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oh yeahh again

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I caught the last part of the stream live...I can confirm that it was indeed SPECTACULAR.

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part 02? looks like this is the beginning mission (i saw the livestream)

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I loved the part where Vinny played guitar while trying to load the game in offline mode. I also loved the part where Vinny was Vinny and this had so much Vinny that I loved the entirety of every minute of this livestream.

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I'm glad these are finally archived. This was a great thing to watch live and now more people get to see this glorious mess.

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Vinny playing an open world game is just as trippy as any in-game drug induced haze. Haha.

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Oh god no.

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I f'ing love you man.

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This site needs more Vinny. I hope he starts a regular series.

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I managed to catch the stream for a little while, and was totally the part for the thumb nail

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What is ... any of this? I've never seen the scripting on something be so broken as to be loading in models and assets for sections seemingly at random. I'm fairly certain that guy Vinny was looking through was from a different part of the game. I played the PS3 version of this and it seemed to be working fine.

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Vinny's play-through of this game is going to take 80 hours. Ubisoft does not appreciate his style of play.

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fucking awesome :]

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Straight outta Karate Town.

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it's like i'm watching a 3d version of kentucky route zero

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@atomicpineapple: it breaks with a controller connected because it's an Ubisoft game

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The vehicle control looks like it is terrible.

Also the field of view seems too zoomed in, especially worse in vehicle.

I think Patrick mentioned the scripting problems with a controller plugged in.

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I love this game but it bothers me SO much that they dont remodel the animals after you skin them. Red Dead did it, Whats so hard?

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He has it on default FOV-settings, you can increase it in the options.

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Vinny has a spectacular ability to find the most awesome bugs in games. Fucking amazing!

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New video series idea: 'What Bug-ging Vinny Caravella?'

@vinny plays Early Access games and tries to break them all. Sort of like Matt Rorie's 'Boss of Bosses' but the bosses are the games.

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Aaaaahhhrrrrggg controller won't work! Accept it !

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It's good to see Vinny breaking some games again! I'm loving the PS4 controller on my PC, and it was cool to see Vinny has a similar set up. It can be kindof wonky to get it paired and working at first but the more I play with it, I really dig all the ways you can customize it with the DS4Windows driver.

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Jesus Christ that scripting!

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Only Vinny could get killed by a wheelbarrow. Hilarious.

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Hey, GBeast, here's an idea for you: just have Vinny do an Endurance Run for Far Cry 4. You're welcome!

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Vinny really is the best at open world games, greatly enjoyed this.

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Now we can say that Vinny's been inside a man.

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Vinny has been saying he wants to wear people's skin for years. Now he actually has.

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The wheelbarrow death was the perfect icing for this shit cake.

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Gosh just finished part 1.... if this is anything like that I am in for a treat

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New video series idea: 'What Bug-ging Vinny Caravella?'

@vinny plays Early Access games and tries to break them all. Sort of like Matt Rorie's 'Boss of Bosses' but the bosses are the games.

Yes please!

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Man, there's some real nonsense in this one.

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Multi-tasking is hard lol

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@vinny, I am begging you to stream/post your entire play-through of this game. PLEASE!!!!

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I can never get enough @Vinny.

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PC master race guys.

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Is this Jazzpunk?