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Posted by development

My only criticism is that I'd much prefer an off-the-cuff kind of overview rather than reciting a script. I do like the idea of smaller, more potent chunks, though.

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Really great feature, Patrick! I really love this new format. Please don't stop jumping into unknown games and letting us see you tackle the learning curve though. Maybe the old format will have to became a new beast of its own.

Posted by veganarking

I enjoyed this new format a lot! The format is much more academic and critical than the old WP, which is an absolute improvement. That being said, I still enjoy the raw take of mechanics and as a previous commenter said, developing a feel for a game whilst you also do it.

"worth playing" seems to entail a critical perspective that was somewhat lost in the old version, so kudos for upping the critical lense and production value on this one.

Posted by Doskias

@sessh said:

I have to say that while I do really like the format (I also liked the old one, though) the one thing that's really bothering me is that this is just way too short.

If you keep going with this, please make longer videos, Patrick.

My thoughts, you have typed them.

Posted by Saik0u

Good job @patrickklepek !

This reminded me of 99% Invisible (with Roman Mars), and i really like the direction you are taking on these!
Keep playing with the editing too. If you are headed in the direction i think you are, the way you handle transitions, overlays and pacing might be where you can easily add to the quality of your videos. I enjoyed the presentation and your efforts to present your thoughts in a nice package. I would love to see you challenge your editing skills in both audio and video.

Since i am a greedy man, i would of course like more games in the videos. I understand that the more editing and script-writing you do, the more time goes into the production. i would also hazard a guess that digging your way through the iceberg of indie titles out there, take time.

Here is a small nit-pick:
Your microphone settings or pop-filter could also need one more pass of tuning. Sitting in that dim lit car, and listening to your story was an enjoyable experience, dotted with tiny unflattering sounds every time the letter P would leave your mouth. :)

If 15 minute videos in this format started showing up on Giant Bomb every 2-3 weeks, I would be very happy and also in admiration of your production and writing skills.
This video series would help shine a light on good and interesting indie games for a lot of people. I am certain that a large part of the Giant Bomb community would appreciate being informed of those games.
Good day, sir!

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I really like the new format for this!

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Hmm... I have no idea which format I like best. Why not both? Maybe Patrick could inter-splice bits of him just playing the game then jump back to narration at some point.

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I like the format.

Posted by I_speel_my_dreenk

I dig the new format. Carry on!

Posted by Rasrimra

I do like your soothing voice in this pre-recorded one.
Maybe you could do some ASMR or bedtime stories XD

Posted by Ozzie

@patrickklepek I like the new format so many things are "live" kinda nice to have a change of pace. One of the reason I love Jeff's gaming minute is because how professional and tight it is. No fat just great content

Posted by tbennett5438

Nicely done Patrick

Posted by ThomasCro

Man, I love your narration voice, so calming.

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I really like the new format, Patrick. I hope to see some more of this kind of content on the site. I love everything the GB guys do, but I've been worrying that everything was heading towards the "we're recording ourselves playing this game and just changing the name of what it is" format. It's nice to see this. And it was well-done too.

Posted by Nadafinga

I always enter the oldest date possible in age gated videos. I like to think that in some small way I'm messing up somebody's data collection. Or maybe I really am 114 years old....

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i like this new style, i would keep doing it

Posted by Ford_Dent

Yes, this is good. More of this, please.

Posted by ectoplasma

I liked the old format way better.

Posted by MankMachinery

Patrick usually writes articles and this is basically a "video article" about games I probably wouldn't otherwise see. I've got no problem with this format.

Posted by blabbermouth64

I prefer it much more in this format. I'd rather a a book report-esque video about some games rather than a quick look format.

Posted by Roxxy

I loved the new format, keep this up, experimentation is great for the site!

Posted by Stapler

the new format feels like an extended "gaming minute" or a segment from something akin to Radio Lab; which isn't a bad thing. I'd like to see a few more Worth Playings with this format to see how it pans out. Always good to see a bit more variety and experimentation with staple segments.

Posted by The_Nubster

I like the scripted version. Sometimes, the old videos would drag on as Patrick became a little too transfixed on a certain obstacle or mechanic, and often it would devolve into rants that were not even related to the game at hand.

The script allows Patrick to really explain why these games are worth playing, instead of just playing them for us and talking over them about other things.

Posted by quirkwood

loving the new format!

Posted by csl316

Really cool, Patrick. Seems like you found a good use for the video essay experiments. The previous format has its moments, but I always enjoy a tightly edited video. (what, GB has four video guys all of a sudden??) It's a shorter video that requires more work but it's worth it.

And to be honest, it's a nice change of pace from the usual GB format of "let's see what happens." Not to mention that I'd usually have the older videos playing in the background. This actually had me engaged and more interested in the games. Testing out a small game for five minutes could lead to a nice find, but more often than not I'd forget about many of them soon after.

Anyway, the driving game seems really neat. Some of my most peaceful moments are driving down empty roads at 2am, and that looks a surprisingly accurate representation with a minimalist approach.

Also, fire.

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Great job Patrick at making me puke on myself. Well done.

Posted by Branthog

People. PEOPLE... Please.. Just.. stop having your characters blink when in first person view. I am already blinking my own eyes.

Posted by Tychoid

Ehhh don't know if I'm a fan of the new format. Its not bad, its just basically a mini-review - which we already have plenty of on the site. I rather enjoy the unfiltered "Worth Playing" experience of discovering the game as Patrick plays it. Patrick could just do another mini-review feature apart from "Worth Playing" and I think this sort of format would work better there.

Posted by Centurypunk

I skipped a lot of old worth playing, but this is more my style

Posted by TKFT44

I liked this video a lot, though to be frank, the production quality wasn't up to Giant Bomb standards. Which is to say, awesomely ludicrous and ludicrously awesome.

Both of these games look great. Patrick, I enjoy the way you think about games.