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Posted by Vitz

Does the video stutter for anyone else? The same thing happened in the GOTY videos.

Posted by cooljammer00

Wait, who did Dan say sent him that Yoshi and Grey Fox poster? His "guy"? Does he have a poster guy?

Posted by erickmartins

@vsharres said:

Brahma Light is actually a Brazilian beer, maybe now I have to send them one of those, they are kind of terrible thought...

Brahma is absolutely fine. I've never heard of Brahma Light, though, I had no idea they existed.

Posted by Brian_Stieh

@cooljammer00: I sent in the Mario Party and Yoshi Island posters. I have more of them just hanging out in my garage.

Posted by Brian_Stieh

@danryckert If you want more of those big display posters I can check out what I have and forward the results onto you. They are all Nintendo based.

Posted by killerklown907

Was worried he was gonna pull out a thing of Gold Star or some shit

Posted by neamatoad


Posted by forteexe21

Dan keeping the Yoshi Island feud alive! Patrick would be so proud.

Posted by MormonWarrior

Yoshi's Island is one of the best games ever made. The Game Boy Advance port, though, is...poor. It makes all the jumps completely blind and makes finding the hidden stuff way too hard. Also, the sound and look of it are just too off. I just didn't like that version at all.

But yeah, top 15? For sure! Name 15 better platformers. I dare you. :)

Posted by IcyEyes

"Eat a bag of ducks!" - Jeff Gerstmann

Edited by SandwichApoc

Wang Chung reference. I love it.

Posted by bybeach

I kind of liked the deflated ball joke.

Posted by Spiritof

I've never seen a man so proud of owning a foam guitar.

Posted by SL33TBL1ND

"Knights of Die!?"

Posted by Fistfulofmetal


Posted by Domineeto

Jeff has seemed really lively lately, and I'm loving it!

Posted by BigBossLebowski

I live a half hour from Cinci and I despise Cincinnati-style chili. Skyline is so bad.

Posted by ketchupman36

Knights of Die!

Edited by Driadon
It's mail time! It's mail time!

Sorry Jeff, video game game show hosts hold CRAZY new cordless phones

Posted by thebunnyhunter

I want that fucking poster

Posted by marbleCmoney

Jeff and Dan play off each other so well.

Posted by gablekevin

Sweet lord almighty im loving the quality of this new camera there were almost no out of focus moments and the sound and everything was great

Posted by allodude

@driadon: It's letter time, it's letter time! Goddamn, Nicholas Picholas was a dumb name, but I can never forget it.

Posted by dangerousrockface

Irn Bru spotted

Posted by hollitz

That was a cool sports joke.

Posted by paulunga

So a two-way Cincinnati Chili is just spaghetti bolognese?

Posted by Tr0n

KOD was not answered damnit!

Posted by Sessh

Best opening to a mailbag video yet.

Posted by Homelessbird

Can I come to your office and just throw a bunch of shit out?

Posted by Wonloong

God dammit, your office is still a dump! I'm flying over there and clean everything up!

Edited by HoboZero

Every time the gang K.O.D. is mentioned I get hungry. It has a very well known meaning in my city :)

Posted by Slab64

Shaggy Brad is beginning to resemble Phillip Seymour Hoffman

Posted by zokamoka

I just realized...Jeff is a chipmunk O_O

Posted by Bollard

My Raspberry Pi does the same thing that Plex app was doing with Twitch streams sometimes.

Posted by p2535748

Dan, cars aren't safe in lightning storms because of their tires. Generally, the rubber in tires or soles of shoes is way too thin to insulate against lightning. They're safe because the metal cage of the car forms a Faraday cage.

Essentially, any metal cage hit by electricity will keep the electric charge completely on the outside skin of the cage. This works even if their are gaps in the cage. This means that anyone inside of the cage is safe. They can even touch the inside of the cage without getting shocked. As an aside, Faraday cages also largely block radio signals.

Posted by AMyggen

@wonloong said:

God dammit, your office is still a dump! I'm flying over there and clean everything up!

It'll get messy again in no time. Remember when the company mandated that they had to remove all the boxes etc., and they livestreamed it? They didn't keep it that way ;)

Posted by simkas

So should we just assume from now on that The Substitute is just constantly playing on a loop in their office somewhere?

Edited by IronRinn

For those wondering about the Gray Fox print, it was a private commission for the print community on NeoGAF, done by Ash Thorp, (props to Mockingbird who did all the work getting it made up and sent out). There were two versions, a regular edition in silver and a variant in red. Great to see it making the rounds.

Posted by DavidMerrick

Brad is rocking the grey in his beard and he looks super grizzled.

Posted by Chicken008

King of Donair?

Posted by StraightGrizzly

Jeff was on fire with funny, yet really bad jokes and puns in this Mailbag. Wouldn't have it any other way.

That Slap Nuts guitar is pretty sweet. I'm sure we'll be seeing photos of Dan holding that up during live wrestling shows. For a second before he opened the package, I thought it was going to be a custom made Air Force Gator foam thingy.

When Brad smelled the Cincinnati ducks, it reminded me of the one time I drove through Cincinnati (without stopping) and it smelled like sewage for like 20 minutes driving through. Sorry locals. I'd still try a four-way though.

@lausebub: Is that the lodge butler from Twin Peaks? That dude was awesome.


Seriously though, even though I may live in Cincinnati, and have my whole life, it's pretty awesome. I would love for you to have a 3,4,or even 5-way. Remember, they may sound strange, but boy are they delicious!

Hey, and even if you don't like it, you can have some of the other Cincinnati favorite Graeters ice cream instead, it's the only one of it's kind in the whole world and in my experience has never been rejected by anyone whose tried it.

Posted by Dizzyhippos

KOD = Kings of Destruction

Posted by CaptainCoke

Maybe this is well established, but why are there always hundreds of cardboard boxes everywhere in their office?

Posted by SlackerMonkey

The tires do nothing to stop lightning from striking your car. Cars are considered safe because the lightning will travel through the outside frame of the car and usually pass around the people inside. The rubber band thing though...that's totally true...

Posted by Niflhe

@mormonwarrior: Mega Man 2, Super Mario Bros 3/World, DKC2, Sonic 2, Super Castlevania IV, Rayman Legends, Shovel Knight, VVVVVV, Cave Story, Super Meat Boy, Kirby Super Star, Metal Storm, Tower of Heaven, Klonoa, and Dustforce.

15, just using one game from each series. Otherwise there would be a lot more Mega Man and Mario. I also didn't include Super Metroid because I'm iffy on whether that's a platformer or not. Yoshi's Island isn't a bad game by any means - it would probably make my top 20.

Posted by pontoon_yacht

As far as chains go, Goldstar is infinitely better than Skyline, but Skyline is still really good. Because Cinci Chili is a fabulous and amazing food.

When not discussing chains it's either Camp Washington or bust, really.

Posted by ildon

Putting the entirety of The Substitute on the site, 30 seconds at a time.

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