaps of game mechanics that take some getting used to and nearly require explicit explanation, but, lengthy prefaces aside, Monster Hunter is perhaps one of the most unabashedly "game" games there is. Hope Brad sticks with it and in some podcast down the line we hear, "Oh yeah, just reached my hundredth hour now..."

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Jason Senpai is so cool

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yeah for jason and brad combo

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No regrets with MH4U. 30 hours so far and it's gone by so fast.

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I find it kind of annoying how people say this is such a hard game to get into, it's really not true at all unless you're the type of person to give up if a game doesn't immediately go from 0 to 60.

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Demon's Souls reference?

Posted by mattoncybertron

nice, have definitely been thinking about getting this with the buzz around, thanks y'all!

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Really hope Brad gets really into MH. It really is his type of game. He just needs to push onward!

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The Seltas is the perfect example of an early challenge, that becomes trivial later. He's quite fun to smoosh when you have better gear!

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Wooh, looking forward to this, I hope this is the first episode in a series :)

I'm hoping to get a 3DS soon, and I'm on the fence about getting Monster Hunter for it.

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Gonna watch this for sum hawt tipz

Btw counter says 26 hrs and im only at 3 star quests. Sounds bad? Only done single player but i think i need to be super high level to stand a chance in multi.

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Also if brad falls in deep prepare for another six months of chatter about this.

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Yes! more people need to get on the MonHun train. Thanks Jason!

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I reckon Brad's going to make some gunner armor by accident.

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One of us...

One of us...

We accept you!

We accept you!



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Yeah! This is gonna be great, no matter if it's a train wreck or not!

Posted by AMyggen

Looking forward to getting to watch this when I get home!

Posted by csl316

Oh crap, I don't want to learn these things and get sucked in, too.

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Id hunt with jason

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This needs to be upscaled and released for the Wii U.

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omg as someone playing mh4u as his first MH and instantly got addicted and then went back to watch the mh3 QL's from ryan and jeff, I'm so glad this video exists *grabs some popcorn*

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A possible Jason and Brad series!? Do it!!

Maybe it's just the way I play games but I always scratch my head at people who say this series is obtuse. I jumped in on the Wii ver of Tri and the only thing I ever used a guide for was to see the upgrade trees for specific weapons I wanted. Everything else I figured out on my own.

The one thing Brad is already doing better than a lot of the randoms I group up with on 4U is healing whenever he takes damage. Seems simple enough right? Heal when you take damage? Can't count how many times I've failed quests because other hunters die from taking heavy damage attacks at 3/4 hp

A tip if you're reading comments Brad: Even if you may not like doing the quests that aren't "Kill X(1 Big Monster)", it wouldn't hurt to do them because you can get materials from those environments/monsters to use for future sets of weapons/armor. It sucks to unlock a new set of weapons/armor/upgrades from The Man only to realize you don't have enough "X" or Gluegloppers in Brad's case here.


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http://kiranico.com/en/mh4u is a great MH4U wiki if Brad needs one.

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I feel like if Brad gets deep enough he's gonna fall down the MH just like with Dota or Destiny. High skill cap loot grind games seem they'd be right up his alley. Soon Brad will be bitching about grinding plates like the rest of us.

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Paul Blurt, Mall Cat

Posted by Rejizzle

Yes! So excited for this. Been waiting for a new Brad feature, and Jason is always great.

Posted by Dingler

I like you a lot Jason.

Posted by CaptainJudaism

Fighting Deviljho while listening to Jason try and teach Brad MH4U. This gun be good.

Posted by pyrodactyl

This a great idea for a series but man oh man barrel through those terrible early game missions. Those Kill X number of dudes or get that egg or get that rock missions are HORRIBLE. Just start killing boss monsters as soon as you can.

Regarding gear, as a general rule, you upgrade weapons and craft armor. Crafting weapons might put you on a limited upgrade path for that specific weapon while starting weapons have a lot of potential and a generally smooth upgrade curve. I usually go straight down the metal path on my starting metal weapon. The materials are easy to find and the sense of progression is fast and impactful.

Posted by MonkfishEsq

Sword and Shield really isn't a good weapon for beginners. They start you with it, but it's not a good starting weapon. You should do all of the weapon training quests to get a feel for them all to see which one you like best.