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New Giant Bomb premium show coming soon!

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While I have switched many drives from one enclosure to another it always feels like putting a genie back in a bottle every time.

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I really like this, it's a cool little thing to see on this site! Definitely would love to see more stuff like this, Jason's crazy wire technique, and so on!

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Three minutes in. I can't handle this. I'm freaking out. I don't want to watch a Giant Bomb video where somebody slices their thumb open.

ETA: Thank God, everybody's okay, and nobody is laid open.

ETA2: Now I want to see a tag team match - Brad and Dan vs. Will and Norm from Tested

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or just not get the USB enclosure

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@spacecouncil: Brad mentioned that with the enclosure, for some reason, the drive is cheaper, plus you get a handy way to re-use your old PS4 HDD.

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Dan has never operated a tool in his life lol

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@spacecouncil: Brad mentioned that with the enclosure, for some reason, the drive is cheaper, plus you get a handy way to re-use your old PS4 HDD.

I heard him say that. I suggested that buying the drive with the USB enclosure is also an option. Its still just a regular ass HDD

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or forget the USB casing and buy a SATA to USB cord

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Are you sure the external drive is the same as the internal? Usually (at least they used to) they gimp them slightly. The rpm is slower.

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Looks like Brad should to visit Papa Vinny's Pizza Parlor Barber Shop.

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@spaghet3: Hitachi are probably best they have got crazy reliability in 1 to 2 TB range and Toshiba obtained or joined with Hitachi hard drive part of that company so I would presume there all good too by now.

Seagate can be hit and more miss in last few years, and Western Digital stand in middle neither great or bad.

But here link to some info on topic http://www.pcworld.com/article/2089464/three-year-27-000-drive-study-reveals-the-most-reliable-hard-drive-makers.html

And I have got Hitachi drives that are around 8 to 4 year range and they are still all working great so I am big fan of there products.

I have been happy with all of my western digital 2TB drives, one is about 5 years old and still working. It had at one point been submersed in orange juice. Long story.

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@kid_gloves: that just proves he didn't follow Stone Cold's advice. I'm ashamed of you, Dan.

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@icyeyes said:

New Giant Bomb premium show coming soon!

"Better knifehacks every day"

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Uh oh...

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@cmykjester: i have mine for 9 years now :D still rocks

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MP4! MP4! More angry Jeff!

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@brad: Thanks, and no you don't need a haircut.

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Did Dan say "ConBradulations"?

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That was like I just watched Brad be Dan's dad for a few minutes. That was great.

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The greatest headline in Giantbomb history.

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I like that the comments on this video are 1/3 about @brad getting/abstaining from a haircut, 1/3 arguing over what drive to put in it, and 1/3 people talking about how @danryckert will eventually maim/kill himself on camera.

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Hey everyone, excuse my ignorance, but couldn't Dan just plug the now external ps4 hard drive in to the ps4 to transfer his saves and such off of it?

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Why do I get the feeling, that Brad would be a hit on You Tube as a 'Hardware man'.

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I get that this harddrive comes $30 cheaper as an USB drive but what exactly is it that makes this HDD the chosen one?

Is it faster, silent, durable or does it just happens to be the cheapest on the market atm. ?

Also Dan handling the knife seems superdangerous, keep the knifes away form that man.

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@brad said:

@jakob187 said:

@brad, I wanted to let you know that we've been using these same hard drives on our Xbox One stations at our LAN center since around Thanksgiving, and they've been fantastic. Newegg typically has them on sale a lot of times (especially the 3TB version), so it shouldn't be too hard for people to find.

The reason I tagged you is because I'm curious if you could do this same thing for the Xbox One. I don't know if you could actually replace that with it or not.

Good to know these hold up well over time, thanks.

People have taken apart Xbox Ones and managed to swap the internal drive out (no idea what kind of file system hijinks you'd need to make it readable), but you'll void the Xbox's warranty that way, and DF's benchmarks show it's a bit faster to go over USB3 anyway, so it's really not worth the hassle.

Thanks for the follow-up, man. I could care less about the warranty, but knowing that information will keep me from poking and prodding these things.

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Why can't the PS4 just take external drives like Xbox?

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@ironrinn: all mechanical hard drives available are pretty much owned and manufactured by Seagate or Western Digital. Think Hitachi is owned by Western Digital. You can have failures with any brand. Unfortunately that is just part of it.

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Watching Brad show Dan little tips like putting a screw on the screwdriver to make it easier was some real Dad shit and it was adorable.

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kids please try this at home....also is Dan like a modern day encino man. I'm not sure how else to explain his missing common knowledge

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Hey everyone, excuse my ignorance, but couldn't Dan just plug the now external ps4 hard drive in to the ps4 to transfer his saves and such off of it?

This. I was wondering the same thing.

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Things Dan did not know before making this video:
1.) How to replace the hard drive in a PS4.

2.)How a pocket knife works.

3.)Hard drives cannot electrocute you.

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At first from the thumbnail I thought Blonde Jeff was holding the hard drive.

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I've been looking for a large drive that would fit in the PS4 because I think I might need to replace it before Rock Band 4 comes out. So thanks for this!

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Is it possible to do this with an Xbox One? Or is it external only? (Which is fine tbh)

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Brad wears the same shirt in every video.

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Is it possible to do this with an Xbox One? Or is it external only? (Which is fine tbh)

Brad actually answered this a little farther up in the comments, but in answer while yes you can do this with an Xbox One it is a) harder to do because you have to take the console apart, b) it will void your warranty so if they all start failing and Microsoft has to replace them you would not get yours replaced and c) external USB drives actually seem to run a bit faster than installing them internally. So, it's actually better to run it externally since you get more from it.

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Brad is a southern gentleman, as old southern gentlemen carry an Old Timer.

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Glad Dan got an adult to do the bit with the knife.

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Thanks for the vid brad was wondering about upgrading the HD... Maybe a butter knife next time lol

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boo! get a TB Samsung 850 pro SSD!

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Just cracked open one of these with my very own Joey, will swap drives out over the weekend. Thanks for the reminder to get this done, and the tips for how best to do it!

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Gosh, and here I just upgraded my PS3 to a spare 320GB 7200RPM drive I had lying around.

I feel so behind the times...

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Never buy Seagate Hard Drives, I hate literally never known anyone that hasn't had a Seagate HDD NOT fail on them.

Yuuuup. Had a 1TB USB drive fail on me about 6 months ago and lost everything. I replaced with a WD. Cool video but please people, don't buy a Seagate.